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The Durham Award

Departmental Award

Some academic departments offer their first years undergraduate students the chance to complete a Departmental Skills Award. The Awards are specific to a department and will help you to understand and reflect on some of the key skills that are important for your academic studies and discipline. Completion of the award can also help you complete the Durham Award (though it is not a prerequisite).

Please Note: Not all academic departments offer their students the chance to complete a Departmental Skills Award. Please contact your academic department for more information.

There are three steps to completing a Departmental Award:

  1. Complete the Academic Skills Audit. This will help you think about your skills development and identify areas for further development.
  2. Use the activities you are taking part in within your course to demonstrate a range of skills.
  3. Write a short reflective piece on your skills development.

Departmental Awards are accessed through Pebblepad. To log into Pebblepad:

  1. Click on Pebblepad.
  2. Find Durham University from the list of institutions.
  3. Log in using your Durham username and password.
  4. Click on 'Resources' and then find your Departmental Award workbook.

Once you begin working on your workbook and save it for the first time, it will become an 'Asset' and be stored in your Asset store.

For more detailed information - Pebblepad: Getting Started Guide.

Who can complete a Departmental Skills Award?

Any first year undergraduate student who is a member of a participating department can complete a Departmental Skills Award. To begin the Award you can complete the Academic Skills Audit section and rate your confidence in the different skills.

After you have completed the Skills Audit, you will need to consider how you want to develop some of the skills mentioned and may want to discuss this with your Academic Advisor. Your Academic Adviser or a member of staff from your department will also be able to verify your workbook when you have completed it.

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