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Centre for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East

Academic Staff: Professor John Barclay john.barclay@durham.ac.uk
Dr Catherine M. Draycott catherine.draycott@durham.ac.uk
Professor Chris Gerrard c.m.gerrard@durham.ac.uk
Prof. Johannes Haubold j.h.haubold@durham.ac.uk
Dr Jane Heath j.m.f.heath@durham.ac.uk
Dr Kristen Hopper k.a.hopper@durham.ac.uk
Dr Phillip Horky phillip.horky@durham.ac.uk
Dr David Janzen david.janzen@durham.ac.uk
Professor Ted Kaizer ted.kaizer@durham.ac.uk
Dr Derek Kennet derek.kennet@durham.ac.uk
Dr Dan Lawrence dan.lawrence@durham.ac.uk
Professor Anna Leone anna.leone@durham.ac.uk
Professor Graham Philip graham.philip@durham.ac.uk
Professor Robin Skeates robin.skeates@durham.ac.uk
Dr Kathryn Stevens kathryn.stevens@durham.ac.uk
Professor Stuart Weeks s.d.weeks@durham.ac.uk
Dr Penny Wilson penelope.wilson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Robert Witcher r.e.witcher@durham.ac.uk
Dr Mark Woolmer mark.woolmer@durham.ac.uk
Postdoctoral Researchers: Dr Kamal Badreshany kamal.badreshany@durham.ac.uk
Dr George Gazis g.a.gazis@durham.ac.uk
Dr Monica Hellstrom monica.hellstrom@durham.ac.uk
Emeriti and Honorary Appointments: Prof. P. J. Rhodes, FBA p.j.rhodes@durham.ac.uk
Prof. J. David Thomas, FBA j.d.thomas@durham.ac.uk
Postgraduate Students: Mr Tavis Asaph Bohlinger t.a.bohlinger@durham.ac.uk
Dr Michelle W. de Gruchy michelle.de-gruchy@durham.ac.uk
Ms Michele Stopera Freyhauf m.s.freyhauf@durham.ac.uk
Miss Melissa Gardner m.j.gardner2@durham.ac.uk
Ms Allison Lee allison.n.lee@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jesse Peterson jesse.m.peterson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Eris Williams Reed eris.williams-reed@durham.ac.uk