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Durham University

Durham Infancy & Sleep Centre

Safer Bed-sharing Interventions

New interventions using 'safer sleep enablers' coupled with parent education have been developed in New Zealand to help parents avoid known hazardous bed-sharing scenarios that may occur when sleeping with a baby on a sofa, or when the baby was born prematurely, was smoke exposed during gestation, or the parent is a user of drugs that may affect their awareness during sleep.

The New Zealand Safe Sleep Enables are known as the Wahakura (a woven flax basket) and the Pepi-pod (a shallow plastic box).

We conducted the Let's Talk about Sleep project to assess whether parents in the UK would accept the use of a safe sleep enabler. Our variant of the Pepi Pod was called a Baby Bed Box.

We also observed mothers and babies in our Sleep Lab using the baby bed box, in comparison to using a normal crib in the Baby Bed Box Study.