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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Experience Durham

Senior Management: Mr Quentin Sloper Director of Experience Durham 42274 Contact Quentin Sloper
Mr Mark Brian Head of Sport & Physical Activity 47214 Contact Mark Brian
Mrs Carol Walker Administration Manager 42174 Contact Carol Walker
Dr Andy Cattermole Senior Manager Staff Volunteering & Community Outreach 42199
Miss Kate Barton Senior Manager for the Performing Arts 44316 Contact Kate Barton
Mrs Katie Binks Student Volunteering and Community Partnership Manager 44628 Contact Katie Binks
Mrs Debra Horseman Finance Manager 42162 Contact Debra Horseman
Mrs Lynsey Finnemore Senior Programme Manager Durham Inspired Award 44886
Ms Chantelle Cumming Student Leadership and Partnership Executive 42192 Contact Chantelle Cumming
Student Enrichment : Miss Megan Rimmer Student Enrichment Administrator Contact Megan Rimmer
Mr Samuel Kirkman Media Durham Co-ordinator Contact Samuel Kirkman
Mr Matteo Lai Student Enrichment Co-ordinator (Leadership) Contact Matteo Lai
Miss Jessica Norris Student Enrichment Co-ordinator (Durham Inspired Award) Contact Jessica Norris
Finance: Mrs Amy Forbes Administrator 42206 Contact Amy Forbes
Recruitment: Mr Albert Potts Strategic Support Manager 44728 Contact Albert Potts
Durham Inspired: Mr Charlie Walker Programme Co-ordinator 44887 Contact Charlie Walker
Mr Gareth Lawson Programme Co-ordinator Contact Gareth Lawson
Music & Theatre: Mr James Fox-robinson Lead Theatre Technician 44316 Contact James Fox-robinson
Mrs Lotta Vaananen Music and Theatre Senior Assistant 41207 Contact Lotta Vaananen
Miss Alice Aucott Theatre Development Co-ordinator 44316 Contact Alice Aucott
Miss Eve Battersby College Music Development Co-ordinator Contact Eve Battersby
Miss Megan Hathaway Music Development Co-ordinator 44316 Contact Megan Hathaway
Mr Lewis Wilkinson Student Music Assistant Manager 44316 Contact Lewis Wilkinson
Staff Volunteering : Miss Stacy Porter Staff Volunteering Co-ordinator 42176 Contact Stacy Porter
Miss Katie Thurlbeck Staff Volunteering Facilitator 42193
Student Volunteering: Mrs Jacqueline Lowes Student Volunteering & Outreach Assistant Manager 42168 Contact Jacqueline Lowes
Mr Phillip Hancock Holiday Camps & Community Sports Club Co-Ordinator 44735 Contact Phillip Hancock
Mr Simon Culley Community Sport Development Facilitator 44735 Contact Simon Culley
Miss Isabel Dungworth Student Volunteering Co-ordinator Contact Isabel Dungworth
Miss Arabella Lawler Student Volunteering Co-ordinator Contact Arabella Lawler
Student Leadership & Partnership: Mrs Katie Taylor Sponsorship, Leadership & Events Co-ordinator 43202 Contact Katie Taylor
Miss Lucy Morris Laidlaw Scholarship Project Officer
Team Durham Students: Mrs Diane Thomas BUCS Co-ordinator 41697 Contact Diane Thomas
Mr Christopher Lennon Team Durham Student President 41699 Contact Christopher Lennon
Miss Imogen Eddison College Sport Co-ordinator 41698 Contact Imogen Eddison
Sport: Coaching & Sport Development: Mr Richard Warburton Performance Sport Manager 44737 Contact Richard Warburton
Miss Peri Anderson Sport Development Co-ordinator 40236 Contact Peri Anderson
Mr Ian Shore Lead Rowing Coach 44733 Contact Ian Shore
Mr Alex Keay Senior Rugby Union Coach 44731 Contact Alex Keay
