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School of Engineering and Computing Sciences (ECS)


Dr Claudio Balocco

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42527
Room number: E323 (Floor 3.5 Christopherson)
Grey College Mentor of Grey College

(email at

Selected Publications

Journal papers: academic

  • Lu, Xiaofeng, Balocco, Claudio, Yang, Fuhua & Song, Aimin M. (2011). Highly Reproducible Nanolithography by Dynamic Plough of an Atomic-Force Microscope Tip and Thermal-Annealing Treatment. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY 10(1): 53-58.
  • Balocco, Claudio., Kasjoo, Shahrir R., Zhang, Linqing Q., Alimi, Yasaman. & Song, Aimin M. (2011). Low-frequency noise of unipolar nanorectifiers. Applied Physics Letters 99(11): 113511.
  • Balocco, Claudio., Kasjoo, Shahrir R., Lu, Xiaofeng F., Zhang, Linqing Q., Alimi, Yasaman., Winnerl, Stephan. & Song, Aimin M. (2011). Room-temperature operation of a unipolar nanodiode at terahertz frequencies. Applied Physics Letters 98(22): 223501.
  • Irshaid, Mustafa Y., Balocco, Claudio., Luo, Yi., Bao, Peng., Brox-Nilsen, Christian. & Song, Aimin M. (2011). Zinc-oxide-based planar nanodiodes operating at 50 MHz. Applied Physics Letters 99(9): 092101.
  • Lin, S. W., Du, J., Balocco, C., Wang, Q. P. & Song, A. M. (2008). Effects of bias cooling on charge states in heterostructures embedding self-assembled quantum dots. PHYSICAL REVIEW B 78(11): 115314.
  • Majewski, L. A., Balocco, C., King, R., Whitelegg, S. & Song, A. M. (2008). Fast polymer nanorectifiers for inductively coupled RFID tags. MATERIALS SCIENCE, ENGINEERING B-SOLID STATE MATERIALS FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY 147(2-3): 289 - 292.
  • Balocco, C., Halsall, M., Vinh, N. Q. & Song, A. M. (2008). THz operation of asymmetric-nanochannel devices. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20(38): 384203.
  • Jones, Alexandra G., Balocco, Claudio., King, Rosemary. & Song, Aimin M. (2006). Highly tunable, high-throughput nanolithography based on strained regioregular conducting polymer films. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 89(1): 013119.
  • Majewski, L. A., Kingsley, J. W., Balocco, C. & Song, A. M. (2006). Influence of processing conditions on the stability of poly(3-hexylthiophene)-based field-effect transistors. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 88(22): 222108.
  • Balocco, C., Majewski, L. A. & Song, A. M. (2006). Non-destructive patterning of conducting-polymer devices using subtractive photolithography. ORGANIC ELECTRONICS 7(6): 500 - 507.
  • Balocco, C., Jones, A. G., Kingsley, J. M., Chan, J. R., Huang, X. Q. & Song, A. M. (2006). Scanning probe microscope based nanolithography on conducting polymer films. JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS PART 1-REGULAR PAPERS BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS & REVIEW PAPERS 45(3B): 2095 - 2098.
  • Lin, S. W., Balocco, C., Missous, M., Peaker, A. R. & Song, A. M. (2005). Coexistence of deep levels with optically active InAs quantum dots. PHYSICAL REVIEW B 72(16): 165302.
  • Balocco, C., Song, A. M., Åberg, M., Forchel, A., González, T., Mateos, J., Maximov, I., Missous, M., Rezazadeh, A. A., Saijets, J., Samuelson, L., Wallin, D., Williams, K., Worschech, L. & Xu, H. Q. (2005). Microwave detection at 110 GHz by nanowires with broken symmetry. NANO LETTERS 5(7): 1423 - 1427.
  • Balocco, C., Song, A. M. & Missous, M. (2004). Room-temperature operations of memory devices based on self-assembled InAs quantum dot structures. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 85(24): 5911 - 5913.

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