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Durham University

School of Education

Research Informed Practice in Education (RIPE)

RIPE: Research Informed Practice in Education network

The Research Informed Practice in Education (RIPE) network is a group of researchers and practitioners working together across international education contexts. The School of Education at Durham University is a key partner in the network.

The purpose of the RIPE network is to bring together university researchers and classroom practitioners with the aim of promoting robust research informed practice in international education while providing the opportunity for all participants to benefit from a rich exchange of views and a broad range of experience.

The network is structured in a series of hubs, each of which comprises of at least one university and one international school. Both governmental and non-governmental organisations from wider society (e.g. UNESCO) are encouraged to become involved. The close collaborative relationships established among member institutions allow us to collectively construct a deep understanding of dialogic teaching and learning in a plurilingual and pluricultural context.

Participating institutions take it in turns to host events coordinated with other regional hubs represented in the network (currently Europe and East Asia). The content and structure of RIPE events reflect the immediate needs and interests of regional hub members, however, participants from other member hubs are also welcome.

Long term aims include the dissemination of publications on collaborative and school based research in a range of domains related to culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy and the politics of culture. The network will seek to empower practitioner researchers and build a shared body of knowledge that challenges hegemonic notions of traditionally legitimate sources of knowledge and pedagogy in the complex context of international education.

The 2020 RIPE Network Conference goes virtual (and free!)

27-30 June 2020: "Education and Diversity in a Pluricultural Context"


Across the globe schools and universities are closed with millions of people confined to their homes, struggling to maintain purposeful lives despite very real and pressing constraints. We have all been besieged by messages announcing the cancellation of events. Many conferences are postponed, others are going fully online.

We, too, have weighed the situation. Our conclusion is that we must use these difficult circumstances as an opportunity to think beyond the end of the crisis, to rethink and reshape our purpose as we launch the network of international research schools.

We remain committed to supporting the development of research in education and diversity in a pluricultural context. We are equally committed to engaging in a collaborative experiment in building sustainable intellectual communities in a virtual space.


(This year's conference is organized by the European Hub)

Keynote addresses in English and French by Prof. Abdeljalil Akkari (Université de Genève); Prof. Bernard Wentzel (Haute Ecole Pédagogique VS); Dr. Kevin House (Dulwich International); Prof Catherine Montgomery (University of Durham).

In addition to the keynote addresses, interested participants are invited to submit proposals to present ongoing research.

Further details of the conference and links to registration can be found here:

For more information on joining the network contact Dr Karen Taylor or Professor Catherine Montgomery