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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Business School

Reception, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham DH1 3LB: Reception 45200
Faculty Administration & Operations, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham DH1 3LB: Professor Susan Hart Executive Dean of the Business School 45382 Contact Susan Hart
Mrs Marta Guzniczak Faculty Manager 45430 Contact Marta Guzniczak
Mrs Claire Drayton-inman Faculty Operations Manager 45359
Miss Sharon Forster Faculty Operations Administrator 45323
Professor Susan Hart Dean of the Business School 45382
Mrs Kathryn Headley Departmental Secretary 45232 Contact Kathryn Headley
Mrs Claire Kirk (nee Cheseldine) Faculty Coordinator 45509
Department of Management and Marketing, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham, DH1 3LB: Ms Maria Arkless Senior Departmental Officer 45990
Mrs Andrea Ross Departmental Coordinator 45447
Miss Kirsten Shale Operations Administrator 45328
Professor Christos Tsinopoulos Head of Department of Management and Marketing, Professor in Operations & Project Management 45555
Mrs Lourdes Watts Departmental Coordinator 45299
Department of Accounting, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham, DH1 3LB: Mr Damian Cleghorn Senior Departmental Officer 46346 Contact Damian Cleghorn
Professor Laurence Ferry Head of Department of Accounting, Professor in Accounting 45044
Miss Jennifer Mordue Departmental Coordinator 45442
Ms Teresa Rayner Operations Administrator 45232
Department of Economics and Finance, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham, DH1 3LB: Professor Nigar Hashimzade Head of Department of Economics & Finance, Professor of Economics 46374
Mrs Adriane Horner Operations Administrator 45304
Mrs Stacey Lackenby (nee Firth) Departmental Coordinator 46342
Mrs Ashleigh Lawson Departmental Coordinator 45748
Miss Rebecca Topping Senior Departmental Officer 45511
Faculty, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham DH1 3LB: Professor Omneya Abdelsalam Professor of Accounting & Islamic Finance 46345
Prof Carol Adams Professor of Accounting 45425
Prof John Addison Professor in Economics 45517
Dr Ashar Aftab Assistant Professor in Economics, PhD Deputy Programme Director 46352
Dr Roberta Aguzzoli Associate Professor in Management 45401
Professor Habib Ahmed Sharjah Chair in Islamic Law and Finance 45114
Dr Majid Al Sadoon Associate Professor in Economics 47164 Contact Majid Al Sadoon
Mr Peter Allen Associate Professor (Teaching) 45273
Professor Nejat Anbarci Professor of Economics 45890
Professor Panayiotis Andreou Professor
Mr Michael Anthonisz Assitant Professor (Teaching) in Marketing/Programme Director Durham/EBS MBA 45145
Dr Sebastian Aparicio Assistant Professor 45174 Contact Sebastian Aparicio
Dr Jeremy Aroles Assistant Professor in Organisation Studies 45416
Professor John Ashworth Professor of Economics 46359
Professor Mehmet Asutay Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Political Economy & Finance. Director, MSc Islamic Finance Programme. Director, Durham Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance. 47179
Dr Charmele Ayadurai Teaching Fellow 40449 Contact Charmele Ayadurai
Mr Peter Bagnall Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Economics 40144
Dr Mauro Bambi Associate Professor in Economics 40224 Contact Mauro Bambi
Dr Anurag Narayan Banerjee Associate Professor (Reader) in Financial Econometrics 46356
Professor Parantap Basu Professor of Macroeconomics 46360
Dr Barbara Bechter Assistant Professor in HR Management 45743
Dr Joanna Berry Associate Professor (Teaching) in Entrepreneurship 45876
Professor Bernd Brandl Professor in Management 45756
