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Email and Telephone Directory

Finance Department

  Student Enquiries (including tuition fees) 46292
Accounts Payable 46924
Accounts Receivable 46923
Salaries (including expense queries) 46889
Financial Services 49264
Financial Services 49265
Financial Planning & Reporting 49269
Financial Planning & Reporting 49270
Chief Financial Officer: Ms Sally McGill Chief Financial Officer 46493 49270 Contact Sally McGill
Director: Mrs Ann Cassidy P.A. to the Director of Finance 46913
Financial Planning & Reporting: Mr Graham Smith Head of Financial Reporting 46967
Financial Planning & Reporting: Faculty & Divisional Support: Mr Graeme Adams Project Accountant 46928
Mrs Beth Blenkinsopp Faculty Accountant (Social Sciences and Health) 46909
Christine Curran Accounting Assistant (part-time) 46869
Mrs Sue Davison Accounts Processor (Estates and Buildings) 46022
Mrs Ping-Kee Griffin Accounts Manager (Estates and Buildings) 46017
Miss Suzanne Leung DSO Finance Officer 46974
Mrs Catherine Maddox Faculty Accountant (Science) 46895
Mrs Jyoti Nayyar Faculty Accountant (Arts and Humanities) 46948
Mrs Valerie Ramsey-mcdade Senior Finance Business Partner 46961 Contact Valerie Ramsey-mcdade
Mr John Sowerby Financial Analyst 46978 Contact John Sowerby
Financial Planning & Reporting: Colleges' Finance Team: Mrs Sarah Judson Finance Operations Manager 46274 or 07920 503180 Contact Sarah Judson
Mrs Emma Allison Finance Officer (Josephine Butler/Ustinov) 47267 / 47238 Contact Emma Allison
Miss Sandra Bartlett Finance Assistant (Tues-Fri St Mary's; Mon Trevelyan) 45937 / 47019 Contact Sandra Bartlett
Miss Kate Cummings Finance Assistant (Josephine Butler - Mon, Wed, Thurs) on maternity leave 47267 Contact Kate Cummings
Miss Louise Cummins Finance Assistant (Hatfield) 42608
Mrs Beverly Garrett Finance Assistant (St Hild & St Bede) 48559
Mrs Wendy Gibson Finance Assistant (St Aidan's) 45777 Contact Wendy Gibson
Mrs Tracey Hall Finance Assistant (Trevelyan Tue-Thurs) 47019 Contact Tracey Hall
Miss Rachel Jackson Finance Assistant (University College) 44114 Contact Rachel Jackson
Georgia Lee Finance Assistant (Event Durham and Retail) 46970
Mrs Christine Passmore Finance Assistant (Collingwood) 45027 Contact Christine Passmore
Ms Susan Quayle Finance Officer (University/Hatfield/St Hild & St Bede) 44114 / 42621 / 48559 Contact Susan Quayle
Mrs Sandra Shaw Finance Officer (Grey/Collingwood/St Cuthbert's) 45022 / 45566 / 43385
Mr Philip Simpson Finance Assistant (Van Mildert) 47099 Contact Philip Simpson
Mrs Lynn Wood Finance Assistant (Grey p/t) 45570
Mrs Pam Brewer Finance Officer (Queen's Campus) 40026
Mrs Elaine Bedford Finance Assistant (Queen's Campus) 40008
Ms Marie Fallows Finance Assistant (Queen's Campus) 40059
Financial Planning & Reporting: Full Economic Costing & General Ledger: Mrs Carol Bainbridge General Ledger & Costing Supervisor 46979
Miss Caroline Hancock General Ledger Accounting Technician 46907 Contact Caroline Hancock
Financial Services: Mrs Clare Butcher Deputy Director of Finance 46911
Financial Services: Financial Accounting: Mrs Fiona Holloway Financial Accounting Manager 46236
Mrs Virginia Choi Assistant Financial Accountant (Taxation) 46920 Contact Virginia Choi
Ms Sharon Dresser Financial Assistant 46090 Contact Sharon Dresser
Mr Jack Fulton Financial Accounting Assistant 46294 Contact Jack Fulton
Mrs Stephanie Hamilton Financial Assistant 46293 Contact Stephanie Hamilton
Mrs Sharon Wilson Assistant Financial Accountant (Capital) 46973
Financial Services: Accounts Payable: Mrs Sharon Defty Accounts Payable and Systems Manager 46906 Contact Sharon Defty
Mrs Ann Robson Accounts Payable Team Leader 46227 Contact Ann Robson
Mrs Leanne Bell Accounts Payable Assistant 46976 Contact Leanne Bell
Mrs Sonia Davidson Accounts Payable Assistant 46896 Contact Sonia Davidson
Mr Thomas Keith Accounts Payable Assistant 46868 Contact Thomas Keith
Mr Andy Lake Accounts Payable Assistant 46932 Contact Andy Lake
Mrs Helen Litherland Accounts Payable Assistant (Thurs/Fri) 46953 Contact Helen Litherland
Mrs Jacqueline Spanton Accounts Payable Assistant 46966 Contact Jacqueline Spanton
Mrs Barbara Mullen Accounts Payable Assistant 46943 Contact Barbara Mullen
Mrs Lynn Naylor Accounts Payable Assistant 46939 Contact Lynn Naylor
Miss Nicoletta Sinatra Accounts Payable Assistant 46959
Mrs Rachel Wilcock Accounts Payable Assistant (Mon-Thurs) 46957 Contact Rachel Wilcock
Financial Services: Accounts Receivable: Miss Caron Gregory Accounts Receivable Manager 46934 Contact Caron Gregory
Miss Hayley Barnes Credit Control Assistant 46320
Mr Christopher Corner Advanced Apprentice 46278 Contact Christopher Corner
Mrs Joanne Davison Student Income Officer (Mon-Wed) 46936
Mrs Denise Fawcett Assistant Cashier 46900
Mrs Lesley Kirton Cashier 46912
Mrs Joanne Lake Bank Account Controller 46938
Mr Alex Marr Student Income Officer 46292 Contact Alex Marr
Mr Mark Needham Bank Account Controller 46949
Miss Carole Proudlock Credit Control Assistant 46955 Contact Carole Proudlock
Mrs Angela Shelton Student Income Team Leader 46933
Miss Gemma Waggott Credit Controller 46923 Contact Gemma Waggott
Financial Services: Payroll and Pensions: Mrs Janet Robertson Payroll/Pensions Manager 46922
Mrs Sandra Yates Payroll Supervisor 46937
Mrs Caroline Foster Payroll Administrator 46958 Contact Caroline Foster
Mr Paul Hardy Payroll Administrator 46915
Mr Dean Lloyd Pensions Administrator 46888 Contact Dean Lloyd
Miss Catherine Mawson Payroll Administrator 46965 Contact Catherine Mawson
Mr Martin Sherwood Payroll Administrator 46904
Mr Jonathan Snaith Payroll Administrator 46971 Contact Jonathan Snaith
Mrs Barbara Todd Pensions Administrator 46902 Contact Barbara Todd
Mr Richard Walters Deputy Pensions Manager 46951 Contact Richard Walters