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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Department of Physics

Departmental Administration: Prof Paula Chadwick Head of Department 43560
Professor Douglas Halliday Chairman of the Board of Examiners 43571
Mrs Claire Davies Department Manager 43638
Mr Adrian Skelton Learning and Teaching Manager 43717
Mrs Linda Wilkinson Research Manager 43671
Suzanne Joyce Finance Manager 43544
Mrs Joanne Lakey Senior PGR Administrator 43745
Finance Enquiries 43543
General Enquiries 43520
Mr Wayne Dobby Technical Services & Facilities Manager 43679
Fax - General 45823
Fax - Advanced Instrumentation 43609
Fax - Astronomy Group 43645
Fax - Condensed Matter Physics 43585
Fax 43551
Director of the ICC: Prof Shaun Cole Professor 43593
Director of the CEA: Prof David Alexander Professor 43594
Academic Staff: Prof Charles Stuart Adams Professor 43618
Prof Adekunle Adeyeye Professor
Dr Rodrigo Alonso-de-pablo Assistant Professor (Research) 43799 Contact Rodrigo Alonso-de-pablo
Prof Jeppe Andersen Professor 43564
Prof Del Atkinson Professor 43592
Dr Anders Aufderhorst-Roberts Lecturer
Dr Martin Bauer Assistant Professor (Research) - UKRI FLF 43658 Contact Martin Bauer
Prof Carlton Baugh Professor 43542
Dr Sownak Bose Assistant Professor (Research) - UKRI FLF 43359 Contact Sownak Bose
Prof Richard Bower Professor 43526
Dr Nicholas Bristowe Associate Professor
Prof Elizabeth Bromley Professor 43644
Dr Anthony Brown Assistant Professor 43678 Contact Anthony Brown
Dr David Carty Associate Professor 43817
Prof Marco Cecconello Professor of Fusion Science & Technology Contact Marco Cecconello
Dr Francesca Chadha-Day Assistant Professor (Research) - Hawking Fellowship
Prof Paula Chadwick Head of the Department of Physics 43560
Prof Stewart Clark Professor 43572
Prof Simon Cornish Professor 43574
Dr Djuna Croon Assistant Professor Contact Djuna Croon
Dr Julius De-rojas Postdoctoral Research Associate Contact Julius De-rojas
Dr Matteo T. Degiacomi Associate Professor (Research)
Dr Fernando Dias Associate Professor 43733
Prof Chris Done Professor 43614
Prof Alastair Edge Professor 43792
Dr Peter Edwards Director of Science Outreach and Science and Society Officer 43782
Dr Vincent Eke Associate Professor 43723
Dr. Azadeh Fattahi Assistant Professor (Research) - UKRI FLF Contact Azadeh Fattahi
Prof. Suzanne Fielding Professor 41408
Dr Francesca Fragkoudi Assistant Professor Contact Francesca Fragkoudi
Prof Carlos Frenk Ogden Professor 43641
Dr Dimitri Gadotti Assistant Professor 43018 Contact Dimitri Gadotti
Professor Simon Gardiner Professor 43683
Dr Nikitas Gidopoulos Associate Professor 43633
Prof John Girkin Professor 43589
Prof Nigel Glover Professor 43602
Professor Douglas Halliday Professor 43571
Prof Damian Hampshire Professor 43654
Prof Peter Hatton Professor 43600
Dr Qing He Assistant Professor 43812 Contact Qing He
Dr Aidan Hindmarch Associate Professor 43750
Prof Ifan Hughes Professor 43606
Dr Michael Hunt Associate Professor 43648
Dr Oto-obong Inyang Teaching Fellow 43529 Contact Oto-obong Inyang
