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What people say about us...

All testimonials are taken directly from our Facebook page reviews.




"Essential reading for new parents from world-leading infant sleep researchers. Parenting science at its absolute best."



"I'm a public health maternity nurse and LC in BC Canada and refer parents to your website all the time. Our own messaging still leans towards 'just don't sleep with your baby' so when parents are interested in learning more of the nuances to guide their parenting they go to you. Thank-you for all that you do. [Update October 29, 2017] Our provincial safe sleep messaging has just been revised and it is a huge improvement. They referenced your work so once again, thank-you for being a leader internationally for evidence based infant sleep research and resources."



"This is my go to for any throughly researched info about babies and toddlers regarding sleep. There is no better accurate source of info."



"You are a valuable highly scientific resource in today’s society putting the science of normal biological infant sleep out there within a research context. We need more of you and your work- you help countless families follow their instincts and understand what normal behaviour and guidance looks like. Keep up with the great work and waving the research flag!"



"An amazing resource. I'm immensely proud to have the Infant Sleep Info Source on my doorstep in County Durham. Keep up the good work!"



"As a twin mum this page was invaluable for reassuring us that we were having a normal experience with our babies and how to sleep with them safely. As a breastfeeding Peer Supporter, trainee Antenatal teacher and Bf Counsellor it is a superbly evidence-based resource to share with parents as they embark on their own journeys of decision-making. All round brilliant, thank you!"



"As a midwife and infant feeding specialist I refer families to the ISIS website regularly for up-to-date, evidence based information on safe sleeping and normal infant sleep which is often misunderstood in our culture. A fantastic resource, thank you."



"I couldn’t have come across your website at a better time. I’ve read it word for word and it has reassured me immensely that I actually don’t need to be doing anything other than following my 12 week old baby’s lead when it comes to sleep. I was beginning to feel the pressure of approaching the 3 month mark and thinking that meant I needed to crack out the video monitor from its unopened box and start setting up a sleep routine, even though i don’t feel ready yet. But the detailed info from your research has completely changed my mind and validated my feelings that I don’t need to be separated from my baby until we are both ready. Thankyou."

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