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The Durham Award

College Award

The College Award is open to all undergraduate students and has been created to help you map the skills you are developing onto those employers are looking for.

Three steps to completing the College Award:

  1. Complete the Skills Audit. This will help you think about your skills development and identify areas for further development.
  2. Use the activities you are taking part in to demonstrate a minimum of nine areas where you have developed employability skills.
  3. Write a short reflective piece on your skills development.

Access the College Award through Pebblepad.

  1. Click on Pebblepad.
  2. Select Durham University from the list of institutions.
  3. Log in using your Durham username and password.
  4. Click on 'Resources' and then click on the 'College Award' workbook.

Once you begin working on your College Award workbook and save it for the first time, it will become an 'Asset' and be stored in your Asset store.

For more information - Pebblepad: Getting Started Guide.

Who can complete the College Award?

Any undergraduate student and you can start working on the award before you take part in any activities. Simply complete the Skills Audit section and rate your confidence in the different skills.

Not sure if the extracurricular activities you are involved in could serve as evidence of your skills development?

The Activities page provides recommendations of things that you can get involved in and look at the pages for the skill areas to get an idea of how each skill can be developed: Interpersonal Skills, Entrepreneurial Behaviours, Personal Effectiveness and Understanding the World Around You.

Do I need to complete the College Award before I do the Durham Award?

To qualify to do the Durham Award you need to have either already completed the College Award or be completing it at the same time as the Durham Award. If you complete the College Award at the same time as the Durham Award, you must complete both by the Durham Award deadline: Friday 23rd February 2018

When is the deadline for completing the College Award workbook?

You should complete the College Award workbook by the end of Easter Term, in order to give your college time to evaluate your submission. If you are completing the College Award at the same time you are completing the Durham Award you should complete both by Friday 23rd February 2018.