Prof Mathilde Jauzac Professor (Research) - UKRI FLF 43015 Contact Mathilde Jauzac
Prof Adrian Jenkins Professor 43631
Prof. Matthew Jones Professor 43550
Valentin [Valya] Khoze Professor 43599
Frank Krauss Royal Society Wolfson Fellow 43751
Prof Halim Kusumaatmaja Professor 43627
Prof Cedric Lacey Professor 43586
Prof Tom Lancaster Professor 43536
Prof Baojiu Li Professor 43567
Professor Gordon Love Professor 43696
Prof Daniel Maitre Professor 43653
Prof Richard Massey Professor 43652
Dr Emma McCabe Associate Professor
Dr Anna McLeod Assistant Professor Contact Anna McLeod
Dr Budhika Mendis Associate Professor 43554
Dr Nigel Metcalfe Assistant Professor (Teaching) 43566
Dr Arin Mizouri Assistant Professor (Teaching) Contact Arin Mizouri
Professor Andy Monkman Professor 43616
Dr Leah Morabito Associate Professor (Research) - UKRI FLF Contact Leah Morabito
Prof Simon Morris Professor 43637
Dr Tim Morris Associate Professor (Research) 43584
Prof Peder Norberg Professor 43530
Dr Kieran O'Brien Associate Professor Contact Kieran O'Brien
Dr James Osborn Associate Professor (Research) - UKRI FLF 42277
Prof Silvia Pascoli Professor 43756
Dr Alexander Peach Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Professor Benjamin Pecjak Professor 43749
Dr Philippa Petts Associate Professor (Teaching) 43677 Contact Philippa Petts
Dr Robert Potvliege Associate Professor 43698
Peter Richardson Professor 43764
Prof Tim Roberts Professor 43767
Dr Simone Scaringi Associate Professor
Dr Marek Schoenherr Assistant Professor (Research)- RS URF Contact Marek Schoenherr
Prof Ray Sharples Professor 43719 / 44819
Professor Ian Smail Professor 43605
Dr Russell Smith Assistant Professor 43018
Michael Spannowsky Professor 43636
Dr. Margarita Staykova Associate Professor 43598
Dr John Patrick Stowell Assistant Professor (Research)- 1851 Fellowship Contact John Patrick Stowell
Dr Peter Swift Associate Professor (Teaching) 43518
Professor Mark Swinbank Professor 43786
Professor Marek Szablewski Professor 43686
Dr Ian Terry Associate Professor 43725
Dr Craig Testrow Assistant Professor (Teaching) Contact Craig Testrow
Professor Tom Theuns Professor 43795
Dr Elsen Tjhung Lecturer 43577 Contact Elsen Tjhung
Jessica Turner Assistant Professor Contact Jessica Turner
Dr Danny Van-dyk Assistant Professor (Research) - Ernest Rutherford Fellow Contact Danny Van-dyk
Prof Kislon Voitchovsky Professor 43615 Contact Kislon Voitchovsky
Prof. Kevin Weatherill Professor 43666
Dr Hannah Williams Assistant Professor
Dr Richard Wilman Assistant Professor (Teaching) 43617
Dr Richard Wilson Associate Professor 43663
Dr Steven Wrathmall Assistant Professor (Teaching) 43763
Mr Will Yeadon Teaching Fellow Contact Will Yeadon
Dr Cristina Zambon Assistant Professor (Teaching) 43611
Research Staff: Mr Aristeidis Amvrosiadis PDRA Contact Aristeidis Amvrosiadis
Dr Jack Araz PDRA 43811 Contact Jack Araz
Dr Christian Arnold PDRA Contact Christian Arnold
Dr Lisa Bardou PDRA Contact Lisa Bardou
Dr Alastair Basden Head of COSMA HPC Service 42229
