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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Department of Anthropology

  Helpline 41612
FAX 41615
FAX 40249
FAX 41618
Administrative/Support Staff: Ms Jane Abel Administrator for the Centre for Medical Humanities 48277
Dr Sarah McLusky Project Manager (Life of Breath) 48142
Academic Staff: Professor Simone Abram 42871
Prof Catherine Alexander Professor 41622 41615
Prof Helen L. Ball Professor 41602 Contact Helen L. Ball
Professor Robert A. Barton Professor 41603 Contact Robert A. Barton
Professor Sandra Bell Professor 43311
Prof Gillian Bentley Professor 41114
Prof Alan Bilsborough Professor Emeritus 41625
Dr Hannah Brown Associate Professor 40244
Dr Trudi Buck Associate Professor (Teaching) 40254
Dr Ben Campbell Lecturer 41621
Prof Michael B. Carrithers Professor 41634 Contact Michael B. Carrithers
Dr Yulia Egorova Reader 41598
Professor Sarah Elton Professor 40241
Dr Paolo Fortis Associate Professor 43309
Professor Kate Hampshire Professor 43313
Professor Russell Hill Professor 41601 Contact Russell Hill
Dr Jeremy Kendal Associate Professor 41630
Dr Rachel Kendal (nee Day) Associate Professor (Reader) 41627
Dr Elisabeth Kirtsoglou Associate Professor 40680
Dr Kris (Fire) Kovarovic Associate Professor 41628
Prof Robert H. Layton Professor Emeritus 41636 Contact Robert H. Layton
Prof Ann MacLarnon Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology Contact Ann MacLarnon
Professor Jane Macnaughton Professor of Medical Humanities 48164
Professor Nayanika Mookherjee Professor 43296
Dr Tessa M. Pollard Senior Lecturer 41623
Professor Gina Porter Senior Research Fellow 41596
Dr Andrew J. Russell Reader 43312
Dr Maurice Said Teaching Fellow 40251 Contact Maurice Said
Professor Jo Setchell Professor 41633
Prof Paul Sillitoe Professor 41632
Professor Bob Simpson Professor 41619
Dr Alice Stefanelli Teaching Fellow 40251
Dr Edward (Jed) Stevenson 41597
Professor Veronica Strang
Dr Sally Street Assistant Professor 41604
Dr Amanda Tan
Dr Jamie Tehrani Associate Professor 41631
Dr Cecilia Tomori Assistant Professor 40750
Dr Tom Widger Associate Professor 41600
Dr Thomas Yarrow Associate Professor 41624
Research Staff: Dr Nasima Akhter Contact Nasima Akhter
Dr Claire Dungey PDRA Contact Claire Dungey
Ms Raihana Ferdous Research Assistant
Dr Alex Flynn Assistant Professor (Research)
Dr Adetayo Kasim Contact Adetayo Kasim
Dr Sharon Kessler Marie Curie Fellow
Dr Ehsan Kharatikoopaei Research Associate Contact Ehsan Kharatikoopaei
Dr Papreen Nahar Research Fellow
Dr Tehseen Noorani Marie Curie Fellow Contact Tehseen Noorani
Dr Leonidas Oikonomakis Junior Research Fellow
Dr Felix Ringel Junior Research Fellow
Dr Charlotte Russell Sleep Lab Manager & Impact Evidence Manager 40796 Contact Charlotte Russell
Dr Akansha Singh Postdoctoral Research Associate Contact Akansha Singh
Dr Catherine Taylor Research Associate
Dr. Jennifer A. Thompson Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Britta Turner Research Associate
Mrs Germaine Uwimpuhwe Research Assistant Contact Germaine Uwimpuhwe
Dr Katy Williams Junior Research Fellow Contact Katy Williams
Postgraduates: Taught Postgraduate Room 41595
Research Postgraduate Room 41571
Q.U.A.R.E.L. 46191
Administrative Staff: Dr Rachel S. Dickins Department Manager 41626
Mrs Brenda Grant Learning and Teaching Administrator 41613
Miss Jennifer Legg Learning and Teaching Administrator 41620
Miss Rosie Legg Assistant Manager (Learning and Teaching) 41594
Mrs Kate Payne Senior Research Administrator 41608 Contact Kate Payne
Technical Staff: Mrs Judith Manghan Technician 41606 Contact Judith Manghan
Other: Dr Rosita Armytage Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Dori Beeler Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Jesse Bonwitt Honorary Research Fellow Contact Jesse Bonwitt
Rabb Barbara Borts Honourary Research Fellow Contact Barbara Borts
Dr Klara Anna Capova Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Esther Clarke Honorary Research Fellow Contact Esther Clarke
Dr Peter J. Collins Emeritus Reader
Dr Gillian Cooper Honorary Research Fellow 40466
Dr Wendy Dirks Honorary Research Fellow Contact Wendy Dirks
Dr David Dupuis Visiting Fellow
Dr Iain Edgar Emeritus Reader
