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Durham University


Research Summary

Lecture capture and the impact it has on student learning has been the source of much academic debate.

What does the research about lecture capture tell us?

  • There is significant demand amongst student bodies for lecture capture.
  • Students value face-to-face lectures and appreciate the contact time with their lecturers and peers.
  • The balance of research suggests that having access to lecture recordings has either no or only a very small impact on attendance.
  • The use of lecture capture has been shown to help staff develop more engaging teaching practices, however there is also evidence that it can inhibit some instructors.
  • Most students will not watch recordings in their entirety, but instead access specific parts to fill in gaps in notes and address difficult concepts.
  • There is a strong argument that the use of lecture capture supports inclusive learning, especially for those with health conditions, work or family commitments, or for those students whose first language is not English.

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If you have any questions regarding the use of the new lecture capture technology at Durham University, please get in touch with the Encore operational team: (For information requests only. For technical support, please contact: