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Durham University

GJ Russell Electron Microscopy Facility

Lone Working

This risk assessment is only applicable to members of the Department who wish to work in their office at any times other than 7am-7pm Monday to Friday.

Note that individual assessments must be made for higher risk work (e.g. experimental work; workshop activities) which is to be performed outside normal office hours. You should consult the University's Health and Safety Manual for further guidence on high-risk lone working.

Personal Details

If 'Yes' you must carry out an individual risk assessment which includes your disability or health problem. Please consult the Departmental Safety Supervisor
Office work often involves Display Screen Equipment (DSE), and it is necessary for all DSE to be assessed prior to use.

If 'No' please continue to question 3

As you have indicated your work involves DSE you must complete the DSE assessment page before you complete the Lone working Form.
In the event of an emergency you will hear the Fire Alarm sounding. You must leave the building via the nearest fire exit.