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Email and Telephone Directory

St Mary's College

  Professor Simon Hackett Principal 45946
Mrs Catherine Paine Vice-Principal & Senior Student Support Officer 45919
Reception 45719
Dr Dave Robson Senior Student Support Officer (part-time) 45972
FAX 45720
Mrs Dorothy Grieve Student Support Administrator 45983 Contact Dorothy Grieve
Mrs Carole Laverick PA to the Principal 45963 Contact Carole Laverick
Ms Kathleen Vasey P/T Admissions Secretary 45914
Mr Martin Clemmett Bursar 45942
Mrs Karen Fisher Bursar's Secretary/College Administrator 45955 Contact Karen Fisher
Mrs Suzanne Joyce Finance Officer 45937
Miss Sandra Bartlett Finance Assistant 45937 Contact Sandra Bartlett
Mrs Helen Davies Operations Manager 45929 Contact Helen Davies
Mr Mustafa Gun Food & Beverage Services Manager 45920 Contact Mustafa Gun
Mr Paul Embleton Head Chef 45920 Contact Paul Embleton
Mrs Gillian Green Housekeeper 45945 Contact Gillian Green
Mr S Tindale Assistant Operations Manager (Facilties) 45923 Contact S Tindale
Mr John Carr Porter 45719 Contact John Carr
Mr Ian Elliott Porter 45719 Contact Ian Elliott
Mr Derek Hodgson Porter 45719 Contact Derek Hodgson
Mr Martin Hunter Weekend Porter 45719 Contact Martin Hunter
Mr Nigel Race Weekend Porter 45719 Contact Nigel Race
College Archivist 45936
Calvert Room 45961
SCR 45968
Tutors Room 45972
Kitchen 45920
College Linen Room 45925
Outside Reception 45138
Conference Bar 45924
Holdsworth Room 45970
Donaldson Room 45969
Kenworthy Hall 45926
Mr Nathan Lamb Sabbatical Alumni & Development Officer 45987 Contact Nathan Lamb
Residents: Mr Jon Purcell SCR Resident 45960 Contact Jon Purcell
JCR President - Flat A Williamson Building 45940
Room 57, Fergusson Building 45954
West Court 4 45960
Room W143 Williamson Building 45959
Room 354 Williamson Building 45935
Room 348 Williamson Building 45938
Flat Centre Williamson Bldg 45941
Room 355 Williamson Bldg South East Wing 45966
West Court 1 45911
Reading Room 45982
JCR Bar 45931
JCR Shop 45952
JCR Fergusson Bldg West Wing 1st Floor 45974
JCR Fergusson Bldg West Wing 2/3 Floor 45977
Shepherd Wing (129-140) 45949
JCR Fergusson Bldg East Wing 1st Floor 45931
JCR Fergusson Bldg East Wing 2/3 Floor 45934
JCR Fergusson Bldg North East Wing 45950
JCR Williamson Bldg West Wing Grd Floor 45978
JCR Williamson Bldg West Wing 2nd Floor 45932
JCR Williamson Bldg East Wing Grd Floor 45933
JCR Williamson Bldg East Wing 2nd Floor 45975
Williamson Building JCR 45951
Gym 45943
MCR 45973
Williamson Bldg South Centre East Stairwell 45927
Williamson Bldg South East Wing 45979
Williamson Bldg South Centre West Stairwell 45971
Williamson Bldg South West Wing 45976
Room 352 Williamson Building 45965
Shepherd Wing (120-127) 45947
West Court 3 45912
Tutors: Mr Clive Beddoes College Mentor Contact Clive Beddoes
Dr Alex Bellem College Mentor
Mr Simon Best College Mentor
Ms Catherine Brewer College Mentor
Mrs Margaret Carter College Mentor Contact Margaret Carter
Mr Trevor Carter College Mentor Contact Trevor Carter
Dr Buddhapriya Chakrabarti College Mentor Contact Buddhapriya Chakrabarti
Dr Jason Connolly College Mentor
Dr Catriona Poppy Cullen College Mentor Contact Catriona Poppy Cullen
Mrs Carole Dawson College Mentor Contact Carole Dawson
Ms Alexandra Earle College Mentor Contact Alexandra Earle
Mrs Tatyana Fedotova College Mentor Contact Tatyana Fedotova
Mr Harry Fletcher College Mentor Contact Harry Fletcher
Mrs Janet Fletcher College Mentor
Mr James Fowler College Mentor
Mrs Monica Gilmore College Mentor Contact Monica Gilmore
Dr Elizabeth Grayson College Tutor
Dr Veronique Griffith College Mentor Contact Veronique Griffith
Dr Manizha Hadi College Tutor
Miss Reetta Humalajoki College Mentor
Mrs Sheila Hutchinson College Mentor Contact Sheila Hutchinson
Mr Bill Kataky College Mentor Contact Bill Kataky
Dr Ritu Kataky College Mentor
Ms Esther Kisby College Mentor
Miss Helen Mcaree College Mentor Contact Helen Mcaree
Dr Dorothy Middleton College Mentor Contact Dorothy Middleton
Mr Timothy Middleton College Mentor Contact Timothy Middleton
Dr Robin Minney College Mentor Contact Robin Minney
Miss Arin Mizouri College Mentor
Mr Jonathon Murphy College Mentor Contact Jonathon Murphy
Ms Carol Newsom College Mentor Contact Carol Newsom
Mr Niall Oddy College Mentor
Mrs Josie Phillips College Mentor
Mrs Helen Roberts College Mentor Contact Helen Roberts
Ms Tanju Sen College Mentor Contact Tanju Sen
Dr Evgenia Stepanova College Mentor Contact Evgenia Stepanova
Dr J Topping College Mentor
Mrs Christine Van-dyk College Mentor Contact Christine Van-dyk
Mrs Grace Wali College Mentor Contact Grace Wali