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School of Engineering and Computing Sciences (ECS)

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Recent publications

  • Williams, A.T., Farrar, P., Gallant, A.J., Atkinson, D. & Groves, C. (2014). Characterisation of Charge Conduction Networks in Poly(3-hexylthiophene)/Polystyrene Blends using Noise Spectroscopy. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2(9): 1742-1748.
  • Weinzierl, Tobias, Wittmann, Roland, Unterweger, Kristof, Bader, Michael, Breuer, Alexander & Rettenberger, Sebastian (2014), Hardware-aware block size tailoring on adaptive spacetree grids for shallow water waves, in Größlinger, Armin & Köstler, Harald eds, HiPEAC HiStencils 2014 - 1st International Workshop on High-Performance Stencil Computations. Vienna, Austria.
  • Bonamy, M, Johnson, M, Lignos, I, Patel, V & Paulusma, D (2014). Reconfiguration graphs for vertex colourings of chordal and chordal bipartite graphs. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 27(1): 132-143
  • Fisher, R.B., Breckon, T.P., Dawson-Howe, K., Fitzgibbon, A., Robertson, C., Trucco, E. & Williams, C.K.I. (2014). Dictionary of Computer Vision and Image Processing. Wiley.
  • Coombs, W.M. (2014), UNIQUE CRITICAL STATE SINGLE-SURFACE ANISOTROPIC HYPERPLASTICITY, in E. Onate D.R.J. Owen, D. Peric & B. Suarez eds, XII International Conference on Computational Plasticity. Fundamentals and Applications (COMPLAS XII). Barcelona, Spain.
  • Jones, L.M., Chakrabarti, B. & Groves, C. (2014). Monte Carlo Simulation of Geminate Pair Recombination Dynamics in Organic Photovoltaic Devices: Multi-Exponential, Field-Dependent Kinetics and Its Interpretation. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118(1): 85-91.
  • Peake, M.J., Trevelyan, J. & Coates, G. (2014). The equal spacing of N points on a sphere with application to partition-of-unity wave diffraction problems. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 40: 114-122.
  • Zhuang, X., Cai, Y. & Augarde, C.E. (2014). A meshless sub-region radial point interpolation method for accurate calculation of crack tip fields. Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics Published on line 16 Dec 2013.
  • Mohamed, M.S., Seaid, M., Trevelyan, J. & Laghrouche, O. (2014). An enriched finite element model with q-refinement for radiative boundary layers in glass cooling. Journal of Computational Physics 258: 718-737.
  • B.Ullah, J.Trevelyan & P.C.Matthews (2014). Structural optimisation based on the boundary element and level set methods. Computers and Structures

Top cited article 2005-2010

Dr Magnus Bordewich, and his co-author Dr Charles Semple (Canterbury University, New Zealand), have received the 'Discrete Applied Mathematics top cited article 2005-2010' award from Elsevier for their paper entitled:

Computing the minimum number of hybridisation events for a consistent evolutionary history, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 155(8):914-928 (2007).