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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Computing and Information Services

Chief Information Officer: Mr John Hemingway Chief Information Officer 43930
Departmental Administration: Miss Paula Nesbitt Executive Assistant to John Hemingway 42740
Miss Marcia Sproat Office Co-Ordinator
Cyber Security: Mr Colin Hopkins Director (Cyber Security) 42762
Mr Gary Foster Senior Manager (Cyber Security) 41227
Mr Mike Costello Senior Cyber Security Specialist 42727
Mr Si Cook Senior Analyst (Cyber Security)
Mr Stefan Hird Senior Analyst (Cyber Security)
CISE Programme: Ms Amber Thomas CISE Programme Manager (Contractor)
Mr Geoff Major Project Manager (Contractor)
Ms Penny Buggs Business Analyst (Contractor)
Mr Craig Attwell Business Analyst (Contractor)
Mr Ahmed Akbar Solutions Architect (Contractor)
Mr Ben Baskaran CISE Programme Planner (Contractor)
Mr Matthew Cook Test Analyst (Contractor)
Mr Noor Dadabhai Business Analyst (Contractor)
Mr Mark Ritchings Project Support Officer (Contractor)
Ms Hazel Scott Engagement & Communications (Contractor)
Operations: Mr Andrew Walley Director of Operations 41991
Operations: AV/Lecture Capture: Mr Chris Pearson Senior Manager (IT Installations) 41191
Mr Roger Barrass Technical Analyst AV 42725
Mr Scott Bradburn Technical Specialist AV and AV Team Lead 44789
Mr Jonathan Dye Senior Technical Analyst (Audio Visual) 40562
Mrs Kylie Kendrick Technical Specialist (Lecture Capture) and Esports Lead 41294
Mr David Mortimer Technical Specialist (AV Installations)
Mr Owain Searell Technical Specialist (AV Installations) 41707
Mr Daniel Tate Senior Technical Analyst (Audio Visual) 42712
Operations: End User Computing: Mr Peter Chrichard Senior Manager 42940
Mr Matthew Jackson Desktop Asset Analyst 42950
Mr Gareth Lord Technical Specialist 42695
Mr Mike Marston Technical Specialist 40280
Mr John Chapplow IT Field Team Analyst 42062
Mr Michael Coxon Senior Technical Specialist 42721
Operations: Infrastructure: Mr David Griffith Interim Head of Infrastructure 43182
Operations: Linux: Mr Barry Simpson Linux Team Lead 44061
Mr Jonathan Gowar Senior Analyst Linux 42825
Mr Andrew Hey Technical Specialist (Linux/Storage)
Mr David Leggett Senior Analyst (Linux) 42562
Dr Michael Young Specialist (Linux) 42770
Operations: Network: Mr Glen Mallows Infrastructure Specialist 40352
Mr Nuaim Ahmed Technical Specialist (Network Installations) 41992
Mr Michael Bee Technical Specialist (Network Installations)
Mr Josh Craggs Infrastructure Analyst Network
Mr John Gooding Senior Infrastructure Analyst (Network) 44864
Mr Dylan Kuhlmann Infrastructure Specialist (Network) 42782
Mr David Livingstone Technical Specialist (Network Installations)
Mr Kevin Martin Technical Specialist (Network Installations) 45296
Mr Graeme Spence Senior Analyst (Network) 42765
Mr Charles King Infrastructure Analyst (Network)
Operations: Server/Cloud Platforms: Mr Andrew Crowe Server/Cloud Platforms Team Lead 42736
Mr Andy Coffey Technical Specialist (Platforms) 43214
Mr Ryan Hughes Technical Specialist (Platforms and Cloud)
Mr Adrian Lake Senior Technical Analyst (Microsoft Platforms)
Mr Jake Lucas Technical Specialist (MS and Cloud Platforms) 44069
Mr Graham Peaden Senior Technical Analyst (Platforms) 46905
Operations: Service Desk: Mr Andrew Scott Senior Manager (Service Desk) 42788
Mrs Jane Ball Assistant Manager (Service Desk) 42704
Miss Fiona Buchanan Administrator (Service Desk) 41515
Mr Michael Burn Service Desk Technical Analyst 41515
Miss Claire Edwards Service Desk Technician 41515
Mr Adam Gaskell Service Desk Technician 41515
Mr Gianluca Giordano IT Apprentice 41515
Mr Rhys Graham Service Desk Technician 41515
