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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

St Aidan's College

General Enquiries/Porters' Lodge: Mrs Carolyn Barker Receptionist (p/t) 45769
Mrs Una Elsy Receptionist (p/t) 45769
Staff: Dr Susan Frenk Principal 45768
Ms Helen De Montes Vice-Principal 45822
Mrs Sukanya Miles-Watson Assistant Principal 45778
Mrs Kate Anderson Assistant Principal 45711
Ms Emma Wilson College Administration Co-ordinator 45832
Mr Shane McHugh Student Support Administrator 45841
Miss Lesley Peak Community Operations Manager 45810
Mr John Hutchinson Community Operations Team Leader 45773
Mrs Diane Walker Food & Beverages Manager 45795
Mr Scott Barnfather Senior Head Chef 45824
Residents: 2 Windmill Hill 45771
3 Windmill Hill (Postgraduates) 45772
5 Windmill Hill (Postgraduates) 45774
6 Windmill Hill (Principals House) 45781
7 Windmill Hill 45775
Unattended Extensions: A Link Corridor (Undergraduates) 45805
Female Staff Rest Room 45836
A-straight Corridor (Undergraduates) 45776
College Bar 45787
Servery 45840
Linen Room 45825
Garden Room 45839
Rear Entrance (Undergraduates) 45782
Balcony Flat/SCR 45785
Fitness Room 45838
Bamburgh Court: D House (Undergraduates) 45793
E House (Undergraduates) 45798
F House (Undergraduates) 45799
G House (Undergraduates) 45809
H House (Undergraduates) 45812
J House (Undergraduates) 45813
K House (Undergraduates) 45814
L House (Undergraduates) 45815
M House (Undergraduates) 45816
N House (Undergraduates) 45817
P House (Undergraduates) 45818
Q House (Postgraduates) 45819
Lindisfarne Centre: Kitchen 45824
Bar 45786

Admissions Queries

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