Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Centre for Medical Humanities

Academic Staff: Professor Sarah Atkinson Associate Director 48144 s.j.atkinson@durham.ac.uk
Professor Jane Macnaughton Director jane.macnaughton@durham.ac.uk
Professor Corinne Saunders Associate Director 48144 c.j.saunders@durham.ac.uk
Dr Angela Woods Deputy Director 48145 angela.woods@durham.ac.uk
Research Staff: Dr Hilary Powell Postdoctoral Research Fellow hilary.powell@durham.ac.uk
Administrative Staff: Ms Jane Abel Administrator 48277 j.a.abel@durham.ac.uk
Dr Sarah McLusky Project Manager (Life of Breath) 48142 sarah.mclusky@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Rachel Middleton Project Co-Ordindator (Medical Humanities Collaborative Skills Development Programme) 48405 rachel.middleton@durham.ac.uk
Dr Victoria Patton victoria.patton@durham.ac.uk
Other: FAX 48248