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Email and Telephone Directory

Trevelyan College

  Mrs Kathryn Cullen Receptionist 47011 Contact Kathryn Cullen
Professor Martyn Evans Chair of Colleges and Principal 47042
General Enquiries 47000
Dr I Latham Associate Principal 47048
Dr Rose Newman Student Development and Support Officer 47045 Contact Rose Newman
Dr Kimberly Schreck College Senior Administrator 47057
Mr Martin Clemmett Bursar 47056
FAX 45371
Mrs J Ware Operations Manager 47043 Contact J Ware
Mr Jim Johnson Assistant Operations Manager 47053
Miss J Matthewson Housekeeper 47002 Contact J Matthewson
Mrs Karen Fisher College Administrator 47001 Contact Karen Fisher
Mr Paul Humberstone Head Chef 47049 Contact Paul Humberstone
Miss Dawn Purdy Food Services Manager 47049 Contact Dawn Purdy
Ms Susan Quayle Finance Officer 47019 Contact Susan Quayle
Mrs Tracey Hall Finance Assistant 47046 Contact Tracey Hall
Miss Sandra Bartlett Finance Assistant (Mondays pm & Fri am) 47046 Contact Sandra Bartlett
Mr Tim Fowler Librarian 47038 Contact Tim Fowler
Ms Lucy Kelly Housekeeping Team Leader 47007 Contact Lucy Kelly
Office 47016
Porters Lodge 47000
Kitchens 47010
Residents: Professor Evans (Staff House 7) 47041
Sabbatical Bar Chair (Alex Grover) 47018
Flat F1 47006
Flat K1/1 47022
Flat G4 47020
Flat J8 47004
MCR President's Flat 47021
Staff House 1 47036
JCR President Flat A10 47014
Staff House 2 47039
Staff House 3 47040
Staff House 4 47008
Flat A9 - students 47015
Other: Sir James Knott Hall 47052
Student Cloister Bar 47009
Staff House 5 47027