Professor Susanne Braun Professor in Leadership 45869
Miss Natalie Brown Research Assistant 45112
Prof Benedetta Cappellini Professor in Marketing (Strategy) 40106 Contact Benedetta Cappellini
Dr Frankie Chau Associate Professor in Finance 45298
Dr Atanu Chaudhuri Associate Professor in Technology & Operations Management 45129 Contact Atanu Chaudhuri
Dr Xiaoshan Chen Associate Professor in Economics 47244
Dr David Chivers Assistant Professor in Economics 45292
Dr Farzana Chowdhury Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship 45221 Contact Farzana Chowdhury
Dr Duncan Connors Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Finance 45073
Prof Russell Craig Professor in Accounting 40712 Contact Russell Craig
Mr Gavin D'Northwood Associate Professor (Teaching) in Accounting, MSc Accounting Programme Director 45905 gavin.d'
Dr Damian Damianov Associate Professor (Reader) in Economics and Finance 45528
Dr Ekaterina Damianova Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Finance 45461
Professor Tatiana Damjanovic Professor in Macroeconomics 45198
Dr Rataporn Deesomsak Associate Professor in Finance, MSc Management Route Leader (Finance) 45500
Dr. Mercy Denedo Assistant Professor in Accounting 45107
Professor Hong Deng Professor 45173
Mr Gary Dewey Associate Professor (Teaching) 45372
Dr Li Ding Assistant Professor in Operations Management, Programme Director of Management and Marketing 45108
Professor Rob Dixon Professor of Management Accounting, China Development Director 45158
Professor Kevin Dowd Professor of Finance and Economics 45433
Professor Muhammed-Shahid Ebrahim Professor of Islamic Finance 45405
Professor Nick Ellis Professor of Marketing Management, Director of Masters in Management Programmes 40513
Dr Ahmed Elsayed Associate Professor (Teaching) in Economics 47188
Prof Olga Epitropaki Professor in Management 45352
Dr Sara Eugeni Assistant Professor in Economics 40238
Professor Kiran Fernandes Professor of Operations Management/ Associate Dean for Internationalisation 45512
Prof Jackie Ford Professor of Leadership and Organisation Studies 45488
Dr Chaudhry Ghafran Associate Professor in Accounting 45288
Dr Arezou Ghiassaleh Assistant Professor in Marketing 45284
Dr Helen Goworek Associate Professor (Teaching) in Marketing (Strategy) 45063 Contact Helen Goworek
Dr Les Graham Associate Professor (Teaching) in Strategy 45413
Mr Neil Graney Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Marketing 46351 Contact Neil Graney
Professor David Greatbatch Professor
Mr Stuart Green Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Accounting 40126
Dr Martyn Griffin Associate Professor in Management and Marketing 45185 Contact Martyn Griffin
Professor Yanjun Guan Professor in Management 45765
Dr Haifeng Guo Teaching Fellow 45406 Contact Haifeng Guo
Professor Michael Guo Professor in Finance and Deputy Director of Institute for China Development and Research 45451
Dr Çağrı Haksoz Associate Professor (Teaching) in Operations Management 45360 Contact Çağrı Haksoz
Mrs Anne Hall Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Accounting 45321
Professor Rosalie Hall Professor of Management, Deputy Head of Dept of Management & Marketing 45118
Dr Peter Hamilton Associate Professor in Human Resource Management 45381
Dr Chulwoo Han Assistant Professor in Finance 45892
Dr Mariann Hardey Associate Professor in Marketing, Directorate for Advanced Research in Computing (ARC) Institute 40120
Professor Richard Harris Deputy Executive Dean (Research), Professor of Economics 45388
Dr Terry Harris Assistant Professor in Accounting 40511
Dr Guanming He Associate Professor in Accounting 40397
Professor Xinming He Professor of Marketing 49424
