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School of Engineering and Computing Sciences (ECS)

Research news

Recent publications

  • Dabrowski, Konrad K., Golovach, Petr A., van 't Hof, Pim, Paulusma, Daniël & Thilikos, Dimitrios M. (2017). Editing to a Planar Graph of Given Degrees. Journal of Computer and System Sciences 85: 168-182.
  • Drolia, M., Mohamed, M.S., Laghrouche, O., Seaid, M. & Trevelyan, J. (2017). Enriched finite elements for initial-value problem of transverse electromagnetic waves in time domain. Computers and Structures 182: 354-367.
  • Stewart, I.A. (2017). Sufficient conditions for Hamiltonicity in multiswapped networks. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 101: 17-26.
  • Zhang, W., Zhao, Y., Breckon, T.P. & L. Chen (2017). Noise Robust Image Edge Detection based upon the Automatic Anisotropic Gaussian Kernels. Pattern Recognition 63(8): 193-205.
  • Erickson, A., Stewart, I.A., Navaridas, J. & Kiasari, A.E. (2017). The stellar transformation: from interconnection networks to datacenter networks. Computer Networks 113: 29-45.
  • Bordin, C., Anuta, H.O., Crossland, A., Lascurain Gutierrez, I., Dent, C.J. & Vigo, D. (2017). A Linear Programming Approach for Battery Degradation Analysis and Optimization in Offgrid Power Systems with Solar Energy Integration. Renewable Energy 101: 417-430.
  • Yang, Ying, Pintus, Ruggero, Rushmeier, Holly & Ivrissimtzis, Ioannis (2017). A 3D Steganalytic Algorithm and Steganalysis-Resistant Watermarking. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 23(2): 1002-2626.
  • Belmonte, R., van ’t Hof, P., Kamiński, M. & Paulusma, D. (2017). The price of connectivity for feedback vertex set. Discrete Applied Mathematics 217(Part 2): 132-143.
  • Feghali, C., Johnson, M. & Paulusma, D. (2017). Kempe equivalence of colourings of cubic graphs. European Journal of Combinatorics 59: 1-10.
  • Gong, D., Zhang, G., Yao, X. & Meng, F. (2017). Mutant reduction based on dominance relation for weak mutation testing. Information and Software Technology 81: 82-96.

Top cited article 2005-2010

Dr Magnus Bordewich, and his co-author Dr Charles Semple (Canterbury University, New Zealand), have received the 'Discrete Applied Mathematics top cited article 2005-2010' award from Elsevier for their paper entitled:

Computing the minimum number of hybridisation events for a consistent evolutionary history, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 155(8):914-928 (2007).