Durham University

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Experience Durham

Senior Management: Mr Quentin Sloper Director of Experience Durham 42274 q.r.sloper@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Carol Walker Administration Manager 42174 c.a.walker@durham.ac.uk
Mr Mark Brian Head of Sport & Physical Activity 47214 mark.g.brian@durham.ac.uk
Dr Andy Cattermole Head of Staff Volunteering and Outreach 42199 a.j.cattermole@durham.ac.uk
Miss Jessica Lawrence Head of Student Music 44317 j.r.lawrence@durham.ac.uk
Miss Kate Barton Head of Student Theatre 44316 kate.a.barton@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Katie Binks Acting Head of Student Volunteering and Community Outreach 44628 katie.binks@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Debra Horseman Finance Officer 42162 d.l.mcgee@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Lynsey Finnemore Senior Manager (Student Development Programme) 44886 lynsey.finnemore@durham.ac.uk
Ms Chantelle Cumming Leadership, Alumni & Partnership Executive 42192 chantelle.cumming@durham.ac.uk
Alumni Development & Fundraising: Mrs Katie Taylor Events and Sponsorship Co-ordinator 43202 katie.taylor@durham.ac.uk
Recruitment: Mr Albert Potts Undergraduate Recruitment Manager 44728 a.d.potts@durham.ac.uk
Student Development Programme: Miss Amy Fenwick Student Development Programme Intern 44887 amy.s.fenwick@durham.ac.uk
Staff Volunteering : Miss Stacy Porter Volunteer & Engagement Officer 42176 stacy.porter@durham.ac.uk
Miss Katie Thurlbeck Staff Volunteering Facilitator 42193 katie.thurlbeck@durham.ac.uk
Student Volunteering: Mrs Jacqueline Lowes Senior Support Officer - Part Time 42168 jacqueline.lowes@durham.ac.uk
Mr Phillip Hancock Holiday Camps Co-Ordinator 44735 phillip.k.hancock@durham.ac.uk
Miss Katie Stobbs Student Volunteer Manager 41797 katie.j.stobbs@durham.ac.uk
Music & Theatre: Miss Sophie Wright Theatre Development Co-ordinator 44316 s.m.wright@durham.ac.uk
Team Durham Students: Mrs Diane Thomas BUCS Co-ordinator 41697 d.e.thomas@durham.ac.uk
Mr William Ritchie-moulin Team Durham President 41699 william.l.ritchie-moulin@durham.ac.uk
Mr Frazer Levett College Sport Officer 41698 frazer.levett@durham.ac.uk
Mr Myles Rawstron-rudd Playerlayer Co-ordinator 42178 myles.t.rawstron-rudd@durham.ac.uk
Sport: Coaching & Sport Development: Mr Richard Warburton Performance Sport Manager 44737 richard.warburton@durham.ac.uk
Miss Peri Anderson Sports Development Officer - Queens Campus 40236 peri.anderson@durham.ac.uk
Mr Wade Hall-Craggs Senior Rowing Coach 42167 o.w.hall-craggs@durham.ac.uk
Mr Ian Shore Lead Women's Rowing Coach 44733 ian.d.shore@durham.ac.uk
Miss Laura Richardson Assistant Rowing Coach 44733 laura.richardson@durham.ac.uk
Miss Eleanor Hizzett Freshers Rowing Coach 44733 eleanor.m.hizzett@durham.ac.uk
Mr Alex Keay Senior Rugby Union Coach 44731 alex.keay@durham.ac.uk
Mr Gareth Weaver-tyler Performance Hockey Coach 42181 gareth.weaver-tyler@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Claire Dobison-lee Assistant Hockey Coach 42179 claire.m.dobison-lee@durham.ac.uk
Mr David Coldwell-jr Lacrosse Coach & Deputy Director of Sport (Participation) 44627 david.j.coldwell@durham.ac.uk
Mr Lee Davie Basketball Coach & Development Officer 44626 l.p.davie@durham.ac.uk
Mr Cameron Henderson Strength and Conditioning Coach 44736 a.j.c.henderson@durham.ac.uk
Miss Roshini Turner Women's Rugby Co-ordinator 44736 roshini.j.turner@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jamie Knight Strength & Conditioning Coach 42177 jamie.m.knight@durham.ac.uk
Mr Luke Southgate Strength and Conditioning Coach 42177 luke.southgate@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jon Boyle Strength & Conditioning Coach 42177 jon.boyle@durham.ac.uk
Mr Thomas O'neill Strength & Conditioning Coach 42177 thomas.o'neill3@durham.ac.uk
Miss Eleanor Christon Strength & Conditioning Coach 42177 eleanor.j.christon@durham.ac.uk
Sport: Facilities & Operations: Mr Steve Wright Assistant Head (Queen's Campus) 49376 s.j.wright@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Laura Green Facility Manager 42279 laura.green2@durham.ac.uk
Mr Paul Derrick Head Groundsman 42160 paul.derrick@durham.ac.uk
Mr Stephen Brown Groundsman 42160 stephen.brown@durham.ac.uk
Mr Robert Taggart Groundsman 42160 robert.taggart@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Amy Forbes Duty Manager (Durham City) Maternity Leave 41003 amy.forbes@durham.ac.uk
Mr Kris Hewitt Duty Manager (Durham City) 41003 kris.hewitt@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jonathan Finch Duty Manager (Durham City) 41003 jonathan.finch@durham.ac.uk
Mr Ben Clarey Duty Manager (Durham City) 41003 ben.clarey@durham.ac.uk
Mr Daniel Boulton Duty Manager (Queen's Campus) 40145 daniel.boulton@durham.ac.uk
Miss Ellie Rawnsley Promotions and Events Facilitator 44738 ellie.j.rawnsley@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jonathan Coates Student Service & Bookings Co-ordinator 47216 jonathan.a.coates@durham.ac.uk
Miss Suzzanne Mclaughlin Receptionist 42252 suzzanne.mclaughlin@durham.ac.uk
Miss Chloe Bird Receptionist 42178 c.j.bird@durham.ac.uk
Mr Paul Dodsworth Leisure Officer (Durham City) 42173 paul.dodsworth@durham.ac.uk
Mr John Charlton Leisure Assistant (Durham City) 42178 j.a.charlton@durham.ac.uk
Mr Scott Craggs Leisure Assistant (Durham City) 42173 scott.craggs@durham.ac.uk
Mr Joe Simpson Leisure Assistant (Durham City) 42173 j.w.simpson@durham.ac.uk
Mr Wayne Grant Sports Attendant (Queens Campus) 40145 wayne.grant@durham.ac.uk
Mr Kallum Hannah Sports Attendant (Queens Campus) 40145 kallum.hannah@durham.ac.uk
Miss Jacqueline Carr Domestic Assistant 42178 jacqueline.carr@durham.ac.uk
Ms Pearl Ward Domestic Assistant 42178 pearl.ward@durham.ac.uk