Dr Timo Heinrich Assistant Professor 45532 Contact Timo Heinrich
Dr Husam Helmi Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Finance 45467
Prof Angel Hernando-Veciana Professor of Economics and Finance 45199
Ms Jonquil Hinson Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Marketing, Course Director – BA Marketing/M Programmes 40226
John Hirst Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Management 45351
Professor Julie Hodges Professor (Teaching) in Management, Associate Dean for MBA Programmes 46372
Dr Hwa-Hsien Gary Hsu Associate Professor in Accounting 40472
Dr Hazel H. Huang Assistant Professor in Marketing 40052
Dr Xinyi Huang Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Finance 45546 Contact Xinyi Huang
Professor Michael Humphreys Professor of Organisation Studies
Dr Matteo Iannizzotto Associate Professor (Teaching) in Macroeconomics 46381
Dr Nor Kadir Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Accounting 40146
Dr Kenju Kamei Associate Professor in Economics 47230
Dr Arzé Karam Assistant Professor in Finance/Msc Finance Programme Leader 45460
Professor Sascha Kraus Professor of Entrepreneurship 45757
Dr Hugo Kruiniger Associate Professor in Economics 46334
Dr Anthony Kyiu Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Finance 49427
Professor Catherine Lam Professor of Management 45730 Contact Catherine Lam
Dr Gretchen Larsen Associate Professor in Marketing 49425
Professor Morten Lau Professor of Behavioural Finance 45044
Ms Francine Le Saint Associate Professor (Teaching) in Accounting 45897
Professor Mark Learmonth Professor of Organisation Studies 45428
Dr Zach Lee Assistant Professor 47248
Dr Jorge Lengler Associate Professor in Management 45374
Dr Daniel Li Assistant Professor in Economics 46335
Dr Zhibin Lin Associate Professor in Marketing 40221
Mr Ian Lincoln Associate Professor (Teaching) 46383
Dr Min Liu Assistant Professor in Management 45427
Professor Robert Lord Professor of Leadership 45184
Ms Jan (Sarah) Loughran Associate Professor (Teaching) in Accounting and Employability Co-ordinator 45904
Mr Michael Lucey Associate Professor (Teaching) in Accounting, Finance and Economics 45334
Dr Laura Marsiliani Assistant Professor in Economics 46363
Miss Philippa Matthews Associate Professor (Teaching) in Accounting / Deputy Head of the Department of Accounting/ Associate Dean for Undergraduate programmes 45726 Contact Philippa Matthews
Dr Jo McBride Associate Professor 45340 Contact Jo McBride
Mr Tom Mclean Associate Professor in Accounting 46355
Dr Amir Michael Associate Professor (Teaching) in Accounting/Programme Director Full-time MBA 40222
Mr Anthony Miller Assistant Professor in Accounting 45896
Dr John Moffat Associate Professor in Economics 45501
Dr Riccardo Mogre Associate Professor in Operations Management 45088 Contact Riccardo Mogre
Dr Moftah Mohammed Teaching Fellow in Accounting
Professor Geoff Moore Professor of Business Ethics 45549
Prof Kevin Morrell Professor of Strategy, PhD Programme Director 45112 Contact Kevin Morrell
Dr Mary Mundell Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Marketing 40118
Dr Mary Nanyondo Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Accounting 45754 Contact Mary Nanyondo
Professor Mike Nicholson Professor (Teaching) in Marketing, Associate Dean (Specialist Masters Programmes) 45329 Contact Mike Nicholson
Dr Anamaria Nicolae Lecturer in Economics and Non-Single Honours Programme Director 46358
Mr David Oakes Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Accounting 45389 Contact David Oakes
Dr Nikos Paltalidis Assistant Professor in Finance 45730
Dr Jinrui Pan Assistant Professor in Economics 45196
Dr Anastasiia Parakhoniak Assistant Professor in Economics and Finance 49294 Contact Anastasiia Parakhoniak
