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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Recruitment and Admissions

RECRUITMENT & ADMISSIONS (Mountjoy Centre): Enquiries Line for external callers 0191 3341000
Senior Management Team (Mountjoy): Mr Richard Emborg Director of Recruitment & Admissions
Mrs Liz Dodds Head of Admissions
Mrs Claire Smiles-Harrison Head of Student Recruitment
UG Admissions: Ruth Craige Admissions Manager (UG)
Miss Becky Mollon Admissions Officer (UG)
Miss Camille Thomas Admissions Supervisor (UG)
Mrs Clare Willans Senior Admissions Administrator
Ms Helen Taylor Senior Admissions Administrator
Mrs Karen Shepherd Senior Admissions Administrator
Mrs Jennifer Leach Senior Admissions Administrator
Miss Megan Forster Senior Admissions Administrator
Ms Eloise Smith UG Admissions Administrator 41000
Miss Katherine Daniel Senior Admissions Administrator (UG)
Ms Laura Kelly Senior Admissions Administrator (UG)
Mrs Claire Graham Admissions Administrator (Mon-Wed am)
Mrs Lauren Robinson Admissions Administrator (Wed pm - Fri)
Miss Harriet Noon Admissions Administrator
PG Admissions: Mrs Jill Howarth Admissions Manager
Mrs Danielle Sanderson Admissions Officer (PG) (Wed-Fri)
Mrs Hayley Turner Admissions Supervisor
Mrs Helen Smedley Senior Admissions Administrator
Mrs Claire Ridden Senior Admissions Administrator
Miss Eleanor Burnside Senior Admissions Administrator
Mr Samuel Mcardle Senior Admissions Administrator
Mrs Joanna Hall Senior Admissions Administrator
Mrs Wendy Slater Senior Admissions Administrator
Mrs Marion Tait Admissions Administrator
Mr Christopher Marshall Admissions Administrator
Mr Samuel Tinkler Admissions Administrator
Events: Mrs Karen Wilson Student Recruitment Manager
Miss Jennifer Barton Student Recruitment Manager
Miss Frances Wilkinson Student Recruitment Officer
Miss Helen Jamison Student Recruitment Officer
Miss Rebecca Dwyer Student Recruitment Manager
Mrs Jennifer Parkes Student Ambassador Co-Ordinator
Miss Megan Clark Student Recruitment Officer
Miss Sally Hughes Student Recruitment Graduate Ambassador
Ms Lucy Mccabe Student Recruitment Graduate Ambassador
Ms Natalie Milburn Senior Student Recruitment Administrator
CRM Campaigns: Mr Jonathan Hope CRM Campaigns Manager
Mrs Kathryn Birt CRM Campaigns Manager
Miss Jade Westerman CRM Campaigns Officer
Business Enhancement : Mr Benjamin Hodgkiss Systems Development Manager
Mrs Orla Thompson (nee Kelly) Systems Development Manager
Miss Natalie Kennedy Data and Systems Manager
Miss Emma Thompson Office Coordinator & PA (Mat leave until June 2022)
Dr Judith Benson Data & Analytics Assistant Manager
Enquiries: Mrs Leanne Britton Enquiries Manager 41000
Ms Marija Huljak Enquiries Supervisor 41000
Miss Nicola Mills Enquiries Administrator 41000
Miss Simone Devine Enquiries Administrator 41000
Mr David Thompson Enquiries Administrator 41000
Mrs Helen Marshall Enquiries Administrator (Wed-Fri) 41000
Mrs Teresa Hutchinson Enquiries Administrator 41000
Mrs Julie Taylor Enquiries Administrator

Admissions Queries

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