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Email and Telephone Directory

University Catering

SENIOR MANAGMENT TEAM: Miss Shona Millar Director of Catering 49140 42892 Contact Shona Millar
Mr Ricky Cohen Deputy Director of University Catering (Colleges) 49365 42892 Contact Ricky Cohen
Mr Paul Taylor Deputy Director of University Catering (Retail) 42880 42892 Contact Paul Taylor
Mr Michael Thorne Executive Head Chef (Retail and Hospitality) 48581 Contact Michael Thorne
Mr Martin Strangward Executive Head Chef (Colleges)
Business Support: Miss Pauline Dowson Personal Assistant to Shona Millar/Administrator 49349
Mr John Turner Community Executive Chef 49362
Finance: Miss Sarah Stephenson Finance Officer 49363 Contact Sarah Stephenson
Mrs Julie Harrison Community Catering Co-Ordinator 42879 Contact Julie Harrison
Mrs Helen Luke Community Catering Co-ordinator 49350 Contact Helen Luke
Mrs Tracey Holmes Community Catering Co-Ordinator 49341
Mrs Chunmei Hu Community Catering Co-ordinator 49343 Contact Chunmei Hu
RETAIL CATERING Durham Campus: Mrs Jennie Brownlow Senior Operations Manager (Part-time Mon-Wed) 49364 Contact Jennie Brownlow
Mrs Deborah Coxon Senior Operations Manager (Part-time Wed-Fri) 49364
Mr Steven Smith Community Head Chef 41798 / 45327
Miss Rachel Harding Catering Events Manager 43030
RETAIL CATERING Queen's Campus: Ms Jan Wright Food and Beverage Manager 40098 Contact Jan Wright
Mr Glen Heslop Assistant Food & Beverage Manager 40066 Contact Glen Heslop
Mr Scott Barnfather Community Head Chef 40099
Dunelm House Kitchen: Mrs Barbara Clough Sous Chef 41798 Contact Barbara Clough
Mr Kevin Scott Logistics Supervisor 41798
Outlet Managers: Miss Jennifer Pope Café Manager - Botanic Garden Café/Business School 45524 / 45286 Contact Jennifer Pope
Mr Pier Scozzin Café Manager - Maiden Castle Café 42170 Contact Pier Scozzin
Mr Craig Hoye Restaurant Manager - Palatine Café & Restaurant 43992
Outlet Chefs: Mr Anthony Waller Head Chef - Business School 45755 Contact Anthony Waller
Mr Liam Traynor Chef - Maiden Castle Café 42169 Contact Liam Traynor
Mr Vincent Muir Head Chef - Palatine Café & Restaurant 44726 Contact Vincent Muir
COLLEGES CATERING Community Management Team: Mr Ken Dent Community Executive Chef 49351 Contact Ken Dent
Mr Dave Walker Community Executive Chef 49348 Contact Dave Walker
Mrs Jayne Dent Community Head Chef 45139 Contact Jayne Dent
Mr Phil Atkinson Senior Community Food Service Manager 49300
Mr Phillip Andrew Community Food Service Manager 48342
Head Chefs: Mr Jason Carty St Aidan's College 45824 Contact Jason Carty
Miss Vivian Gritton Van Mildert College 47132 Contact Vivian Gritton
Mr Paul Embleton St Mary's College 45920 Contact Paul Embleton
Mr Stephen Hodgkiss Trevelyan College 47010 Contact Stephen Hodgkiss
Mr Jim Reilly Collingwood College 45039
Mr Bryan Huitson Grey College 45641
Mr Richard Metcalfe University College 44144 Contact Richard Metcalfe
Mr Colin Thompson Hatfield College 43178 Contact Colin Thompson
Mr Robbie Cummins St Hild and St Bede College 48520
Mr Marc Reavley St Cuthbert's College 43394 Contact Marc Reavley
Food and Beverage Services Managers: Mrs Diane Walker St Aidan's College 45795
Mrs Kate Harper Van Mildert College 47116 Contact Kate Harper
Mr Mustafa Gun St Mary's College 45920 Contact Mustafa Gun
Miss Haley Carr Trevelyan College 47049 Contact Haley Carr
Mr Matthew Jacobs Collingwood College 45078
Miss Nicola Gittins Grey College 45562
Mr Jamie Short University College 42358 Contact Jamie Short
Mr Darryl McNary Hatfield College 42195
Miss Sandra Wilson St Hild and St Bede College 48129 Contact Sandra Wilson
Miss D Purdy St Cuthberts Society 43396 Contact D Purdy
Mrs Mandy Herron Josephine Butler 47257
Mrs Sarah Litt Ustinov College 45489 Contact Sarah Litt
Hospitality Management Team: Mr Daniel Nowell Hospitality Head Chef 48581 Contact Daniel Nowell
Mr Peter Martin Hospitality Sous Chef 48581 Contact Peter Martin
Mr Paul Humberstone Hospitality Chef 48581 Contact Paul Humberstone