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Durham University

School of Education

Research Projects

Evaluation of Children's University social action trial

A research project of the School of Education.


The project being evaluated is an intervention as part of ‘Youth Social Action’ taking place in 80 primary schools in northern England.


The project is funded by the following grant.

  • Evaluation Of Children's University Social Action Trial (£152484.00 from Education Endowment Foundation)


The intervention is Children’s University (extra-curricular activities for disadvantaged pupils) whose work is intended to impact on levels of pupil attainment, a range of wider non-attainment outcomes such as aspiration, motivation and self-confidence, and some longer-term outcomes such as enhanced opportunities for subsequent employment. Children’s University (CU) works with pupils aged 5-14. The intervention involves social action opportunities such as environmental projects, after-school clubs and enrichment activities leading to credits and ‘graduation’. The trial has a waiting-list design, in which all schools recruited receive the intervention within three years, but in which only around half receive the intervention immediately.


The trial includes a process evaluation and ends in 2016. 


From the School of Education