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Durham First

The Sporting Year in Review

Girl in sports jacket

BUSA high is new record for Durham

Durham University sport has had one of the most memorable years in its illustrious history. The phrase ‘great season' will undoubtedly be used throughout the country in reviews such as this. It is a phrase that is used far too often, but we are delighted that we can say without any doubt that the 2007/08 season was indeed a ‘great' one for Team Durham.

We use our British University Sport ranking as something of a bench mark to compare ourselves to the rest of the country. This is a league table which engages more institutions on an annual basis and stimulates the expenditure of significant sums of money. We are therefore thrilled to announce that Durham finished fourth out of over 160 institutions, our highest position in the history of BUSA.


Today university sport is about far more than just student competition. One of the challenges for every university in Britain is to contribute to the broader British sporting structure, and the success achieved by our hockey and rowing clubs has ensured that we have once again made a significant impact beyond the realms of student sport. Durham has an immense amount of talent in a diverse range of sports, and the ability of our students to compete at an international level extends into a vast number of disciplines. This is highlighted by the 26 students from 13 sports who received 2007/08 Team Durham Honorary Life Membership awards, honouring those students who represented their country at Under 20 level and beyond, a record total for Durham.

Our College programme is developing too. Our intra-mural programme is the strongest in the country. With over 400 teams playing against each other on a weekly basis there is nowhere in Britain that can compete with us. This year we broke records by introducing the College Festival of Sport which saw over 3000 students competing in 15 sports in just one day! This was the largest one-day Higher Education sport event in Britain.


Our outreach programme has gone from strength to strength. Our involvement in Zambia continues to develop whilst we have also established firm links with an exciting project in Sri Lanka. The work we do at a regional level is rivalled by very few institutions in Britain and in conjunction with the other four North East Universities, Sports Universities North East England has become an outreach model the rest of the country aspires to emulate.

It is true to say that a considerable number of people have made our success possible. However it is also clear that our success is only possible because of the unique contribution of our students, they are undoubtedly an integral factor in our continuing and rapid development.

The best student team performances of 2007/08

Basketball (Men's 1st Team): National BUSA Shield Champions
Basketball (Women's 1st Team): National BUSA Shield Runners Up
Boat Club (Men's & Women's): National BUSA Regatta Champions
Canoe Polo (Women's 1st Team): BUSA National Champions
Cricket (Women's 1st Team): BUSA National Trophy Champions
Futsal (Women's 1st Team): BUSA National Champions
Lacrosse (Women's 2nd Team): BUSA National Trophy Champions
Hockey (Men's 1st Team): Promotion to the England Hockey National League
Hockey (Women's 1st Team): BUSA Championship Runners Up
Rugby Union (Men's 1st Team): BUSA Championship Quarter Finals
Tennis (Women's 1st Team): BUSA Championship Semi Finals
Volleyball (Women's 1st Team): BUSA Championship Quarter Finals