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The Encore Indicator Light

The Encore Indicator light enables students and staff to see the status of a lecture recording. The button located on the top of the light can be used to pause a recording at any time, as well as starting or stopping ad-hoc recordings. The video above explains how to use the Encore Indicator Light in a lecture that has been scheduled to record.

Indicator Light

Indicator Light

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What the encore indicator light means.

How to use the Encore Indicator Light – Mark 2

How to use the Encore Indicator Light – Mark 2

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Encore Indicator Light - Mark 2

  • Green light – When the light is green the Encore system is on and ready to use.
  • Red light – When the light is red the Encore system is recording.
  • Amber light – When the light is amber the Encore system is "paused" and, although it continues to record material for the possibility of future editing, it is NOT released to students unless the content creator modifies the recording specifically to include it.

To re-affirm – When in the paused (amber) state the system continues to record, but the paused section cannot be played back by students.

  • Press twice – Press the button twice in quick succession whilst the light is breathing green to start a scheduled recording early. This can only be used in the 5 minutes prior to the lecture taking place. If used at any other time during the lecture, it will cancel the scheduled recording and create an ad-hoc recording.
  • Press once – "pauses" a recording. This means that the paused material will not be released to students, but is retained in the file for future editing should the content creator wish to eventually make it available to students.
  • Press and hold for 3 seconds or longer – ends a recording.