Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

University Catering

SENIOR MANAGMENT TEAM: Mr Paul Taylor Head of Catering 42880 42892 paul.taylor@durham.ac.uk
Ms Sarah Williamson Deputy Head of Catering - Retail 48342 sarah.j.williamson@durham.ac.uk
Mr Ricky Cohen Deputy Head of Catering - Colleges 49365 42892 ricky.cohen@durham.ac.uk
Mr Michael Thorne Executive Head Chef (Retail and Hospitality) 48581 m.r.thorne@durham.ac.uk
Business Support: Miss Keelie Bird Project & Administration Co-ordinator 49301 keelie.bird@durham.ac.uk
Finance: Miss Sarah Stephenson Finance Officer 49363 s.j.gee@durham.ac.uk
Ms Julie Harrison Finance Assistant 42879 julie.harrison@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Helen Luke Community Catering Co-ordinator 49350 h.luke@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Tracey Holmes Community Catering Co-Ordinator 49341 tracey.holmes@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Chunmei Hu Community Catering Co-ordinator 49343 chunmei.hu@durham.ac.uk
RETAIL CATERING Durham Campus: Mrs Jennie Brownlow Product and Brand Manager (Part-time Tues-Thurs 49364 jennie.brownlow@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Deborah Richardson Retail Operations Manager 07881 327325 deborah.l.richardson@durham.ac.uk
RETAIL CATERING Queen's Campus: Mr Glen Heslop Food & Beverage Manager 40066 g.c.heslop@durham.ac.uk
Dunelm House Kitchen: Mrs Barbara Clough Kitchen Manager 41798 barbara.clough@durham.ac.uk
Mr Simon Norris Logistics Supervisor 41798 simon.p.norris@durham.ac.uk
Outlet Managers: Mr Craig Hoye Assistant Retail Operations Manager 07776171626 craig.hoye@durham.ac.uk
Miss Michelle Hewitt Cafe Manager 07825340410 michelle.hewitt@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Gillian Naylor Assistant Retail Operations Manager 41792 gillian.naylor@durham.ac.uk
Mr Chris Whyte Fusion Restaurant Manager (Business School) 45286 chris.j.whyte@durham.ac.uk
Outlet Chefs: Mr Anthony Waller Head Chef - Business School 45755 a.j.waller@durham.ac.uk
Mr Vincent Muir Head Chef - Palatine Café & Restaurant 44726 v.a.muir@durham.ac.uk
COLLEGES CATERING Community Management Team: Mr Dave Walker Community Executive Chef 45568 david.walker@durham.ac.uk
Mr Phil Atkinson Senior Community Food Service Manager 49300 p.g.atkinson@durham.ac.uk
Mr Richard Metcalfe Community Executive Chef 43394 richard.metcalfe@durham.ac.uk
Head Chefs: Mr Scott Barnfather St Aidans College - Senior Head Chef 45824 scott.barnfather@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Jayne Dent Van Mildert College Senior Head Chef 47132 j.e.dent@durham.ac.uk
Mr Paul Embleton St Mary's College 44358 paul.embleton@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jim Reilly Collingwood College Senior Head Chef 45036 jim.reilly@durham.ac.uk
Mr Bryan Huitson Grey College 45641 b.g.huitson@durham.ac.uk
Mr Colin Thompson Hatfield College 43178 colin.thompson@durham.ac.uk
Mr Robbie Cummins Trevelyan College 47049 john.cummins@durham.ac.uk
Mr Marc Reavley St Cuthbert's College 43394 marc.reavley@durham.ac.uk
Mr Daniel Nowell University College 44144 daniel.nowell@durham.ac.uk
Mr John-paul Cummings St Hild & St Bede College 48128 john-paul.cummings2@durham.ac.uk
Food and Beverage Services Managers: Mr Phillip Andrew Van Mildert College 47116 p.j.andrew@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Diane Walker St Aidan's College 45795 d.p.walker@durham.ac.uk
Mr Mustafa Gun St Mary's College 44071 mustafa.gun@durham.ac.uk
Miss Haley Carr St Cuthbert's Society 43396 hayley.carr@durham.ac.uk
Mr Matthew Jacobs Collingwood College 45078 m.a.jacobs@durham.ac.uk
Miss Nicola Gittins Grey College 45562 nicola.gittins@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jamie Short University College 42358 jamie.short@durham.ac.uk
Miss Sandra Wilson St Hild and St Bede College 48129 sandra.wilson@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Mandy Herron Josephine Butler 47257 mandy.herron@durham.ac.uk
Mr William Green Hatfield College 42195 william.green@durham.ac.uk
Miss Dawn Purdy Trevelyan College 47049 dawn.purdy@durham.ac.uk
Hospitality Management Team: Mr Peter Martin Hospitality Head Chef 48581 stephen.martins@durham.ac.uk