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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM)

General Enquiries: For external use, please add 44 (0)191 33 in front of the number given: Telephone 44185
FAX 44180
Software Helpline 44255
Directors' office: Prof Rob Coe Director 44184 Contact Rob Coe
Mrs Katharine Bailey Director of Applied Research 44188 Contact Katharine Bailey
Miss Emma Beatty Director of Technology 44212 Contact Emma Beatty
Prof Peter Tymms Director of iPIPS Division 48413 Contact Peter Tymms
Miss Gemma Harper Personal Assistant to the Board 44656 Contact Gemma Harper
Miss Abbie Simpson PA to the Board’s Assistant 44185 Contact Abbie Simpson
Operations: Mr Stephen Coote Finance Administrator 44186 Contact Stephen Coote
Miss Nicola Ellis Finance Administrator 44187 Contact Nicola Ellis
Ms Barbara Hogg Evaluation and Personnel Co-ordinator 44183 Contact Barbara Hogg
Dr Chris Jellis School Research Officer 44228 Contact Chris Jellis
Mrs Lynsey Kim School Support Administrator 44190 Contact Lynsey Kim
Mrs Janet Laidler Data Support Administrator 44208 Contact Janet Laidler
Ms Amanda Mayman-Jones Senior School Support Administrator 44220 Contact Amanda Mayman-Jones
Mrs Cathy Shippen School Support Administrator 44195 Contact Cathy Shippen
Mrs Amanda Weir School Support Administrator 44200 Contact Amanda Weir
Business Development: Mr Harry Baker Graphic Designer 44251 Contact Harry Baker
Ms Gayle Haywood School Liaison Officer 44376 Contact Gayle Haywood
Mr Chris Lavelle Lead graphic/multimedia Designer 44253 Contact Chris Lavelle
Dr John Little Statistician 44246 Contact John Little
Mr Andrew Lyth Statistician 44214 Contact Andrew Lyth
Mr David Martin Business Development Lead 44215 Contact David Martin
Mrs Lisa Miller Business Development Administrator 44221 Contact Lisa Miller
Mr Andrew Peill Multimedia Developer 44254 Contact Andrew Peill
Technical: Dr Philip Anderson Software Developer 44178 Contact Philip Anderson
Mr Robert Byatt Technical Lead for Software Quality and eAssessment 44237 Contact Robert Byatt
Mr Matthew Durham Database Team Leader 44225 Contact Matthew Durham
Dr Helen Gray Database Developer 44203 Contact Helen Gray
Mr David Greenhaff Software Developer 44202 Contact David Greenhaff
Mr Tom Hedley Database Developer 44366 Contact Tom Hedley
Miss Tara Heron Software Developer Contact Tara Heron
Miss Erna Karsono Database Developer 44216 Contact Erna Karsono
Miss Kayleigh Lauder eLearning and Assessment Project Administrator 44658 Contact Kayleigh Lauder
Mr Ian Leftley Software Developer 44206 Contact Ian Leftley
Mr Haoyang Liu Software Developer 44230 Contact Haoyang Liu
Ms Emma Nicholls Database Developer Contact Emma Nicholls
Mr Daniel Parkin IT Apprentice 44267 Contact Daniel Parkin
Ms Anne Rafferty eLearning and Assessment Project Manager 44181 Contact Anne Rafferty
Mr David Thompson EAssessment Team Leader 44224 Contact David Thompson
Dr Steven Tummey Software Team Leader 44209 Contact Steven Tummey
Mr Jonathan Urwin Software Developer 44218 Contact Jonathan Urwin
Dr Edward Restall Software Developer 44347 Contact Edward Restall
Miss Ashley Graven Database Developer 44204 Contact Ashley Graven
Research: Mr John Ardley Assessment developer 44250 Contact John Ardley
Miss Emma Barthel Assessment developer 44234 Contact Emma Barthel
Mr Gideon Copestake Entrance Assessments Statistical Officer 44263 Contact Gideon Copestake
Dr Helen Cramman Research & Evaluation Manager 44242 Contact Helen Cramman
Mrs Hannah Fretwell Entrance Assessments Operations Manager 44210 Contact Hannah Fretwell
Karen Jones Senior Research Officer 44256 Contact Karen Jones
Dr Dimitra Kokotsaki Senior Research Associate 44219 Contact Dimitra Kokotsaki
Miss Catherine McKenna Assistant Assessment Developer 44239 Contact Catherine McKenna
Mrs Victoria Menzies Research Officer 44177 Contact Victoria Menzies
Mrs Gaynor Richardson iPIPS Project Manager 44653 Contact Gaynor Richardson