Mr Ross Graham Service Desk Technician 01913341515
Mr Adam Hallewell Apprentice IT Technician 41515
Miss Kayleigh Heslop IT Apprentice 41515
Mr Callum Kime Apprentice IT Technician 41515
Miss Shannon Mchugh IT Apprentice 41515
Mr Joe Richardson Apprentice IT Technician 41515
Mr Alexander Schudel Service Desk Technician 41515
Mr William Stinchcombe IT Apprentice 41515
Operations: Technical Service Delivery: Mr David Morgan Senior Manager (Technical Delivery) 42768
Mr Alister Robson Senior Manager Operations 42242
Mr Jason Scotney Senior Manager (Data Centres) 42732
Mr Andrew Hardisty Senior Analyst WIFI refresh project 41324
Operations: Field Teams: Mr Andrew Scott Senior Manager (Field Teams) 42788
Operations: DUBS: Mr Simon Baker IT Field Team Lead 43206
Mr John Browell Senior Field Team Analyst 46285
Mr Evan Dresser Field Team Analyst
Operations: Elvet Riverside: Mr Ashley Holmes IT Field Team Lead 42792
Mr Andy Heslop IT Field Team Senior Analyst 42779
Mr Costas Kapsalis IT Field Team Senior Analyst 46473
Mr David Griffiths IT Field Team Senior Analyst 48309
Mr Denis O'brien IT Field Team Analyst 45309 denis.j.o'
Operations: Queens Campus: Queen's Campus Field Team (supported by a rota) 40282
Operations: Upper Mountjoy: Mr Leigh Fodden IT Field Team Lead 41467
Mr Nathan Lavery Senior IT Field Team Analyst 46871
Mr Dale Lawson IT Field Team Analyst 41515
Mr James Pickford IT Field Team Analyst 41515
Miss Shannon Fletcher IT Field Team Analyst (Deputy Team Lead)
Operations: Lower Mountjoy 1 - PSS and SS&H (based in Library): Mr Richard Smith IT Field Team Lead 41466
Mr Jim Cooper IT Field Team Analyst (Deputy Team Lead) 42966
Mr Glen Copeland IT Field Team Analyst 42785
Mr Carl Davis Assistant IT Field Team Analyst
Mr Chris Kiddle Assistant Field Team Analyst 46251
Operations: Lower Mountjoy 2 - Sciences (based in E214): Mr John Sadler IT Field Team Lead 43825
Mr Craig Condron IT Field Team Senior Analyst 42962
Mr Nathan Haigh IT Field Team Analyst
Mr Ian Johnson IT Field Team Senior Analyst 43701
Mr Stephen Nicholson IT Field Team Senior Analyst 43822
Mr Mark Short IT Field Team Specialist 44171
Mr John Tait IT Field Team Analyst
Information Systems: Mrs Catherine Wilson Director of Information Systems
IS: DBA: Mr David Crooks IS Specialist (Database Administrator) 44063
Mr David Dobson IS Specialist (Database Administrator) 44028
Mr Joseph Fenly IS Specialist Database Administration 42783
IS: NOMIS: Mr Ben Hodgson IS Specialist (NOMIS) 44513
Mr Cameron Bissell Graduate Apprentice Analyst (Data Analytics)
Mr Nathan Douthwaite Graduate Apprentice Analyst (Data Analytics)
IS: Reporting: Mr Ben Hodgson IS Specialist Business Intelligence Designer/Developer 44513
Mr Patrick Lodge Graduate Apprentice Analyst (Data Analytics)
Mrs Julie McIntyre Senior IS Specialist (Reporting and Business Intelligence) 42733
Mr Kieran Reith Information Specialist (Business Intelligence Data Designer/Developer)
Mr Kim Stowe IS Specialist
IS: Systems Patching: Mr Tim Packer IS Specialist (Systems Patching) 49178
Mr Jack Bartlett Graduate Apprentice Analyst (Systems Patching)
Mr Ellis Paul Graduate Apprentice Analyst (Systems Patching)
Mr Mark Townley Senior Analyst 41842
IS: Student Lifecycle: Mr Michael Rang Senior Manager (Student Lifecycle) 44055
Mr Stephen Applegarth IS Specialist (Learning Environments) 42778
Mr Tony Blakie IS Specialist (Student Lifecycle) 44058
Mrs Joanne Elliott IS Specialist (Student Lifecycle) 44067
Mr Frazer Nicholson IS Specialist (Student Lifecycle) 46931
Mr Stephen Thompson IS Specialist (Student Lifecycle) 44062
Mr Kieran Weatherill IS Specialist (Student Lifecycle) 46261
Mr Campbell Christie IS Senior Analyst (Student Lifecycle) 44391
Miss Sharon Greener IS Specialist 45375