Dr Nazim Bharmal Research Fellow 41409
Dr. Cyril Bourgenot Research Fellow 44817
Dr Sarah Bromley Marie Curie Fellowship Contact Sarah Bromley
Mr Shaun Brown Postdoctoral Research Associate Contact Shaun Brown
Dr Tim Butterley PDRA 43714
Mr Clodomiro Cafolla BP Research Fellow Contact Clodomiro Cafolla
Ms Andreia Carrillo PDRA Contact Andreia Carrillo
Mr Sylvain Cetre Software Developer and Engineer 43650 Contact Sylvain Cetre
Dr Gurpreet Chahal PDRA
Dr Tsang Chan PDRA Contact Tsang Chan
Dr Shuying Chen PDRA Contact Shuying Chen
Dr Ting-Yun Cheng PDRA 43635 Contact Ting-Yun Cheng
Dr Ryan Cooke Associate Professor (Research) - Royal Society Research Fellow 43918 Contact Ryan Cooke
Dr Juan Criado PDRA Contact Juan Criado
Dr Alis Deason Associate Professor (Research) - Royal Society URF 43283
Mr Rishi Deshmukh Design Engineer Contact Rishi Deshmukh
Dr Urmimala Dey PDRA Contact Urmimala Dey
Dr Sofia Dimoudi PDRA Contact Sofia Dimoudi
Dr Lucy Downes PDRA Contact Lucy Downes
Mr Andrew Dunn CFAI Projects Manager 43931 Contact Andrew Dunn
Mr Patrick Foldenauer PDRA Contact Patrick Foldenauer
Hugo Fortin Contact Hugo Fortin
Mr Tobias Franzen PDRA Contact Tobias Franzen
Dr Deli Geng Lead Software Developer 43540 Contact Deli Geng
Dr Stephen Goodsell Head of GEMINI Project 44757 Contact Stephen Goodsell
Dr Philip Gregory PDRA 43709 / 43669 Contact Philip Gregory
Dr Bitten Gullberg Contact Bitten Gullberg
Sandeepan Gupta PDRA
Dr Alexander Guttridge PDRA 43660 Contact Alexander Guttridge
Mr Alastair Harrison Contact Alastair Harrison
Dr Michael Hertaeg PDRA Contact Michael Hertaeg
Dr Lucien Heurtier PDRA 43811 Contact Lucien Heurtier
Dr Rachel Houtz PDRA 43656 Contact Rachel Houtz
Dr David Hoyle
Dr Benjamin Huddart PDRA Contact Benjamin Huddart
Dr Soh Ikarashi PDRA 43381 Contact Soh Ikarashi
Dr Sebastian Jaskiewicz PDRA 43798 Contact Sebastian Jaskiewicz
Dr Stephen Jones Assistant Professor (Research), Royal Society URF 43682 Contact Stephen Jones
Dr Wan Ju PDRA Contact Wan Ju
Miss Niamh Kilcawley ESR (Marie Curie) Contact Niamh Kilcawley
Dr A Kirby Optical Engineer 43774
Mr. Vinay Kopnar PostGraduate Contact Vinay Kopnar
Dr Suman Kuila PDRA 43616 Contact Suman Kuila
Dr David Lagattuta PDRA 43860 Contact David Lagattuta
Dr. Hermine Landt Assistant Professor (Research) - Daphne Jackson Fellowship 43617
Dr Mark Lovell
Mr. Matthew Lowery Academic Visitor Contact Matthew Lowery
Dr Elisabeta Lusso Contact Elisabeta Lusso
Dr Andrew Mackellar PDRA 34555 Contact Andrew Mackellar
Dr Guillaume Mahler Marie Curie Fellow Contact Guillaume Mahler
Dr Mohammad Masouminia PDRA Contact Mohammad Masouminia
Mr. Samuel Moore PGR Student Contact Samuel Moore
Dr Graham John Murray Senior PDRA 43541
Dr Abhinav Naga PDRA Contact Abhinav Naga
Dr Anna Niemiec PDRA Contact Anna Niemiec
Dr James Nightingale PDRA 43917 Contact James Nightingale
Dr Kyle Oman PDRA Contact Kyle Oman
Dr Piotr Pander PDRA Contact Piotr Pander
Mr K Parkin Senior Experimental Officer, Precision Engineering 44831
Mr Yuber Perez-gonzalez Postdoctoral Research Associate Contact Yuber Perez-gonzalez
