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Durham University

Durham Emergence Project

Workshop #3: Physics and Emergence

6th - 8th July 2015

Hatfield College, Durham University.

Scientists and philosophers have developed a range of different mathematical and qualitative theoretical criteria for weak and strong emergence, but their mutual relevance is not always clear. This workshop helped develop the connections so as to bring out the scientific significance of the philosophical criteria and the philosophical significance of the scientific criteria. Discussion focused on how mathematical and qualitative theoretical criteria for weak and strong emergence apply to specific physical systems and properties, as modelled in quantum and statistical mechanics. It examined how these examples fit into the philosophical debate on emergence, reduction and the existence of downward causation.


Sir Michael Berry (University of Bristol)

Robert Bishop (Wheaton College)

Stephen Blundell (University of Oxford)

George Darby (University of Oxford)

Viv Kendon (Durham University)

Daniel Kodaj (University of Oxford)

Tom Lancaster (Durham Emergence Project)

Patrick McGivern (University of Wollongong)

Mark Pexton (Durham Emergence Project)

Wilson Poon (University of Edinburgh)

Darrell Rowbottom (Lingnan University)

Michael Silberstein (Elizabethtown College)