Mr Melvyn Betts Head Cricket Coach Contact Melvyn Betts
Mr Gareth Weaver-tyler Head Hockey Coach 42181
Mr David Goodchild Coach & Recruitment Co-ordinator Contact David Goodchild
Mr David Coldwell-jr Deputy Head of Sport 44627 Contact David Coldwell-jr
Mr Robert Dauncey Head Rowing Coach 42178 Contact Robert Dauncey
Mr Lee Davie Head Basketball Coach 44626 Contact Lee Davie
Mr Cameron Henderson Strength & Conditioning Coach 44736 Contact Cameron Henderson
Mr Jamie Knight Strength & Conditioning Coach 42177 Contact Jamie Knight
Mr Luke Southgate Strength & Conditioning Coach 42177 Contact Luke Southgate
Mr Jon Boyle Strength & Conditioning Coach 42177 Contact Jon Boyle
Mr Thomas O'neill Assistant Strangth & Conditioning Coach 42177 Contact Thomas O'neill
Miss Eleanor Christon Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 42177 Contact Eleanor Christon
Mr Andrew Davies Sports Clothing Co-ordinator Contact Andrew Davies
Mrs Kara Elderkin Strength and Conditioning Coach Contact Kara Elderkin
Ms Gabriela Knutson Tennis Co-ordinator Contact Gabriela Knutson
Miss Holly Young Assistant Rowing Coach 44733 Contact Holly Young
Sport: Facilities & Operations: Mrs Laura Green Facility Manager 42279 Contact Laura Green
Mr Paul Derrick Head Grounds Person 42160 Contact Paul Derrick
Miss Ellie Rawnsley Promotions and Events Facilitator 44738 Contact Ellie Rawnsley
Mr Stephen Brown Grounds Person 42160 Contact Stephen Brown
Mr Robert Taggart Grounds Maintenance Assistant 42160 Contact Robert Taggart
Mr Kris Hewitt Leisure Team Leader 41003 Contact Kris Hewitt
Mr Jonathan Finch Leisure Team Leader 41003 Contact Jonathan Finch
Mr Daniel Boulton Fitness Centre Supervisor 42173 Contact Daniel Boulton
Miss Caroline Franklin Fitness Assistant 42173 Contact Caroline Franklin
Mr Matthew Connell Fitness Assistant 42173 Contact Matthew Connell
Mr Matthew Dobison Fitness Assistant 42173 Contact Matthew Dobison
Mr Thomas Johnson Fitness Assistant 42173 Contact Thomas Johnson
Miss Suzzanne Mclaughlin Reception Helpdesk Assistant 42178 Contact Suzzanne Mclaughlin
Miss Chloe Bird Reception Helpdesk Assistant 42178 Contact Chloe Bird
Miss Elana Hobkirk Reception Helpdesk Assistant - Maternity Leave 42178
Mr Paul Dodsworth Senior Leisure Assistant 42178 Contact Paul Dodsworth
Mr John Charlton Leisure Assistant 42178 Contact John Charlton
Mr Ben Finlay Leisure Assistant 42178 Contact Ben Finlay
Mr Thomas Naylor Leisure Assistant 42178 Contact Thomas Naylor
Mr Scott Craggs Leisure Assistant 42178 Contact Scott Craggs
Mr Wayne Grant Senior Fitness Assistant 40145 Contact Wayne Grant
Mr Connor Maughan Senior Fitness Assistant 40145 Contact Connor Maughan
Miss Sydney Busa Leisure Assistant 42178 Contact Sydney Busa
Miss Jacqueline Carr Cleaning Services Shift Leader 42178 Contact Jacqueline Carr
Mr Kristopher Cartledge Leisure Assistant 42178 Contact Kristopher Cartledge
Mr Shaun Grant Senior Leisure Assistant 40145 Contact Shaun Grant
Miss Emma Jennings Cleaning Service Assistant 42178 Contact Emma Jennings
Mrs Pauline King Cleaning Services Assistant 42178 Contact Pauline King
Mr Oliver Mckenna Cleaning Services Assistant 42178 Contact Oliver Mckenna
Ms Pearl Ward Cleaning Services Assistant 42178 Contact Pearl Ward
Mrs Deborah Wilson Bookings Administrator 42178 Contact Deborah Wilson

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