Dr Danielle Pizzey PDRA & Senior Experimental Officer 43660 / 43620
Dr Adriano Poci PDRA Contact Adriano Poci
Dr Joseph Pollard PDRA Contact Joseph Pollard
Dr Annagrazia Puglisi PDRA Contact Annagrazia Puglisi
Dr Mark John Raine Chief Experimental Officer 43535
Mr Daniel Reichelt PDRA Contact Daniel Reichelt
Dr Alexander Richings Teaching Fellow & PDRA Contact Alexander Richings
Dr Alexander Riley 1851 Research Fellow Contact Alexander Riley
Dr Andrew Robertson PDRA 43226 Contact Andrew Robertson
Dr Cameron Rulten PDRA Contact Cameron Rulten
Mr D Ryder Senior Experimental Officer, Precision Engineering 44831
Dr Isabel Santos PDRA 43364 Contact Isabel Santos
Dr Jurgen Schmoll Senior Optical Engineer 44810
Dr Shi Shao Contact Shi Shao
Mr Difu Shi PDRA 43517
Dr Lazar Staykov PDRA 43167 Contact Lazar Staykov
Dr Nicole Thomas PDRA Contact Nicole Thomas
Dr Fionagh Thomson Research Fellow
Dr Ryota Tomaru PDRA Contact Ryota Tomaru
Dr Matthew Townson Research Software Engineer 43974
Dr William Trewby PDRA Contact William Trewby
Dr Yannick Ulrich PDRA 43798 Contact Yannick Ulrich
Mr Paul White Senior experimental officer
Dr Michael Wilson PDRA Contact Michael Wilson
Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Dr Feras Alkhalil Visiting Fellow Contact Feras Alkhalil
Ms. Giulia Papini Visiting PGR Student Contact Giulia Papini
Teaching Staff: Dr Nicholas Chancellor Teaching Fellow - Quantum Optics Contact Nicholas Chancellor
Emeritus Staff: Emeritus Prof Richard Abram Emeritus Professor 43581
Emeritus Prof Richard Keith Ellis Emeritus Professor
Emeritus Prof David Flower Emeritus Professor 43625
Valery Khoze Emeritus Professor 43699
Prof John Lucey Emeritus Professor 43610
Alan Martin Emeritus Professor 43672
Emeritus Prof Richard Myers Emeritus Professor 43692
Dr John Osborne Emeritus Senior Lecturer 43678
Prof Tom Shanks Emeritus Professor 43721
Prof F Richard Stephenson Emeritus Professor 43667
Prof Brian Tanner Emeritus Professor 43518
Prof Martin Ward Emeritus Professor 43797
Associate Staff: Mr Joshua Brown Postgraduate Student - Earth Sciences
Mrs Linda Campbell Science Outreach Officer 42331
Mr Dimitrios Charlaftis
Dr Lorraine Coghill Science Outreach and Engagement Specialist 42288
Mrs Rachael Devlin Senior Category Manager, Procurement
Miss Shannon Fletcher IT Field Team Analyst (CIS) 43701 , 43596
Miss Annabelle Foster
Professor Andrew Gallant Associate Professor (EMF Director)
Prof. Jeremy M. Hutson Professor of Chemistry 42147
Mr Ian Johnson IT Field Team Senior Analysist (CIS) 43596
Mr Paul Kerner Contact Paul Kerner
Mrs Catherine Maddox Business Partner- Finance
Dr Martin Mangler PDRA- Earth Sciences
Mrs Catherine Saxton Business Partner - Human Resources
Dr Paula Street (née Martin) Science Outreach Executive 42338
Visitors: Prof Simon Badger Visiting Professor 43755
Ms Anke Biekoetter Visiting Researcher Contact Anke Biekoetter
Dr Alistair Bounds Visiting Academic
Dr Mujeeb U. Chaudhry Visitor
Dr Alexander Eggemeier Academic Visitor Contact Alexander Eggemeier
