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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Vice-Chancellor's Office

Vice-Chancellor and Warden: Professor Antony Long Acting Vice-Chancellor 46045 46087
Vice-Chancellor and Warden: Administrative/Support Staff: Ms Denise Baker Executive Officer to the Vice-Chancellor 46214 Contact Denise Baker
Mrs Patricia Martin Diary Co-Ordinator & P.A. to Vice-Chancellor & Warden 46972
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Professor Simon Hackett Acting Provost 46048
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Administrative/Support Staff: Mrs Catherine Summers E.A. to Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Provost and Deputy Provost 46050 46087
FAX 46087
Pro-Vice-Chancellors: Professor Colin D. Bain Vice-Provost (Research) 46051 46047
Professor Alan Houston Vice-Provost (Education) 46086 46047
Professor Claire O'Malley Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global) 45448
Pro-Vice-Chancellor: Administrative/Support Staff: Miss Nicola Dixon E.A. to PVC (Global) 46072
Miss Karen Dobson E.A. to Vice-Provost (Education) & Deputy to the Vice-Provost (Education) 46086
Mrs Dianne Kirkby E.A. to Vice-Provost (Research) and Deputy to the Vice-Provost (Research) 46044 46047
FAX 46047
Other: Professor Jane Macnaughton Deputy to the Vice-Provost (Research)
Professor Tony Fawcett Deputy to the Vice-Provost (Education) 46567 45201
Ms Sian Broadhurst Director of Strategy Delivery Unit 46210 Contact Sian Broadhurst
Mr Nicholas Benbow Senior Programme Manager 46089 Contact Nicholas Benbow
Miss Ushma Bhatt Business Partner (Change) 47146 Contact Ushma Bhatt
Miss Suzanna Clarke Senior Manager (Portfolio Management Office)
Mrs Ann Dobson PMO Co-Ordinator 44975
Mrs Rachel Edwards Business Partner (Change) Contact Rachel Edwards
Ms Claire Godden-Rasul Project Manager (Respect & Inclusion)
Mr Christopher Hindmarch Project Manager 40470 Contact Christopher Hindmarch
Mrs Laura Knowles Project Manager 46879 Contact Laura Knowles
Mrs Catherine Paine Faculty and Department Process Review Manager 40386
Mrs Elizabeth Pexton Executive Assistant to Director of Strategy Delivery Unit 46887 Contact Elizabeth Pexton
Ms Lydia Scarth Senior Programme Manager 46800 Contact Lydia Scarth
Ms Hilary Whitaker Senior Manager (Process and Service Improvement) Contact Hilary Whitaker
Mrs Rachael Richards Director of Public Affairs
Mr Stephen Evans Director for Policy Engagement

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