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School of Engineering and Computing Sciences (ECS)

Research news

Recent publications

  • Dodd, L.E., Ward, S.C., Cooke, M.D. & Wood, D. (2015). The static and dynamic response of SU-8 electrothermal microgrippers of varying thickness. Journal of Microelectronic Engineering 145: 82-85.
  • Theobald, R., Mao, X., Jaworski, A. J. & Berson, A. (2015). Modal and non-modal stabilities of flow around a stack of plates. European Journal of Mechanics – B/Fluids 53: 113-118.
  • Ullah, B., Trevelyan, J. & Ivrissimtzis, I. (2015). A three-dimensional implementation of the boundary element and level set based structural optimisation. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 58: 176-194.
  • Broersma, H.J., Fiala, J., Golovach, P.A., Kaiser, T., Paulusma, D. & Proskurowski, A. (2015). Linear-Time Algorithms for Scattering Number and Hamilton-Connectivity of Interval Graphs. Journal of Graph Theory 79(4): 282-299.
  • Foster, T.M., Mohamed, M.S., Trevelyan, J., Coates, G., Spence, S.H. & Walker, S.K. (2015). Interactive three-dimensional boundary element stress analysis of components in aircraft structures. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 56: 190-200.
  • Mao, X., Blackburn, H. & Sherwin, S. (2015). Nonlinear optimal suppression of vortex shedding from a circular cylinder. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 775: 241-265.
  • Mouton, A. & Breckon, T.P. (2015). Materials-based 3D segmentation of unknown objects from dual-energy computed tomography imagery in baggage security screening. Pattern recognition 48(6): 1961-1978.
  • Kaku, K., Williams, A.T., Mendis, B.G. & Groves, C. (2015). Examining Charge Transport Networks in Organic Bulk Heterojunction Photovoltaic Diodes using 1/f Noise Spectroscopy. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3(23): 6077-6085.
  • Zhao, Nan, Yu, F. Richard, Sun, Hongjian & Li, Ming (2015). Adaptive Power Allocation Schemes for Spectrum Sharing in Interference Alignment (IA)-Based Cognitive Radio Networks. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology In press.
  • Johnson, M., Kratsch, D., Kratsch, S., Patel, V. & Paulusma, D. (2015). Finding Shortest Paths Between Graph Colourings. Algorithmica

Top cited article 2005-2010

Dr Magnus Bordewich, and his co-author Dr Charles Semple (Canterbury University, New Zealand), have received the 'Discrete Applied Mathematics top cited article 2005-2010' award from Elsevier for their paper entitled:

Computing the minimum number of hybridisation events for a consistent evolutionary history, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 155(8):914-928 (2007).