Mr Bjorn Persson KTP Research Associate (Based in London) Contact Bjorn Persson
Professor Dennis Philip Professor in Finance 45133
Ms Beth Picton Senior Teaching Fellow in Accounting 40109
Professor Tyrone Pitsis Professor of Strategy and Technology 49426
Professor Laszlo Polos Professor of Organisational Theory/Director, Durham DBA 45290
Dr Leslie J Reinhorn Assistant Professor in Economics 46365
Dr Thomas Renstrom Associate Professor in Economics and Director of MSc Programmes (Economics & Finance) 46369
Dr Martin Robson Associate Professor in Economics/Chair of the MDC Boards of Examiners 46349
Dr Baback Roodbar Assistant Professor (Teaching) Economics and Finance 40512 Contact Baback Roodbar
Dr Saadat Saeed Associate Professor in Management and Marketing 45906
Dr Bibhas Saha Associate Professor (Reader) in Economics 45433
Dr Paulo Savaget Assistant Professor 45554 Contact Paulo Savaget
Dr Lucia Sbragia Assistant Professor in Economics 46357
Prof Riccardo Scarpa Professor in Economics 47253
Dr Stephanie Scott Assistant Professor in Management & Marketing 45760
Prof Jason Shachat Associate Dean of Research, Professor of Experimental Economics 45895
Dr Manish Shukla Assistant Professor in Operations Management 45400
Professor Richard Slack Professor of Accounting 45903
Mr Brian Snowdon Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Economics 46336
Dr Rebecca Stratling Associate Professor in Economics/Finance 45379
Dr Dylan Sutherland Associate Professor in Management and MSc Management Route Leader (International Business) 45394
Dr Wiebke Szymczak Post Doctoral Research Assistant Contact Wiebke Szymczak
Prof Abderrahim Taamouti Professor in Economics, MSc Economics & Finance Deputy Programme Director 45423
Dr Jill Tidmarsh Senior Teaching Fellow in Management 45127
Dr Anna Tilba Associate Professor in Management and Marketing 49428 Contact Anna Tilba
Dr Simone Tonin Assistant Professor in Economics 45761
Mr Sergio Vallesi Postgraduate Research Associate 45094 Contact Sergio Vallesi
Dr Xing Wang Assistant Professor in Economics 46347
Dr Philip Warwick Associate Professor (Teaching) in Management 40314
Dr Toby Watson Deputy Executive Dean (Education) 46338
Professor Paul Westhead Professor in Entrepreneurship/MSc Management Route Leader- Entrepreneurship 45378
Professor Ian Whitfield Professor and Deputy Executive Dean (Undergraduate) 40142
Dr Christopher Williams Associate Professor (Reader) in Management 45314
Professor Julian Williams Professor in Accounting and Finance 45301
Professor Barbara Wisse Professor in Managment 45545
Ms Carrie Wright Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Accounting 47286 Contact Carrie Wright
Dr Chia-huei Wu Associate Professor in Management and Marketing 45988 Contact Chia-huei Wu
Dr Sarah Xiao Associate Professor in Marketing & Programme Director, Fudan DBA 46353
Dr Ji (Karena) Yan Associate Professor in Marketing 45383
Dr Ayse Yazici Assistant Professor in Economics 45498
Dr. Anil Yildizparlak Assistant Professor in Economics 47251
Dr Hong Il Yoo Associate Professor in Economics 45544
Dr Yeqin Zeng Associate Professor in Economics and Finance 45095
Professor Qi Zhang Professor in Accounting and Finance 45376
Dr Zhichao Zhang Assistant Professor in International Finance 45440
Dr Bo Zhou Assistant Professor in Finance 47252
Dr Qin Zhou Associate Professor in Management 45422
Accreditations, Performance & Governance, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham, DH1 3LB: Mrs Vicki Hind Senior Manager Accreditations & Governance 45222
Mrs Tracey Baker Alumni Relations Coordinator 45230
Penny Hawley Alumni Relations Manager 45417