Dr Marc Kenneth Etherington Academic Visitor
Dr George Fleming Academic Visitor Contact George Fleming
Mr Cesar Hernandez-aguayo Academic Visitor 43321 Contact Cesar Hernandez-aguayo
Dr Graham Jones Senior Programme Manager Contact Graham Jones
Dr Viv Kendon Visitor Contact Viv Kendon
Dr Penelope Lawton Visitor 43973
Alexander Lenz Visiting Professor 43814
Mr AP Lotts Visitor 43651
Ms. Blessing Musiimenta Visiting PGR Student Contact Blessing Musiimenta
Mr Lucas Powell-rudden Academic Visitor Contact Lucas Powell-rudden
Mr Sebastian Schenk Academic Visitor 43765 Contact Sebastian Schenk
Dr Rodger Sykes Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence Contact Rodger Sykes
Dr Alice Von-der-heydt Academic Visitor Contact Alice Von-der-heydt
Dr Pauline Zarrouk Academic Visitor Contact Pauline Zarrouk
Administrative Staff: Mr Adrian Skelton Learning & Teaching Manager 43717
Suzanne Joyce Finance Manager 43544
Mrs J Bentham IPPP Project Coordinator 43811
Miss Penny Carse SKYRMIONS Project Manager 43583
Mrs Clare Chadwick Finance Coordinator (Mon-Wed) 42355
Mrs Claire Davies Department Manager 43638
Mr Scott Davison Learning and Teaching Coordinator - UG 43726
Mrs Trudy Forster IPPP Project Coordinator 43766
Mrs Kathryn Hall Technical Assistant 43579 Contact Kathryn Hall
Mrs Wendy Hedley Finance Coordinator (Wed-Fri) 42355
Mrs Chunmei Hu Finance Administrator Contact Chunmei Hu
Mrs Dorothy Jenkins Astronomy Project Coordinator 43635
Ms Katriana Johnes Learning & Teaching Coordinator 43726 Contact Katriana Johnes
Mr Andrew Kerrigan Finance Administrator 43543 Contact Andrew Kerrigan
Mrs Joanne Lakey Senior PGR Administrator 43745
Mrs Lorraine Oram Astronomy Project Coordinator 43726
Mrs Amanda Ormerod Learning & Teaching Administrator Contact Amanda Ormerod
Miss Chantelle Robson Learning & Teaching Coordinator 43520 Contact Chantelle Robson
Mrs Shufei Rowe Astronomy Project Coordinator 43760
Miss Emma Rusby Learning & Teaching Coordinator 43726
Mr Darren Scantlebury-watson Learning and Teaching Coordinator 43726 Contact Darren Scantlebury-watson
Mrs Lynne Wall Cafe Shift Leader 43579
Mrs Claire Whitehill CfAI Project Officer 43588
Mrs Linda Wilkinson Research Manager 43671
Computing/Engineering Staff: Dr David Barr Software Engineer Contact David Barr
Mr Adam Boutcher Technical Manager (IPPP Computing Service) 43527 Contact Adam Boutcher
Dr DG Bramall Senior Mechanical Engineer 44815
Dr Ariadna Calcines Rosario Senior Optical Engineer
Mr Paul Clark Assistant Manager (IPPP Computing Service) Contact Paul Clark
Dr Andrew Danos Senior Experimental Officer Contact Andrew Danos
Dr Christopher Davison Senior Project Manager Contact Christopher Davison
Dr Peter W. Draper Senior Software Developer 43198
Mr CM Dubbeldam Senior Mechanical Engineer 42228
Mr Joss Guy Senior Experimental Officer, Mechanical Engineer 43483 Contact Joss Guy
Dr J C Helly Lead Software Developer 43363
Dr Chunyong Li Senior Experimental Officer 43558
Mr G McCallum Technical Manager (CfAI Computing Services) 43715 / 44816 Contact G McCallum
Dr Fawada Qaiser Database Manager Contact Fawada Qaiser
