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Durham University


Encore Enabled Rooms

Encore equipment will become part of the standard AV specification in all our centrally managed teaching rooms. The following list will be updated as more are fitted with the lecture capture system.

Central Durham (Palace Green)

Room Number Building/Location
D/MU002 Divinity House
D/MU006 Divinity House
D/PG20 Pemberton Lecture Rooms
D/PG21 Pemberton Lecture Rooms
D/PG24 Pemberton Lecture Rooms
D/PG28 Pemberton Lecture Rooms
D/TH004 Abbey House
D/TH107 Abbey House

Upper Mountjoy

Room Number Building/Location
D/BL201 Biosciences
D/GRYHOLG008 Grey College - Holgate
D/GRYHOLG009 Grey College - Holgate
D/GRYHOLG011 Grey College - Holgate
D/L47 Psychology
D/L48 Psychology
D/L50 Psychology
D/L68 Psychology
D/MCS0001 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS1007 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS2050 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS2051 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS2052 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS2053 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS2068 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS2094 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS3052 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS3053 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS3053 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS3054 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS3055 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS3070 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS3097 Maths and Computer Science
D/MCS3098 Maths and Computer Science
D/RH001 Rowan House
D/RH025 Rowan House

Central Durham (Education, Philosophy, Classics, Dunelm House)

Room Number Building/Location
D/CL108 Classics - North Bailey
D/ED101 Education
D/ED130 Education
D/ED134 Education
D/ED244 Bede Main Building - Education
D/EDBU102 Burdon House - Education
D/EDBU202 Caedmon Building - Education
D/EDS201 Education Science Building
D/EDU17 Education - Hild Bede
D/FONTEYN Dunelm House
D/HH004 English - Hallgarth House
D/PO004 Philosophy
D/PO005 Philosophy

Hill Colleges

Room Number Building/Location
D/BUSC403 Business School
D/BUSC405 Business School
D/BUSC452 Business School
D/BUSC454 Business School
D/EH008 Elvet Hill House
D/EH009 Elvet Hill House
D/EH101 Elvet Hill House
D/EH103 Elvet Hill House
D/EH104 Elvet Hill House
D/EH106 Elvet Hill House
D/EH113 Elvet Hill House
D/EH201 Elvet Hill House
D/EH202 Elvet Hill House
D/IM101 Al-Qasimi
D/IM102 Al-Qasimi
D/IM201 Al-Qasimi
D/IM222 Al-Qasimi
D/SE010 Southend House
D/SE016 Southend House
D/VMDTC-EMERTON Van Mildert Conference Centre

Lower Mountjoy

Room Number Building/Location
D/CG218 Chemistry
D/CG60 Chemistry
D/CG65 Chemistry
D/CG66 Chemistry
D/CG68 Chemistry
D/CG83 Chemistry
D/CG85 Chemistry
D/CG91 Chemistry
D/CG93 Chemistry
D/CLC013 Calman Learning Centre
D/CLC202 Calman Learning Centre
D/CLC203 Calman Learning Centre
D/CLC406 Calman Learning Centre
D/CLC407 Calman Learning Centre
D/CM001 Maths
D/CM002 Maths
D/CM003 Maths
D/CM101 Maths
D/CM103 Maths
D/CM105 Maths
D/CM107 Maths
D/D104 Archaeology- Dawson Building
D/D110 Archaeology- Dawson Building
D/D210 Archaeology- Dawson Building
D/D216 Archaeology- Dawson Building
D/D217 Archaeology- Dawson Building
D/E005 Engineering - Christopherson Building
D/E101 Engineering - Christopherson Building
D/E102 Engineering - Christopherson Building
D/E245 Engineering - Higginson Building
D/ENGEX1 Engineering - Christopherson Annex
D/ES228/229 Earth Sciences - Arthur Holmes
D/ES230 Earth Sciences - Arthur Holmes
D/ES231 Earth Sciences - Arthur Holmes
D/ES236 Earth Sciences - Arthur Holmes
D/PCL048 Palatine Centre - Law
D/PCL050 Palatine Centre - Law
D/PCL051 Palatine Centre - Law
D/PCL053 Palatine Centre - Law
D/PCL054 Palatine Centre - Law
D/PCL056 Palatine Centre - Law
D/PCL057 Palatine Centre - Law
D/PCL058 Palatine Centre - Law
D/PCL059 Palatine Centre - Law
D/PCL152 Palatine Centre - Law
D/TLC025 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC026 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC031 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC033 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC039 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC040 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC042 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC101 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC106 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC113 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC116 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC117 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC123 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC124 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC129 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/TLC205 Teaching and Learning Centre
D/PH30 Physics - Rochester Building
D/PH8 Physics - Rochester Building
D/W007 Geography - West Building
D/W010 Geography - West Building
D/W103 Geography - West Building
D/W215 Geography - West Building
D/W309 Geography - West Building
D/W414 Geography - West Building

Elvet Riverside

Room Number Building/Location
D/ER140 Elvet Riverside
D/ER141 Elvet Riverside
D/ER142 Elvet Riverside
D/ER143 Elvet Riverside
D/ER144 Elvet Riverside
D/ER145 Elvet Riverside
D/ER146 Elvet Riverside
D/ER147 Elvet Riverside
D/ER148 Elvet Riverside
D/ER149 Elvet Riverside
D/ER150 Elvet Riverside
D/ER151 Elvet Riverside
D/ER152 Elvet Riverside
D/ER153 Elvet Riverside
D/ER154 Elvet Riverside
D/ER155 Elvet Riverside
D/ER156 Elvet Riverside
D/ER157 Elvet Riverside
D/ER201 Elvet Riverside
D/ER202 Elvet Riverside
D/ER203 Elvet Riverside
D/ER204 Elvet Riverside
D/ER205 Elvet Riverside
D/ER206 Elvet Riverside
D/ER207 Elvet Riverside
D/ER227 Elvet Riverside
D/ER228 Elvet Riverside
D/ER230 Elvet Riverside
D/ER231 Elvet Riverside
D/ER247 Elvet Riverside
D/ER263 Elvet Riverside
D/ER278 Elvet Riverside
D/ERA77 Elvet Riverside
D/ERA78 Elvet Riverside
D/ERA79 Elvet Riverside
D/ERA80 Elvet Riverside
D/ERA81 Elvet Riverside