Mrs Fee Martin Senior Administrator QA & Accreditations 45297
Mr Trevor Smith Senior Analyst 40140 Contact Trevor Smith
Ms Lynsey Tibbett Accreditation & Performance Manager 45547
Mrs Julie Tuten Administrator 45300
Mr Thomas Whitaker Rankings & MI Manager 45276
Miss Gillian Conn Administrative Assistant 45262
Research Office, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham, DH1 3LB: Rachel J. Pears Research Grants & Contracts Officer 45350
Dr Lara Small Senior Impact Officer 45146
Mrs Yingying Zhang Senior Research Administrator 49292
Learning & Teaching, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham, DH1 3LB: Mr Chris Cunliffe Quality Assurance Officer (Assessment) 45429
Postgraduate Taught Programmes, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham DH1 3LB: Mrs Lorraine Rankin Senior Learning and Teaching Manager (PGT) 45870 Contact Lorraine Rankin
Instructional Design Unit, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, DH1 3LB: Allison Bell Instructional Designer 45110
Mr Jonathan Davidson Digital Media Officer 45409 Contact Jonathan Davidson
Mrs Jennifer Smith Instructional Design Officer 45408
Masters Programmes, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham, DH1 3LB: Mrs Caroline Beston Learning and Teaching Coordinator 45538 Contact Caroline Beston
Mrs Alison Fairlamb Learning and Teaching Administrator 45069
Miss Hayley Hewitson Learning and Teaching Coordinator 45534
Mrs Judith Lines Learning and Teaching Manager (PGT) 45134
Mrs Anita Spence Learning and Teaching Administrator 45175 Contact Anita Spence
MBA & DBA Programmes, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham DH1 3LB: Miss Lynsey Adamson Learning and Teaching Administrator 45303
Miss Sara Appleby Learning and Teaching Coordinator 45412
Ms Anne Bailey Learning and Teaching Coordinator 45226
Miss Lauren Curry (nee Davison) Learning and Teaching Assistant Manager 40150
Miss Emma Hope (nee Clark) Learning and Teaching Administrator 45431
Mrs Caron Naude Assistant Manager (Learning and Teaching) 45113
Mrs Anne-Marie Nevin Learning and Teaching Manager (MBA & DBA) 46344
Mrs Eleanor Routledge Learning and Teaching Administrator 45115
Ms Vicky Welsh Learning and Teaching Manager (MBA & DBA) 45548
Undergraduate Programmes, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham, DH1 3LB: Miss Erin Adams Learning and Teaching Manager (UG) 46340
Miss Ashlee Bennett Learning and Teaching Administrator 46379 Contact Ashlee Bennett
Ms Terri Daly Learning and Teaching Administrator 40514
Mrs Tracey Gemski Senior Learning and Teaching Manager (UG) 40143
Mrs Katherine Hardy Leaning and Teaching Administrator 40499
Mrs Louise Hay Learning and Teaching Coordinator 45066 Contact Louise Hay
Miss Bonita Henderson Learning and Teaching Administrator 40227
Miss Ashley Johnson Learning and Teaching Administrator 47250 Contact Ashley Johnson
Mrs Katrin Krauss Learning and Teaching Administrator 40228
Mr Gareth Lawson Learning and Teaching Coordinator 40140 Contact Gareth Lawson
Miss Anna Loughlin Apprentice (Business Administration) 40223 Contact Anna Loughlin
Mrs Jane McLoughlin Learning and Teaching Coordinator 40834
Mrs Tricia Wears Learning and Teaching Administrator 46354
Marketing & Communication, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham, DH1 3LB: Marketing and PR Team 45283
Mr Stephen Close Web and Digital Officer 45457 Contact Stephen Close
Miss Lindsay Duke Senior Marketing Relations Officer 45537
Ms Deanne Dutton Conversion Relations Coordinator 45326 Contact Deanne Dutton
Mrs Paula Lane Marketing Officer 45121
Ms Elizabeth Lawrence Marketing and Communications Manager 45989 Contact Elizabeth Lawrence
Miss Natalie Taylor Communications Officer 45320 Contact Natalie Taylor