Mr Richard Regan Technical Manager (COSMA HPC service) 43632 Contact Richard Regan
Miss Emily Ronson Mechanical Design Engineer Contact Emily Ronson
Dr Matthijs van der Wild Software Engineer Contact Matthijs van der Wild
Graeme Watt Senior Manager (HEPData) 43730
Mr Aleksander Wawrzynczak Technical Manager (Astronomy IT Research Support) 43628
Technical Staff: Mr Greg Robson Assistant Manager (Teaching & Research Support) 43587
Mr Stephen Lishman Technical Manager (Mechanical Engineering Services) 43531
Mr Wayne Dobby Senior Manager (Technical Services & Facilities) 43679
Dr Jason Anderson Senior Technician (Teaching and Research Laboratories) 43674 Contact Jason Anderson
Mr Michael Armstrong Technical Manager (Teaching & Research Laboratory Services) 43736 Contact Michael Armstrong
Mr Lee Bainbridge Senior Technician (Mechanical) 43582
Mr Steven Berry Advanced Technician (Teaching & Research) 43705
Mr Gary Birchall Advanced Technician (Electronic) 43634 Contact Gary Birchall
Mr Leon Bowen Technical Manager (Electron Microscopy) 43680 / 43664
Mr Robert Bridgett Apprentice Engineering Technician Contact Robert Bridgett
Mr Andrew Davies Senior Technician (Mechanical) 43582
Mr John Dobson Senior Technician (Research) 43623
Mr Adam Easton Assistant Technician (Electronic Engineering) 43654 Contact Adam Easton
Miss Hannah Frost Assistant Technician (Mechanical Engineering) Contact Hannah Frost
Mrs Victoria Greener Advanced Technician (Teaching & Research) 43784
Mrs Susan Hilton Advanced Technician (Teaching) 43595
Mr Andrew Hunter Technical Manager (Electronic Engineering Services) 43634
Mr Nikky Joyce Apprentice Engineering Technician Contact Nikky Joyce
Mr Duncan Kennedy Senior Technician (Electronic) 43634 Contact Duncan Kennedy
Mr Duncan McCallum Health & Safety Coordinator - Technical Manager 43585
Mr Tony McFarlane Senior Technician (Teaching & Research) 42497
Miss Michelle Minns Assistant Technician (Teaching & Research) Contact Michelle Minns
Mr David Pattinson Senior Technician (Research) 42227
Mr Robert Platt Senior Technician (Electronic) Contact Robert Platt
Mr Jamie Rayner Apprentice Engineering Technician Contact Jamie Rayner
Mr Kevin Ring Senior Technician (Mechanical) 43582
Mr Fabrice Wandji Senior Technician (Electronics) Contact Fabrice Wandji
Mr Kristian Whatcott Advanced Technician (Teaching & Research) 43582
Research Student: Miss Asli Abdullahi PGR Student 43780 Contact Asli Abdullahi
Mr Atreya Acharyya
Mrs. Nourah Al-muhawish PGR Student Contact Nourah Al-muhawish
Ms Faten Alabdulaali PGR Student 43552 Contact Faten Alabdulaali
Mr Faisal Alanazi PGR Student Contact Faisal Alanazi
Miss Areesha Ali Postgraduate Student Contact Areesha Ali
Mr Gianluca Allinson PGR Student 43657 Contact Gianluca Allinson
Mr Asaad Alluhaybi PGR Student Contact Asaad Alluhaybi
Mr Kalel Alsaeed PGR Student Contact Kalel Alsaeed
Mrs Latifah Alshammari PGR Student Contact Latifah Alshammari
Miss Taghreed Altamimi PGR Student Contact Taghreed Altamimi
Miss Carolina Andonie Early Stage Researcher (Marie Curie) Contact Carolina Andonie
