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Email and Telephone Directory

Centre for Particle Theory

Academic Staff: Steven Abel Professor 43092 / 43534
Jeppe Rosenkrantz Andersen Associate Professor 43564
Simon Badger Assistant Professor 43755
Peter Ballett Assistant Professor 43755
Celine Boehm Professor 43747
Peter Bowcock Associate Professor 43064
Mathew Bullimore Assistant Professor 44162
Fabrizio Caola Assistant Professor 44345
David G. Cerdeno Assistant Professor 43668
Stefano Cremonesi Assistant Professor 44155
Aristomenis Donos Assistant Professor 41536
Patrick Dorey Professor 43070
Daniele Dorigoni Assistant Professor 43121
Richard Keith Ellis Professor 43621
Prof Nigel Glover Professor 43602
Ruth Gregory Professor 43092 / 43761
Paul Heslop Professor 43105
Nabil Iqbal Assistant Professor 44163
Valentin [Valya] Khoze Professor 43599
Frank Krauss Professor 43751
Alexander Lenz Professor 43814
Daniel Maitre Associate Professor 43653
Paul Mansfield Professor 43104
Vasileios Niarchos Assistant Professor 44161
Silvia Pascoli Professor 43756
Benjamin Pecjak Associate Professor 43749
Kasper Peeters Assistant Professor 43113
Bernard Piette Associate Professor 43107 Contact Bernard Piette
Peter Richardson Professor 43764
Simon Ross Professor 43099
Douglas Smith Associate Professor 43120
Michael Spannowsky Professor 43636
Paul Sutcliffe Professor 43123
Anne Taormina Professor 43059
Balt van Rees Assistant Professor 44154
Richard Ward Professor 43118 Contact Richard Ward
Marija Zamaklar Associate Professor 43111
Research Staff: Johannes Bellm Dr 44362
James Currie Dr 44413
Luca Di-luzio Dr 43787
David Grellscheid Dr 43798 Contact David Grellscheid
Ramona Grober Dr 43776
Heribertus Hartanto Dr 3770
Valery Khoze Professor 43699
Jonas Lindert Dr 43768
Arthur Lipstein Royal Society URF 44156
Nicola Lo-presti Dr 43776
Elias Lopez-asamar Dr 43754
Andreas Maier Dr 43776
Simon Platzer Dr 43770
Dr Richard Ruiz Dr 43765
Johannes Schlenk Dr 44413
Holger Schulz 43768
Graeme Watt Dr 43807
Dr Cedric Weiland Dr 43754
Ye-ling Zhou Dr 43765
MSc Students: Mrs Wendy Gray MSc Particles, Cosmology & Strings
Emeritus Staff: Alan Martin Professor 43672
Wojtek Zakrzewski Professor 43112
Research Students: Mr Benedict Aaronson 2CPT Phys
Mr Michael Appels 3CPT Maths 43072
Mr Simon Armstrong 3CPT Phys 43799
Miss Rebecca Bristow 4CPT Maths 43116
Miss Helen Brooks 2CPT Phys 43799
Mr Juan Manuel Cruz-Martinez 1CPT Phys 43753
Mr Christopher Curry 3CPT Maths 43072
Mr Matthew Elliot-ripley 4CPT Maths 43116
Mr David Evans 3CPT Maths 43091
Mr Joseph Farrow 2CPT Maths 43078
Mr Sam Fearn 4CPT Maths 43116
Mr Philip Glass 1CPT 43091
Mr Akash Jain 3CPT Maths 43078
Mr Thomas Jubb 2CPT Phys 43753
Mr Matthew Kirk 1CPT Phys 43766
Mr Silvan Kuttimalai 2CPT Phys 43771
Mr Matteo Leo 1CPT Phys 43753
Mr Robin Linten 1CPT Phys 43753
Mr Daniel Martin 1CPT 43091
Mr Maciej Matuszewski 3CPT Maths 43078
Miss Eirini Mavroudi 3CPT Phys 43799
Mr Thomas Morgan 3CPT Phys 43771
Mr Brandon Morrison 1CPT 43091
Mr Davide Napoletano 1CPT Phys 43753
Mr Alexander Peach 4CPT Maths 43116
Mr Petar Petrov 3CPT Phys 43799
Mr Matthew Renwick 1CPT 43091
Dr Alan Reynolds 3CPT Maths 43072
Mr Calum Robson 2CPT Maths 43078
Mr Mark Ross-lonergan 3CPT Phys 43753
Mr Daniel Rutter 2CPT Maths 43094
Mr Darren Scott 2CPT Phys 43753
Mr Omar Sosa-rodriguez 3CPT Maths 43072
Mr Pongwit Srisangyingcharoen 1CPT 43091
Mr Alastair Stewart 1CPT 43091
Mr Raguram Subramaniam 4CPT Maths 44116
Mr Xin Tang 4CPT Maths 43116
Mr Floris Ter-braak 3CPT Maths 43066
Mr Vuong-viet Tran 3CPT Maths 43066
Miss Jessica Turner 2CPT Phys 43771
Mr Qi Wang 3CPT Phys 43799
Mr Tse-chun Wang 1CPT Phys 43771
Mr Stephen Webster 1CPT Phys 43766
Mr Vaios Ziogas 4CPT Maths 43116