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Durham University


Guidance for students

Use encore as a revision tool, recap challenging content, never miss a lecture due to ill health, improve access for all

Encore is Durham University’s lecture capture system, which enables your lecturer to record a lecture and make it available to view online through Blackboard Learn Ultra.

The Encore service has been introduced as a tool to supplement your learning and so should not be seen as a replacement for attending teaching sessions. Recordings only include audio (primarily your lecturer’s voice) and content shown on the digital projector. Encore is governed by the University’s Lecture Capture Policy.

Now enabled in 150+ teaching rooms across campus, the Encore service will be rolled out to more spaces over the coming months.

Please note that whether or not individual lectures are recorded is at the discretion of your lecturer. To check if your session will be recorded, you should consult your lecturer.

Last updated: 22 August 2019

+A recording is missing/corrupt - What now?

Encore is intended to be used as a supplement and enhancement to student learning and should not be used as a replacement for attending lectures. Whilst we endeavour to record every session, recordings may sometimes fail or have audio/visual difficulties.

If this happens, your lecturer is not required to replace any of the missing content. As per the “minimum standards in Ultra” policy, pre-lecture materials may should already be available

+Can I share lecture recordings with other people e.g. on YouTube?

Definitely not. Recordings of University lectures and teaching sessions are not for public use and are provided for personal study only. They should not be shared on any third party website, or posted on social media. Any student so doing would be considered to have breached the University’s disciplinary regulations and will be subject to disciplinary proceedings. 

+Can I use Encore on a mobile device?

 Yes, the Panopto app allows you to stream recorded lectures on your mobile devices. You can also mark content for ‘off-line’ viewing for occasions where a suitable network connection isn’t available. 

+Do I still need to attend lectures?

Absolutely. Encore is being introduced to offer an additional learning and revision aid and to support those with specific educational needs or conditions. It is not a replacement for valuable face-to-face interaction and discussion-based classes recordings will only include audio and images transmitted through the digital projector, so anything written on the board, or communicated by your lecturer via gestures will be lost.  

Research shows that students benefit most from lecture capture when using it to view a section(s) of a recording, as a means to reinforce their understanding of the original lecture.  

+During a lecture how will I know if the recording function is on or off?

visual light indicator on the lectern will turn red to inform students and staff that the Encore recording is taking place. If the lecturer pauses recording - for example during Q&A session - then the indicator light colour will show as amber. When recording is switched off the light will be green. Visit How To Use Encore to find out more about the Encore Indicator Light

+How will I access the lectures?

All recorded lectures will be automatically available via a link in duo after one working day. For more information on how to access your lecture recordings visit the How To Use Encore

Please note that Encore content will be ‘stream only’, so you will not be able to - and nor should you attempt to - download the lectures. For information on accessing lectures when you’re not connected to a network, see the FAQ ‘Can I use Encore on a mobile device?’.  

+How will I know if I am in a room with Encore during the phased introduction?

Encore equipped rooms will contain wall mounted signs to advertise this to staff, students and visitors. However, even if there is signage to say a room is Encore-enabled, please consult your lecturer as to whether your sessions are being recorded. If you are in doubt, you are encouraged to ask. Click here for a full list of Encore enabled rooms. 

+How will I tell my lecturer that I don’t want my contribution published?

The recording can be paused by the lecturer at any time. So iyou don’t want your contribution (e.g. asking a question) to feature on the published recording, please ask your lecturer to pause the recording before you begin speaking.  A pause in recording is indicated by the light on the lectern turning amber.  

After publication, if you have a particular concern that your contribution in the lecture has been captured, you have the right to request that this excerpt is removed. Please contact your lecturer or module leader. 

+What are the best ways to use recordings to help with my studies?

Visit the Learning Technologies blog for information on using the Encore interactive player and to find out how best to study with lecture recordings. 

+What is ‘Panopto’?

Durham University’s Encore lecture capture system uses an underpinning technology called Panopto to deliver the service. To use Encore you don’t need to understand the technology, however if you are interested in finding out more about it, visit the Panopto website.

+Why do we need Lecture Capture?

Lecture capture has been shown to support students in a variety of ways by 

  • providing a study aid for review and revision;  

  • supporting students whose first language is not English;

  • assisting students who have particular educational needs and conditions.  

The use of lecture capture as a learning resource is becoming widespread in higher education institutions around the world. Capture of lectures is particularly important in the context of our commitment to equality and diversity and is considered by the University to be a reasonable adjustment from which all our students will benefit. Encore is designed to supplement your student experience and not replace student contact hours. 

+Will all lecture recordings be published?

There may be circumstances where content is shared in a teaching session that makes it unsuitable for publication, for example where sensitive information is disclosed. If a lecturer has chosen not to publish a recording on Encore for this reason they will advise you.

If your lecturer has opted out of using the Encore system or if you are in a room that is not yet Encore-enabled, you will still be permitted to make personal audio recordings of lectures in line with existing policy. For more details, see the Lecture Capture Policy

To support the learning of all students, learning materials such as outlines and summary information will continue to be provided on duo in advance of lectures. 

+Will I be able to access recordings of courses other than my own?

No. Only students enrolled on a particular course or module will be able to access those lecture recordings.  

+Will I be filmed?

No. The current phase of technology we are installing will only record audio and any digital content shown on the main display screen – such as a PowerPoint presentation or visualiser inputThe audio content will primarily be your lecturers voice, but there is a chance some audience questions may also be picked up from the lecturer’s microphone.

For technical issues, please contact: