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Durham University

Margins of the East Fen: Historic Landscape Evolution

Table of Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviations & Acronyms
Abbreviation or Acronym
*invented for this work
Stands for Notes
AP Aerial Photograph Mostly taken with a camera onto film; digital technology becoming more common
ASL Above Sea Level More or less the same as OD
BD Black Death The modern term for the 1348-49 pestilence
BHM* Barkham SEL Landowner some of whose records are in the Bethlem Archive
BW Black and White Of photographs
cal calendar Calibrated radiocarbon dates: calendar not radiocarbon years
CUCAP Cambridge University Committee on Aerial Photography Source of APs, especially obliques
CUL Cambridge University Library Key source of early Sailholme documents
DB Domesday Book Available in various forms
DMV Deserted Medieval Village Very few in this area
EDD* English Dialect Dictionary Five vols., by J. Wright; now available online
EH English Heritage Key keeper of historic data for England
FWF* Fresh Water Floods As distinct from sea-floods
GE* Google Earth Internet resource, variable quality and dates of satellite imagery
GEA* Great Empty Area The Low Grounds and southern Marsh, largely devoid of medieval settlement
HER Historic Environment Record A county council unit housing all local archaeological and historic data
LiDAR Light Detection And Ranging High resolution height data from laser detection
ME Middle English In use from late 11 - 15th centuries
NAO National Archives Office At Kew. Should be TNA
NMR National Monuments Record Part of EH. Houses national AP collection
OD Ordnance Datum Base-level for sea-level measurements derived from Mean Sea Level
OE Old English Used by the Anglo-Saxons and their descendants until mid-12th century
ON Old Norse Used by the Scandinavian invaders and settlers from the 8-9th centuries
OS Ordnance Survey Should be O.S.
PRO Public Record Office At Kew. Should be TNA in most recent usage
RB Romano-British Standard abbreviation for overlap of Roman and Iron Age cultures
RSL Relative Sea Level Integrates rises and falls of sea relative to land
SEL* South East Lindsey The core study area
SGS* Spalding Gentlemen's Society Houses many of Joseph Banks' papers
SPOT Système Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre A commonly used source of satellite imagery
TNA The National Archives Proper designation of PRO and NAO

*Usages which are not obvious, invented for the present purpose or appear very uncommonly in text and notes.