Mr Jack Healy Graduate Apprentice Analyst
Mr Michael Manning IS Specialist (Student Lifecycle) 44392
Mr Gareth Williams IS Specialist (Student Lifecycle) 48306
IS: Business/Management Information Systems: Mr David McConnachie Senior Manager 44059
Mr Frank Bell IS Specialist (Database Administration) 44054
Mr Adrian Betchette Senior IS Specialist 44070
Mr Malcolm Cowen IS Specialist 45671
Mr Daniel Douthwaite Graduate Apprentice Analyst
Mrs Tania Forster IS Specialist 46982
Mr Rashad Mahmood IS Specialist 44057
Miss Michelle Meakins IS Senior Analyst (BMIS)
Mr David Nithakorn IS Specialist (RMIS) 47012
Miss Ella Pettitt Graduate Apprentice Analyst
Mr Karanvir Singh Graduate Apprentice Analyst
IS: Web and Apps Team: Mr Tim Packer IS Specialist (Web Developer) 49178
Mr Chris Morris IS Specialist (Web Developer) 42759
Mrs Sara Snow IS Specialist (Web Developer) 47201
Mr Darren Stephens IS Specialist (Web Developer) 42751
Mr Alex Whitman IS Senior Manager (Solutions Designer) 42773
IS: Collaboration and AI Team: Mrs Beth Gordon Senior Manager (Collaboration Team Lead) 41737
Miss Kimberley Crosby IS Specialist (Collaboration)
Mrs Emily Edwards IS Specialist (Collaboration)
Mr Craig Pearson IS Specialist (AI)
Mr Andrew Stansfield Senior IS Specialist (Collaboration) 42730 Contact Andrew Stansfield
Mr Jack Strangward Senior Infrastructure Analyst (seconded to Banner) 42769
Mr Chris Laws IS Specialist (Collaboration)
Mr Mark Pickett IS Specialist (Collaboration) 40970
Mr Calvin Reid IS Specialist (Collaboration) 47013
Strategy and Change: Dr Simon Brownsell Director of Strategy and Change 42703
Strategy and Change: Architecture: Mr Paul Laidler Technical Architect (Applications and Data) 44051
Mr Mark Taylor Technical Architect (Applications and Data) 49493
Strategy and Change: Business Analysts: Mrs Judith King Lead Business Analyst 44434
Strategy and Change: Communications: Miss Alessandra Maffei Communications and Engagement Manager
Strategy and Change: IT Business Partners: Mr Steven Blundell Senior Manager (Service Partnering and Adoption)) 43837
Mr Jason Black IT Business Partner (Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and WSE)
Mrs Amy Hedges IT Business Partner (Faculty of Business and certain PSS departments)
Ms Lynsey Tibbett IT Business Partner (Faculty of Science and certain PSS departments)
Strategy and Change: Project Management Office: Miss Claire Henderson Senior Manager (Project Management Office) 42529
Ms Jacqueline Baffour Project Manager (Contractor)
Mr Michael Corner Graduate Business Analyst
Ms Garima Grover Project Manager
Mr Andrew Johnson Senior Project Manager 46208
Mr Andrew Kearney Project Manager 42682
Miss Carolyne Kibue Oracle Project Co-ordinator
Mr Alan Price Project Manager
Mrs Debbie Robson Project Manager 47601
Mr Martin Williams Senior Project Manager 42757
Ms Christine Hill Project Support Officer 44339
Mr Philip Fletcher Project Manager
Strategy and Change: Service Management: Mr Ian Turnbull Head of Service Management 42734
Mr Michael Atkinson Service Portfolio Manager 44046
Miss Lisa Ansbro Change Manager 42720
Mr Ramana Cherukuri Automated Test Analyst
Mrs Shandra Heagle Senior Analyst (Service Management) 41107
Mr Danny Pattison Senior Service Asset Manager 43758
Miss Shauna Radford Senior Analyst (Service Management)
Miss Muriel Schindler Admin Assistant
Mr James Steel Senior Administrator Software 41515
Mr David Laing Senior Test Manager 42369
Classrooms: CG65/66/68 42705
ER151 42747
Library Level 4 42949
Queens Campus D316 40189
Queens Campus D317 40412
Queens Campus D319 40830
Queens Campus D327 40455
Queens Campus D328 40185
Queens Campus D335 40457

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