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Centre for Materials Physics

Head of CMP: Professor Stewart Clark Head of Section 43572 s.j.clark@durham.ac.uk
Academic: Prof Peter Hatton 43600 p.d.hatton@durham.ac.uk
Prof Brian Tanner 43518 b.k.tanner@durham.ac.uk
Professor Del Atkinson 43592 del.atkinson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Stuart Brand 43537 stuart.brand@durham.ac.uk
Dr Elizabeth Bromley 43644 e.h.c.bromley@durham.ac.uk
Dr Graham Cross 43577 g.h.cross@durham.ac.uk
Associate Professor Fernando Dias 43733 f.m.b.dias@durham.ac.uk
Prof. Suzanne Fielding 41408 suzanne.fielding@durham.ac.uk
Dr Nikitas Gidopoulos 43633 nikitas.gidopoulos@durham.ac.uk
Prof John Girkin 43589 j.m.girkin@durham.ac.uk
Dr Douglas Halliday 43571 d.p.halliday@durham.ac.uk
Prof Damian Hampshire 43654 d.p.hampshire@durham.ac.uk
Dr Qing He qing.he@durham.ac.uk
Dr Aidan Hindmarch 43750 a.t.hindmarch@durham.ac.uk
Dr Michael Hunt 43648 m.r.c.hunt@durham.ac.uk
Dr Halim Kusumaatmaja 43627 halim.kusumaatmaja@durham.ac.uk
Professor Tom Lancaster 43536 tom.lancaster@durham.ac.uk
Dr Budhika Mendis 43554 b.g.mendis@durham.ac.uk
Professor Andy Monkman 43616 a.p.monkman@durham.ac.uk
Dr Margarita Staykova 43598 margarita.staykova@durham.ac.uk
Dr Peter Swift 43518 g.p.swift@durham.ac.uk
Dr Marek Szablewski Section Secretary 43686 marek.szablewski@durham.ac.uk
Dr Ian Terry 43725 ian.terry@durham.ac.uk
Dr Kislon Voitchovsky 43615 kislon.voitchovsky@durham.ac.uk
Emeritus Members: Prof Richard Abram 43581 r.a.abram@durham.ac.uk
Prof David Bloor 43581 david.bloor@durham.ac.uk
Prof Martyn Chamberlain 42400 martyn.chamberlain@durham.ac.uk
Research Staff: Mr Leon Bowen 43680 leon.bowen@durham.ac.uk
Dr. Celine Dinet celine.dinet@durham.ac.uk
Dr Marc Kenneth Etherington marc.k.etherington@durham.ac.uk
Dr David Hoyle 43655 d.m.hoyle@durham.ac.uk
Dr Jennifer King 42524 jennifer.king@durham.ac.uk
Dr Penelope Lawton 43973 p.f.lawton@durham.ac.uk
Dr Mark John Raine 43535 m.j.raine@durham.ac.uk
Dr Lara Small 43655 l.s.r.small@durham.ac.uk
Research Technicians: Mr John Dobson 43623 john.dobson@durham.ac.uk
Mr Duncan McCallum Safety Coordinator d.j.mccallum@durham.ac.uk
Mr David Pattinson 42227 david.pattinson@durham.ac.uk
Research Students: Ms Faten Alabdulaali 43552 f.h.al-abdulaali2@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Taghreed Alsulami taghreed.s.al-sulami@durham.ac.uk
Miss Ala Bahaaldin a.s.bahaaldin@durham.ac.uk
Mr Hugh Barlow hugh.j.barlow@durham.ac.uk
Mr Thomas Birch Postgraduate Student m.t.birch@durham.ac.uk
Mr Alexander Blair a.i.blair@durham.ac.uk
Mr Paul Branch p.o.branch@durham.ac.uk
Mr Rahul Chacko r.n.chacko@durham.ac.uk
Mr Will Foster joseph.w.foster@durham.ac.uk
Mr David Graves d.r.graves@durham.ac.uk
Miss Rongjuan Huang rongjuan.huang@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Oto-obong Inyang 43529 o.o.a.inyang@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jack Law jack.o.law@durham.ac.uk
Mr Ethan Miller e.j.miller@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jack Panter j.r.panter@durham.ac.uk
Mr Francis Ridgeon 43654 f.j.ridgeon@durham.ac.uk
Muhammad Subkhi Sadullah muhammad.s.sadullah@durham.ac.uk
Mr Robert Schoonmaker r.t.schoonmaker@durham.ac.uk
Miss Alina Talmantaite alina.talmantaite@durham.ac.uk
Mr William Trewby w.j.trewby@durham.ac.uk
Mr Joe Troughton joe.troughton@durham.ac.uk
Miss Vanessa Woodhouse vanessa.j.woodhouse@durham.ac.uk