Mr Martin Thomas Senior Marketing Communications Officer 45291 Contact Martin Thomas
Charlotte Wareing Marketing Officer 45551 Contact Charlotte Wareing
International, Engagement & Careers, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham DH1 3LB: Miss Marcia Hoynes Senior Manager, International, Engagement & Careers 45302
Mr Neil Armstrong Career Consultant 46384 Contact Neil Armstrong
Miss Tracy Donnelly Administrator 45891
Mrs Pauline Dowson-Pounder Partnerships Coordinator 45556
Ms Ieva Eksts Career Consultant 49291
Mrs Alice Heslop Engagement Manager (Recruitment) 49291 Contact Alice Heslop
Ms Charlotte Howell International, Engagement & Careers Coordinator 45542
Mrs Claire Ketley Engagement Manager (Corporate) 45902 Contact Claire Ketley
Mrs Katherine Kirby Engagement Manager 45224 Contact Katherine Kirby
Miss Nicola Lawson International, Engagement & Careers Assistant Manager 49108
Mrs Alex McNinch (nee Sedgwick) Faculty Placement Manager 45234
Mrs Cristina Newell Administrator 45225 Contact Cristina Newell
Ms Wendy Pearson Career Consultant 45131
Mr Chris Roberts Engagement Manager (Recruitment) 47187 Contact Chris Roberts
Finance, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham DH1 3LB: Miss Rachel Jackson Administrative Assistant (Finance) 45100 Contact Rachel Jackson
Mrs Julia Jones Senior Finance Administrator 45426
Mr James Walton Finance Manager 45293 Contact James Walton
Journal of Management Studies, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham DH1 3LB: Miss Joanne Cheseldine Editorial Coordinator 45395
Ms Melissa MacAulay Editorial Senior Assistant 45411
Miss Gemma Parkinson Editorial Office Administrator 45385 Contact Gemma Parkinson
Miss Margaret Turner Editorial Assistant Manager & SAMS Administrator 45396
Durham University Business School Library, Mill Hill Lane, DH1 3LB: Mrs Debbie Corner Library Assistant 45213
Mr Colin Theakston Academic Liaison Librarian 42970
Institute for Local Governance, Elvet Hill House, Elvet Hill, Durham, DH1 3TH: Miss Janet Atkinson PA to Director 49290
Professor John Mawson Director of the Institute for Local Governance 49295
Research Staff, Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham DH1 3LB: Dr Sakib Amin Commonwealth Rutherford Fellow Contact Sakib Amin
Dr Alistair Brown PDRA 40471
Dr Ladan Cockshut PDRA 40471
Dr Manuel Llorca Research Fellow (Energy Economics) 45741
Dr Michael Nower PDRA Contact Michael Nower
Mr Aarron Toal Research Assistant
Other: Robert Court Former Global Head of Real Estate and Infrastructure at Deutsche Bank (Private Wealth Management)
Robin Gilchrist Former Vice President Sales Asia, Middle East and Africa, Alcatel-Lucent
John Howe Non-Executive Director, Thales UK
Mr Dennis Shuler Executive Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Scripps Networks Interactive Contact Mr Dennis Shuler
Research Student: Mr Faisal Alfehaid PhD Student
Mr Robert Amos PhD Student Contact Robert Amos
Mr Henry Aviomoh PhD Student Contact Henry Aviomoh
Mr Telman Berdiev PhD Student Contact Telman Berdiev
Mr Ziya Ete PhD Student Contact Ziya Ete
Ms Xinwu He Contact Xinwu He
Mr Sizhe Hong Contact Sizhe Hong
Mr Wahyu Jatmiko PhD Student Contact Wahyu Jatmiko
Miss Susanne Karbe Contact Susanne Karbe
Mr Kaisheng Luo Contact Kaisheng Luo
Mr Tokha Manyungwa DBA Student Contact Tokha Manyungwa
Mr Johannes Schmalisch PhD Student
Miss Eleftheria Vavadaki PhD Student Contact Eleftheria Vavadaki
Mr Matthew Walker PhD Student Contact Matthew Walker
Mr Yung-Lin Wang PhD Student Contact Yung-Lin Wang
Miss Sijia Wei PhD Student
Mr David Woroniuk PhD Student Contact David Woroniuk
Mr Nengzhi (Chris) Yao PhD Student Contact Nengzhi (Chris) Yao
Miss Jacqueline Jing You PhD Student