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Durham University

Durham Emergence Project


The Durham Emergence Project ran a fellowship programme, supported by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation. Proposals were invited from either research teams or single researchers for scientific and philosophical research into the conceptual foundations and empirical possibility of strong emergence. Interdisciplinary proposals involving researchers from both philosophy and the sciences were particularly encouraged, as were proposals from early-career researchers.

Applications were invited for up to £50,000, for research projects lasting up to a year.

Fellowship Projects

Project Leader

Project Title

Charles Adams Onset of emergence from the bottom up
Carl Gillett Exploring emergence in the brain/mind
Mihretu Guta Is consciousness emergent?
Fiona Macpherson The Glasgow Emergence Project
Alexandru Manafu The case of piezoelectricity
Patrick McGivern Scale and Strong Emergence
James Miller Language and Ontological Emergence
Michele Paolini Paoletti Causal relata, mental causation and downward causation
Francis (Olley) Pearson Strong emergence
Juha Saatsi Emergence and laws
Peter Wyss Is there a coherent and plausible approach to strong emergence in terms of individuation?
Fan Xiao

Emergent phenomena in magnetic systems showing quantum phase transitions

Jonathan Yates

J-Coupling: a rigorous definition of the emergent chemical bond