Mr. Toonyawat Angkhanawin PGR Student Contact Toonyawat Angkhanawin
Mr Joaquin Armijo-torres PGR Student Contact Joaquin Armijo-torres
Mr Stefan Arridge Contact Stefan Arridge
Mr. Samuel Avis PGR Student Contact Samuel Avis
Mr Cristian Barrera-hinojosa PGR Student Contact Cristian Barrera-hinojosa
Miss Ana Beaumont PGR Student 43651 Contact Ana Beaumont
Mr Alexander Beckett PGR Student Contact Alexander Beckett
Ms Jemma Bennett PGR Student Contact Jemma Bennett
Miss Khadeejah Bepari PGR Student Contact Khadeejah Bepari
Mr. Ansh Bhatnagar PGR Student Contact Ansh Bhatnagar
Mr Jack Birkin PGR Student Contact Jack Birkin
Mr. Imhotep Booth Postgraduate Student Contact Imhotep Booth
Mr. William Bowdery PGR Student Contact William Bowdery
Mr Oscar Braun-white PGR Student Contact Oscar Braun-white
Mr. Alistair Brewin PGR Student Contact Alistair Brewin
Mr Jack Briscoe PGR Student Contact Jack Briscoe
Mr Alex Brown PostGraduat Contact Alex Brown
Mr. Benjamin Cartwright PGR Student Contact Benjamin Cartwright
Ms. Catherine Cerny PGR Student Contact Catherine Cerny
Mr. Anton Charman PGR Student Contact Anton Charman
Mr Raymond Christianto PGR Student Contact Raymond Christianto
Mr James Cochran PGR Student Contact James Cochran
Ms Carolina Cuesta-lazaro PGR Student Contact Carolina Cuesta-lazaro
Ms Aoife Curran PGR Student Contact Aoife Curran
Mr Thomas Cutler PGR Student Contact Thomas Cutler
Miss Kaviyadharshini Dhamotharan PGR Student Contact Kaviyadharshini Dhamotharan
Mr Brad Din PGR Student Contact Brad Din
Mr. Ian Dolby Postgraduate Student Contact Ian Dolby
Ms Ugne Dudzeviciute Contact Ugne Dudzeviciute
Mr Willem Elbers PGR Student Contact Willem Elbers
Mr Edward Elliott PGR Student Contact Edward Elliott
Ms Alice Eltvedt PGR Student Contact Alice Eltvedt
Miss Sofie Erner PGR Student 43751 Contact Sofie Erner
Miss Emily Escott PGR Student Contact Emily Escott
Miss Amy Etherington PGR Student Contact Amy Etherington
Miss Tilly Evans PGR Student Contact Tilly Evans
Mr. Mian Faisal Postgraduate Student Contact Mian Faisal
Dr Oliver Farley PDRA 43906 Contact Oliver Farley
Miss Victoria Fawcett PGR Student Contact Victoria Fawcett
Mr. Luke Fernley PGR Student Contact Luke Fernley
Mr. Max Festenstein PGR Student Contact Max Festenstein
Miss Abigail Finch Contact Abigail Finch
Mr. James Fleming PGR Student
Miss Lois Flower PGR Student 44345 Contact Lois Flower
Mr Victor Forouhar Moreno PGR Student Contact Victor Forouhar Moreno
Ms. Stephanie Foulds PGR Student Contact Stephanie Foulds
Mr. Jack Franklin PGR Student Contact Jack Franklin
Mr. Matteo Fratta PGR Student OCW114 Contact Matteo Fratta
Mr Liam Gallagher PGR Student Contact Liam Gallagher
Miss Anna Genina Contact Anna Genina
Miss Polly Gill PGR Student Contact Polly Gill
Miss Emma Gillard PGR Student Contact Emma Gillard
Mr Steven Gillman
Mr Listra Ginting PGR Student Contact Listra Ginting
Ms Larissa Gomes-franca ESR (Marie Curie) Contact Larissa Gomes-franca
Miss Rachel Goodband PGR Student Contact Rachel Goodband