Dr Michele Fontefrancesco Honorary Research Fellow Contact Michele Fontefrancesco
Dr Leslie Jessop Official Visitor Contact Leslie Jessop
Dr Aneesa Kassam Honorary Research Fellow Contact Aneesa Kassam
Dr Kesson Magid Honorary Research Fellow Contact Kesson Magid
Dr Margherita Margiotti Honorary Research Fellow Contact Margherita Margiotti
Ms Erika McClure Honorary Research Fellow Contact Erika McClure
Dr Muhammad A. Z. Mughal Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Jordan Mullard Honorary Research Fellow Contact Jordan Mullard
Dr David O'Kane Honorary Research Fellow Contact David O'Kane
Dr Joanna Puckering Honorary Research Fellow
Ms Joanna Rodgers Honorary Research Fellow Contact Joanna Rodgers
Dr Alanna Rudzik Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Rachel Shah Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Andrew Shuttleworth Honorary Research Fellow Contact Andrew Shuttleworth
Dr Malcolm T. Smith Honorary Research Fellow Contact Malcolm T. Smith
Dr Ana Sousa-Santos Honorary Research Fellow Contact Ana Sousa-Santos
Dr Joseph Stubbersfield Honorary Research Fellow Contact Joseph Stubbersfield
Dr Frances Thirlway Honorary Research Fellow Contact Frances Thirlway
Mr Peter Tomlin Honorary Research Fellow Contact Peter Tomlin
Dr Stefano Vaglio Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Eline van Asperen Visiting Fellow Contact Eline van Asperen
Dr Megan Wainwright Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Sian Waters Honorary Research Fellow Contact Sian Waters
Dr Sam Williams Honorary Research Fellow
Research Student:
Ms Aethiqah Abdul-halim Contact Aethiqah Abdul-halim
Mr Timothy Alabi Contact Timothy Alabi
Mr Andrew Allan Contact Andrew Allan
Mr Giuseppe Amatulli Contact Giuseppe Amatulli
Mr Alec Ayers Contact Alec Ayers
Miss Susanna Baker Contact Susanna Baker
Ms Gabrielle Barkess-kerr Contact Gabrielle Barkess-kerr
Ms Vasiliki (Vicky) Bathrelou
Mr Alexander C-kent-widdows Contact Alexander C-kent-widdows
Miss Holly Chalcraft
Mr Alessandro Corso Contact Alessandro Corso
Mr James Anthony Coxon Socio-Cultural Anthropology
Ms Anita Datta Research Student Contact Anita Datta
Mr Christopher Diming PhD Candidate Contact Christopher Diming
Ms Allison Dixley Contact Allison Dixley
Mr Justin Dixon Contact Justin Dixon
Mr Arthur Eirich Research Student Contact Arthur Eirich
Miss Katharine Flach Contact Katharine Flach
Miss Eleanor Fleming Contact Eleanor Fleming
Mr Ivan Garcia-nisa Contact Ivan Garcia-nisa
Ms Dimitra Georgiadou Contact Dimitra Georgiadou
Miss Carmen Granito Contact Carmen Granito
Dr Veronique Griffith Contact Veronique Griffith
Miss Ingrid Grueso-Dominguez Contact Ingrid Grueso-Dominguez
Mr Ben Gruwier
Dr Manizha Hadi
Miss Amy Hawkin Contact Amy Hawkin
Miss Hao-tzu Ho Contact Hao-tzu Ho
Miss Yasmin Ilkhani
Mr Admir Jugo Contact Admir Jugo
Miss Alice-Amber Keegan
Dr Ross Kendall
Ms Maria Kenti-Kranidioti
Ms Abby King
Mr Hamza Lakhal Contact Hamza Lakhal
Mr Duncan Learmouth Contact Duncan Learmouth
Miss Kelsey Lee Contact Kelsey Lee
Miss Jiangnan Li
Mrs Emilia Licitra Contact Emilia Licitra
Mr Pedro Méndez-Carvajal
Ms Gessica Martini Contact Gessica Martini
Ms. Brea Mccauley Visiting PhD student Contact Brea Mccauley
Mr. Jamie Mckaughan Contact Jamie Mckaughan
Miss Lucy Millington
Ms Elena Miltiadis Contact Elena Miltiadis
Ms Heather Munro Contact Heather Munro
Ms Zarja Mursic PhD student
Mr Danson Mwangi Contact Danson Mwangi
Mr Misheck Julian Nkhata Contact Misheck Julian Nkhata
Mr Fredrik Nyman
Miss Nyaboke Omwega Contact Nyaboke Omwega
Ms Marie-claire Pagano Contact Marie-claire Pagano
Mr Alexander Parkyn-smith Contact Alexander Parkyn-smith
Mrs Tracy Peter-samat Contact Tracy Peter-samat
Ms Stella Pilavaki Contact Stella Pilavaki
Miss Lauren Powell
Mr Md Rahman Contact Md Rahman
Sarah Maya Rosen Contact Sarah Maya Rosen
Ms Savita Sathe Contact Savita Sathe
Miss Emily Sinclair Contact Emily Sinclair
Andreas Themistocleous Contact Andreas Themistocleous
Mrs Rebecca Tuck Contact Rebecca Tuck
Mr Mohammad Uddin Contact Mohammad Uddin
Ms Diána Vonnák
Ms Janelle Wagnild Contact Janelle Wagnild
Miss Lila Warawutsunthon Contact Lila Warawutsunthon
Mr Robin Watson Contact Robin Watson
Mr Daniel Whitehouse
Mr Miles Woodruff Contact Miles Woodruff
Mr Yi-cheng (Peter) Wu
Ms Mei Xue Contact Mei Xue