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Email and Telephone Directory

Estates and Buildings

Senior Management Team: Mr Trevor Armour Director 46021
Mr Keith Evans Business Services Manager 46023
Mr Ian Ramage Assistant Director (Projects & Infrastructure) 46031
Mr Michael McElroy Head of Health and Safety Service 42663
Mrs Helen Strangward Director of Accommodation and Commercial Services 42881
Business Support: Mrs Bernadette Taylor Business Support Administrator 46453
Mrs Sharon Mavin Business Support Assistant (Part-time Mon-Wed am) 46042
Miss Kimberley Crosby Business Support Assistant (Part-time Wed pm-Fri) 46480
Mrs Trudi Smith Business Support Assistant 46026 Contact Trudi Smith
Car Parking 46002
Miss Marcia Sproat Business Support Assistant 42656 Contact Marcia Sproat
Finance and Administration: Accounts Department: Mrs Sue Davison Accounts Processor 46022
Mrs Ping-Kee Griffin Accounts Manager 46017
Space Management : Mrs June Horne Space Manager 46461
Mrs Julie Hughes Estates Administrator 46029
Estates Surveyor: Mr Matthew Wright Estates Surveyor 46271
Facilities Section: Assembly Rooms: Jacqui Carr 41419
Backstage 41183
Botanic Garden: Visitor Centre Shop 45524
Mr Mike Hughes Head Gardener 45522
Calman Learning Centre: Reception 43996
Cleaning and Caretaking Services: 41179
Cleaning Office 41545
Miss Amy Wilkinson Head of Housekeeping, Cleaning and General Services 49422 - 07920726260
Gardens and Grounds: Mr Steve Ansdell Horticultural Manager 45520
Health & Safety: Mrs Nicola Irving Health and Safety Adviser 46164
Dr Paul Hunt Health and Safety Adviser (Biological & Chemical) 42659
Mr Jeff Mein Health & Safety Adviser 46163
Mr Andrew Mulligan Health and Safety Adviser 42660
Miss Elizabeth Reeves Radiation Protection Adviser 42659 Contact Elizabeth Reeves
Miss Danielle Smith Assistant Health and Safety Adviser 46040
Mr Daniel Thompson Assistant Health and Safety Adviser (Fire) 42652
Mrs Katherine Wilson Health and Safety Auditor 42650
Mr Brian Wylie Health and Safety Adviser (Fire) 42664
Environment & Sustainability: Waste
Postal & Delivery Service: Mr Adrian Hopkins Team Leader 46390
Post Room 46390
Mr Brett Conway Postal & Delivery Assistant 46390 Contact Brett Conway
Mr Alan Davison Postal & Delivery Assistant 46390 Contact Alan Davison
Mr John Merchant Postal & Delivery Assistant 46390 Contact John Merchant
Mr Thomas Tobin Postal & Delivery Assistant 46390 Contact Thomas Tobin
University Security Services: Head of Security 42223
Security 42222
Business Resilience: Mr Adam Grant Head of Business Resilience 46043
Mr Neil Spurgeon Business Continuity Manager 46811 Contact Neil Spurgeon
Mr Roy Smith Security and Resilience Manager 46162 or 42223
Queen's Campus, Stockton: Mr Craig Caygill Maintenance Support Officer 40216 Contact Craig Caygill
Mr Michael Irwin Maintenance Services Officer 40084 Contact Michael Irwin
Security Caretakers: 41229
Boughey/Page 42947
Reception Services: Mrs Louise Bellenger Reception Helpdesk Manager 49152
Mrs Kelly Newton Reception Team Leader (Palatine Centre) 46110 & 46111
Mrs Pamela Smith Receptionist (Palatine Centre) 46110 & 46111
Mrs Mary Sutherland Receptionist (Palatine Centre) 46110 & 46111
Ms Sandra Woodward Receptionist (Mountjoy Centre) 49111 & 49112
Mrs Julie Wilkinson Receptionist (Mountjoy Centre) 49111 & 49112
Mrs Mary Kennick Receptionist (Rowan House) 41519
Mrs Elizabeth Tarbett Receptionist (Calman Learning Centre) 43996 & 43208 Contact Elizabeth Tarbett
Mrs Lynn Hanson Receptionist (Calman Learning Centre) 43996 & 43208
Mr Phillip Prentice Receptionist (Calman Learning Centre) 43996 & 43208
Mrs Julie Burnip Receptionist (Business School) 45200 & 45318 Contact Julie Burnip
Facilities Section: University Maintenance - Engineers: Mr Paul Elliott Engineering Maintenance Manager 46038
Mr Philip Redmond Mechanical Engineer 46457
Mr Stuart Burns Maintenance Services Manager 43830
Mr Martin Elsy Mechanical Engineer 46034 Contact Martin Elsy
Mr Christopher Hall Electrical Engineer 46033 Contact Christopher Hall
Facilities Section: University Maintenance - Surveyors: Mr Kevin Cheseldine Building Surveyor 43832
Mr Jamie Armstrong Principal Building Surveyor 46454 Contact Jamie Armstrong
Mr Gary Beckwith Building Surveyor 46233 Contact Gary Beckwith
Mr Alan Hind Building Surveyor 46893 Contact Alan Hind
Facilities Section: University Maintenance : Mr Tony Collinson Assistant Maintenance Manager 41031
Mr Gary Hepple Assistant Maintenance Manager 46275
Mr Richard Newton Assistant Maintenance Manager 43834 Contact Richard Newton
Mr Steven Smiles Assistant Maintenance Manager 43831 Contact Steven Smiles
Projects Section: Miss Karen Dobson Project Administrator 46462
Mr Sean Kelly Senior Project Manager 46482
Ms Emma Easby Project Manager 46894
Mr Barry Frost Senior Project Manager 46016
Mr Simon Watt Senior Project Manager 46037
Mr Robert Kelly Senior Project Manager (Seconded) 46475 Contact Robert Kelly
Engineering and Energy Management Section: Mr David McCaffery Engineering Services Manager 46382
Mr Thomas Hopper Senior Electrical Engineer 46019
Mr Lee Patterson Electrical Engineer 46393
Mr Paul Riddlesden Energy Manager 46276
Mr Grant Potter BMS Engineer 46027
Mr Andrew Askew Data and Electrical Infrastructure Engineer 46041 Contact Andrew Askew
Mr Martin Huitson Senior Mechanical Engineer 46020
Mr Paul Hammond Mechanical Engineer 46273
Mr Michael Corner Energy Officer 46018
Mr Tim Saxon Energy Analyst/Officer 46392
Facilities Section : Maintenance Helpdesk and Administration: Maintenance Help Desk 46000