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Durham University

School of Education

Research Projects

Karen Jones, BSc, MA, PGCE, DipCG

Assistant Professor (Research) in the School of Education

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Karen Jones is Assistant Professor (Research) at the School of Education. Following her degree in mathematics Karen qualified as a secondary mathematics teacher (QTS) and a careers advisor. After several years working in a wide range of schools and colleges Karen joined the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) in 2004 and then the School of Education in 2017. With over 14 years of research experience at Durham University, Karen specialises in quasi-experimental designs, mixed-methods research, assessment and the analysis of large secondary datasets. Karen is interested in a wide range of research areas including the effects and side-effects of school inspections and accountability systems (the subject of her ongoing PhD thesis), progress in mathematics, measuring student attitudes and the impact of grammar schools and independent schools. She is currently investigating the impact of bursaries on university student outcomes.

Other commitments in the department and the university include Durham University and College Union (DUCU) committee member, DUCU case worker, DUCU department rep, School of Education ethics committee member. Karen also supervises MA and MSc students.


Research Groups

Research Projects

  • Girls Into Physics: Parent And Carer Project (Phase I)
  • Low Attainment in Mathematics an Investigation Focussing on Year Nine Students in England (IMAP)

Research Interests

  • Assessment
  • School inspections and accountability
  • Value added and school effectiveness
  • Quasi-experimental designs
  • Secondary data analysis

Selected Publications

Chapter in book

Conference Paper

Journal Article


  • Jones, K. (2019). Using binary logistic regression to investigate the impact of the Durham Grant Scheme. Internal report for Durham University.
  • Anane, E., Jones, K. & Tymms, P. (2014). Evidence from a school inspection study: Survey data from England.
  • Jones, K. & Tymms, P. (2012). EU Inspection study project report: Year 1 Survey Data Analysis: England.
  • Torgerson, C.J., Wiggins, A., Torgerson, D.J., Ainsworth, H., Barmby, P., Hewitt, C., Jones, K., Hendry, V., Askew, M., Bland, M., Coe, R., Higgins, S., Hodgen, J., Hulme, C. & Tymms, P. (2011). Every Child Counts: The Independent evaluation Executive Summary. Department for Education (DfE).
  • Merrell, C., Jones, P., Bolden, D., Jones, K., Defty, N. & Ndaji, F. (2010). Evaluation of procedures for calculating National Ratings: A report for the Scottish Qualifications Authority.
  • Merrell, C., Jones, P., Bolden, D., Jones, K., Defty, N. & Ndaji, F. (2010). For helping young children: A review of pupils' attitudes to Science and Mathematics.
  • Wiggins, A., Coe, R., Jones, K. & Kan, M-Y. (2009). Evidence of educational support outside of school. London.
  • Coe, R., Jones, K., Searle, J., Kokotsaki, C., Mohd Kosnin, A. & Skinner, P. (2008). Evidence on the effects of selective educational systems. London.
  • Coe, R.J., Searle, J., Barmby, P., Jones, K. & Higgins, S. (2008). Relative difficulty of examinations in different subjects. CEM Centre, School of Education.
  • Jones, K. L. & Coe, R. (2006). Evaluation of Increased Flexibility Programme, Cohort 3.

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Selected Grants

  • 2019: Girls Into Physics: Parent And Carer Project (Phase I) (£11600.00 from Institute of Physics)
  • 2018: Evaluating the impact of student bursaries (£1630.37 from Durham University)
  • 2015: Low attainment in mathematics: an investigation focussing on year nine students in England (£97539.73 from The Nuffield Foundation)
  • 2014: Gatsby Monitoring Practical Science (£175998 from Gatsby Charitable Foundation)
  • 2011: European Commission School inspection project
  • 2010: Evaluations of National Ratings (£8923.00 from Scottish Qualifications Authority)
  • 2007: Grammar Schools in England (£35150 from The Sutton Trust)
  • 2007: Study on relative difficulty of subjects (£26000 from SCORE)
  • 2005: Evaluation of "Lab in a lorry" (£16637 from Institute of Physics)
  • 2004: Increased flexibility programme (£3000 from Learn & Skills Council)
  • 2004: Increased flexibility programme - Cohort 3 (£10000 from Learn & Skills Council)
  • 2003: 11+ Test Exclusive to the Grammar Schools (£45,360 from Schools of King Edward VI Consortium)