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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Durham Centre for Academic Development

Administration: FAX 42231
Foundation Programme Admissions 40172
HOT DESK, DCAD Office 42243
MA TESOL Enquiries 42236
Mrs Clare Griffin Brady Co-ordinator - Teaching 44342 Contact Clare Griffin Brady
Mrs Marella Darvill Administrator - Educational Development 43007 Contact Marella Darvill
Ms Pauline Edmondson Administrator - Teaching 46109
Mr Benjamin Ferry Administrator - Teaching 43820 Contact Benjamin Ferry
Mrs Claire Grendale Administrator - Teaching 42230
Mrs Zoe Harrison Department Manager 48384
Mrs Susan Johnson PA to Director/Administrator 48273
Mrs Bethan Kelly Senior Administrator - Apprenticeships 42409
Carolyn McAlhone Senior Administrator - Team Leader 44576
Mrs Tracy Reith Administrator - Finance 42235
Miss Clare Weir Department Manager
Ms Sarah Wyer Senior Administrator - Education Development 40160
Teaching Staff: Prof Nicola Whitton Director of DCAD 44575 Contact Nicola Whitton
Professor Sam Nolan Assistant Director 44581
Professor Megan Bruce Associate Professor 43006
Mrs Clare Carr Assistant Professor (Teaching), Summer Pre-sessional Assessment Co-ordinator 43462 Contact Clare Carr
Ms Helen Costello Assistant Professor (Teaching) Contact Helen Costello
Dr Michael Dibb-fuller Assistant Professor (Teaching) 40168 Contact Michael Dibb-fuller
Miss Sarah Dodds IT Trainer 44371 Contact Sarah Dodds
Ms Sylvie Donna Assistant Professor (Teaching) 44341
Dr Teti Dragas Associate Professor (Teaching) 43442 .
Miss Rachel Dunn Teaching Fellow 48327 Contact Rachel Dunn
Ms Terri Edwards Assistant Professor (Teaching) 43915
Mr Paul Finley IT Trainer 48281 Contact Paul Finley
Mr Alexander Francis John Gooch Assistant Professor (Teaching) 43003 Contact Alexander Francis John Gooch
Ms Louise Greener Associate Professor (Teaching), Head of Pre-sessional Programmes 43002
Mr Peter Grundy Honorary Fellow and MA TESOL Teacher Contact Peter Grundy
Dr David Heading IT Trainer
Ms Lesley Kendall Assistant Professor (Teaching) 43907
Professor Steve Kirk Professor (Teaching), Head of Academic Development Programmes for Students 42249
Mr Steve Leech Assistant Professor 40335
Dr Eleanor Loughlin Academic Skills Programme Manager 41441
Dr Jinhua Mathias Assistant Professor 48307
Mr Andrew Mckay Assistant Professor (Teaching) 43003 Contact Andrew Mckay
Dr Alison McManus Assistant Professor 48343
Dr Christopher Mcmillan Teaching Fellow Contact Christopher Mcmillan
Ms Sherene Meir Teaching Fellow Contact Sherene Meir
Dr Ruba Ali Ibrahim Mohamed Teaching Fellow 48281 Contact Ruba Ali Ibrahim Mohamed
Dr Philip Nathan Associate Professor (Teaching), Head of MA Programmes 42244
Mr Simon Ness Assistant Professor (Teaching) Contact Simon Ness
Ms Gillian Powell Lecturer (Teaching) 43462
Professor Simon Rees Associate Professor, Head of Researcher Development 48282
Dr Nicola Reimann Head of Academic Professional Development 48348 Contact Nicola Reimann
Ms Diana Scott Assistant Professor (Teaching), Deputy Director of Summer Pre-sessional Programmes 44340 Contact Diana Scott
Dr Susan Scrafton Assistant Professor 40171
Mrs. Jessica Sequera Assistant Professor (Teaching) 43013 Contact Jessica Sequera
Dr Peter Whitton Researcher Development Officer 42403
Ms Hilary Willers Assistant Professor
Ms Julie Wilson Assistant Professor 40166
Learning Technology Team: Dr Malcolm Murray Head of Digital Learning 42767
Candace Nolan-Grant Deputy Head of Digital Learning and Senior Digital Learning Designer 42699 Contact Candace Nolan-Grant
Dr Mark Childs Digital Learning Designer Contact Mark Childs
Nicola Fern Digital Learning Developer Contact Nicola Fern
Mr Christopher John Digital Learning Developer Contact Christopher John
Mrs Sumetha Karthigeyen Digital Education Consultant (Faculty of Business) Contact Sumetha Karthigeyen
Julie Mulvey Digital Education Consultant (Faculty of Social Science and Health) 42781 Contact Julie Mulvey
Miss Rachelle O'brien Digital Learning Designer Contact Rachelle O'brien
Mr Ross Parker Digital Education Consultant (Faculty of Arts & Humanities) 42796 Contact Ross Parker
Mr James Youdale Digital Education Consultant (Faculty of Arts & Humanities) Contact James Youdale

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