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Email and Telephone Directory

Hatfield College

  FAX: Office 43101
FAX: Reception 41541
College Officer: Prof Ann MacLarnon Master 42611 Contact Ann MacLarnon
Anthony Bash Chaplain 42636
Anthony Bash Senior Tutor 42636
Ms Michelle Crawford Bursar 42614
Dr Ellen Crabtree Assistant Senior Tutor 42642
Dr Ellen Crabtree Assistant Senior Tutor 42642
College Archivist: Dr Michael Stansfield College Archivist 42964 Contact Michael Stansfield
College Librarian: Dr Kevin Sheehan College Librarian 42632
Catering & Housekeeping: Miss Louise Charlton Housekeeping Supervisor 42629 Contact Louise Charlton
Mr Darryl McNary Food & Beverage Services Manager 42195
Mr Colin Thompson Head Chef 43997 Contact Colin Thompson
Finance Staff: Miss Louise Cummins Finance Assistant 42608
Ms Susan Quayle Finance Officer 42621 Contact Susan Quayle
Mr Christopher Twycross Finance Assistant 42608 Contact Christopher Twycross
Support Staff: Mrs Brenda Mitchell Senior Student Support Officer 42610 Contact Brenda Mitchell
Ms Janet Raine Senior Administrative Secretary 42601
Ms Tracy Robson Bursar's Secretary 42651
Reception & Porters' Lodge: Porters 42619
Mrs Janet Shields Receptionist 42633
Hatfield Trust: Miss Rebecca Staats Sabbatical Development Officer 42603
Mr Ian Curry Director 42603
Mrs Cynthia Connolly Assistant Director 42620
Unattended Extensions: Kitchen 43178
Bar 42613