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Durham University

Durham Infancy & Sleep Centre

Negotiating Infant Sleep Conference

Our 4th Biennial Sleep Lab conference was held on Monday April 11th 2016 at Durham University's Calman Centre, Durham City. Local and International infant sleep researchers presented their most recent and cutting edge research to a wide range of delegates including health-care professionals, volunteers working with parents, private practitioners, and individuals interested in the most up-to-date issues in infant sleep research.

Speaker topics and handouts of their presentations are available below:

Conference Speakers and Titles

Dr Anna Pease, Community Health, Bristol University, UK
Prof. Helen Ball, Anthropology, Durham University, UK
Dr Viara Mileva, Developmental Psychology, Leiden University, Netherlands
Dr Maartje Luijk, Developmental Psychology, Leiden University, Netherlands
Dr Amy Brown, Public Health, Swansea University, UK
Dr Charlotte Russell, Anthropology, Durham University, UK


Dr Anna Pease: Filling in the blanks--why don't mothers with high-SIDS-risk babies follow safe sleep advice?
Prof. Helen Ball: Safer co-sleeping in high-risk families--can we reduce the hazards?
Dr Viara Mileva: The many faces of parent-infant bed-sharing in a large multi-ethnic cohort in the Netherlands.
Dr Maartje Luijk: Parent-child bed-sharing--the good, the bad, and the burden of evidence.
Dr Amy Brown: The baby rice wont work: why solids and milk feeding don’t help babies to sleep
Dr Charlotte Russell: Sleep training--what works, what doesn't... and what's the problem?