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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

University College

College Officers : Prof Wendy Powers Principal 44458
Dr Ellen Crabtree Vice-Principal 42673
Dr David Lowther Assistant Principal 44141
Ms Paula Furness College Co-Ordinator & Student Support Officer 44104 43801
Alumni: Miss Julia Raszewska Alumni & Development Manager Contact Julia Raszewska
Curator : Ms Gemma Lewis Deputy Curator 44139 Contact Gemma Lewis
Fellows: Rev'd Dr Stephanie Burette College Chaplin & Solway Fellow
Peter Bowcock Fellow
Professor Thom Brooks Fellow
Dr Hazel Donkin Fellow
Professor Anoush Ehteshami Fellow
Professor David Fuller Emeritus Fellow
Jens Funke Fellow
Dr Matteo Iannizzotto Fellow
Prof Ray Land Emeritus Fellow
Prof John O'Brien Emeritus Fellow john.o'
Professor Stefan Przyborski Fellow
Prof Jim Ridgway Emeritus Fellow
Professor Ari Sadanandom Fellow
Professor Corinne Saunders Fellow
Professor Robert Schütze Fellow
Professor Luke Sunderland Fellow
Professor Stephen Taylor Fellow
General Enquiries and Porters Lodge : General Enquiries 44099
FAX 43801
Porters Lodge 43800
Durham Castle Reception - Vacation Only 44108
Administration Staff : Mrs Linda Beighton Student Support Administrator 44099
Mrs Elaine Bedford Finance Assistant [Secondment] 44114
Ms Janet Kelly Receptionist 43800 Contact Janet Kelly
Mrs Susan Noble Finance Officer 44114
Mrs Val Morland College Administration Co-ordinator 44099
Catering, Operations and Housekeeping : Mr Jamie Short Food & Beverage Service Manager 42358 43801 Contact Jamie Short
Mr Daniel Nowell Head Chef 42678 43801 Contact Daniel Nowell
Castle Undercroft Bar 44142
Operations Management : Miss Zoe Osborn Team Leader 42674 Contact Zoe Osborn
Mr Michael Wallbank Community Operations Manager 44135 Contact Michael Wallbank
JCR : JCR Senior Man 44138
JCR Office - Norman Gallery 44123
JCR Bar Chairman 44122
JCR Bar Vice Chair 44098
JCR Social Secretary - Norman Gallery 44124
JCR Vice Senior Man - Norman Gallery 44121
JCR Student Liaison & Welfare Officer - Norman Gallery 44127
JCR Treasuer - Norman Gallery 44145
Residents: Dr Eva-Maria Nag (Research Fellow) and Resident Master's House 44474
VISITING FELLOW (Owengate Flat) 44094
VISITING FELLOW (Bailey Court 23) 44131
(Norman Gallery 15) 44093
Moatside Court - Northgate R9 44109
Castle Garden Stairs 8 Flat 44113
Castle Hall Stairs 8 Flat 44118
Castle Keep 38 Flat 44120
Cousins Hall A1 Flat 44101
Unattended Extensions : Castle Senate Suite 44137
Senior Common Room (Lobby) 44136
Castle Bishops's Suite 44129
Castle - Judge's Kitchen 44125
Owengate 44096
Bailey Court - Block C 44097
Bailey Court - Block D 44111
Moatside Court - S Block 44130
Castle - Keep 1st Floor 44126
Castle - Hall Stairs 44117
Lowe Library 44128 and 42935
Moatside Court (Gym) 44110
PDQ and Event Organiser p/t 44143
PDQ Line Reception 44134

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