Dr Sarah Goodband PGR Student Contact Sarah Goodband
Mr. Christopher Graham PGR Student Contact Christopher Graham
Mr Jamie Graham Contact Jamie Graham
Mr David Graves Contact David Graves
Mrs Wendy Gray PGR Student
Mr Jack Greenwood PGR Student
Mr Jack Griffiths PGR Student
Mr. Ryan Griffiths PGR Student Contact Ryan Griffiths
Mr Cameron Grove PGR Student Contact Cameron Grove
Charles Gurnham PGR Student 43535 Contact Charles Gurnham
Mr. Charles Haddon PGR Student 43535 Contact Charles Haddon
Mr. Scott Hagen PGR Student Contact Scott Hagen
Mr. Marcus Halson PGR Student Contact Marcus Halson
Miss Jennifer Harnett PGR Student- SOFI (Edinburgh) Contact Jennifer Harnett
Miss Kathryn Hartley PGR Student Contact Kathryn Hartley
Mr Max Harvey PGR Student Contact Max Harvey
Mr. Hitham Hassan PGR Student Contact Hitham Hassan
Mr Zachary Hawkhead PGR Student
Mr Qiuhan He PGR Student Contact Qiuhan He
Mr. Glen Hebberd PGR Student
Mr. Robert Heighton PGR Student 43747 Contact Robert Heighton
Mr. Alberto Hernandez-melian PGR Student Contact Alberto Hernandez-melian
Mr. Edwin Herrera-chacon PGR Student Contact Edwin Herrera-chacon
Mr Thomas Hicken PGR Student Contact Thomas Hicken
Ms Clare Higgins PGR Student 43708 Contact Clare Higgins
Mr Matthew Hill PGR Student Contact Matthew Hill
Mr Volkan Hofmann PGR Student Contact Volkan Hofmann
Mr. Daniel Hudson PGR Student Contact Daniel Hudson
Mr Joshua Hughes PGR Student Contact Joshua Hughes
Mr. Oliver Hughes PGR Student Contact Oliver Hughes
Miss Bethan Humphreys PGR Student Contact Bethan Humphreys
Mr. Filip Husko PGR Student Contact Filip Husko
Mr. Rollo Hutson PGR Student Contact Rollo Hutson
Mr Andrew Innes PGR Student 43708 Contact Andrew Innes
Mr Andrew Jackson PGR Student Contact Andrew Jackson
Ms Divya Jain PGR Student Contact Divya Jain
Mr. Matthew Jamieson PGR Student Contact Matthew Jamieson
Mr David Jenkins Contact David Jenkins
Mr Jacob Kegerreis
Mr Ashley J. Kelly PGR Student
Mr Daniel King
Mr. Puttiwat Kongkaew PGR Student Contact Puttiwat Kongkaew
Mr. Suttikoon Koonkor PGR Student Contact Suttikoon Koonkor
Mr. Jakub Krys PGR Student Contact Jakub Krys
Mr Douglas John Laidlaw Contact Douglas John Laidlaw
Mr. Brivael Laloux PGR Student Contact Brivael Laloux
Mr. Samuel Lange Postgraduate Student Contact Samuel Lange
Mr. Ce Li PGR Student Contact Ce Li
Mr. Muchen Li Postgraduate Student Contact Muchen Li
Mr. Alexander Lione PGR Student Contact Alexander Lione
Mr Matthew Littlehales PGR Student Contact Matthew Littlehales
Mr. Yuankang Liu PGR Student Contact Yuankang Liu
Mr Sheridan Lloyd PGR Student Contact Sheridan Lloyd
Mr Henry Lockwood PGR Student 41408 Contact Henry Lockwood
Mr Fraser Logue PGR Student
Mr. Roy Lomas-zapata PGR Student Contact Roy Lomas-zapata
Mr Joao Luis PGR Student Contact Joao Luis
Miss Maria Luna-garcia PGR Student Contact Maria Luna-garcia
Mr. Duncan Mackenzie PGR Student Contact Duncan Mackenzie
Mr. Makun Madar PGR Student Contact Makun Madar
Ms. Aurelie Magniez PGR Student 43573 Contact Aurelie Magniez
Mr Ra'ad Mahmoud Contact Ra'ad Mahmoud
Mr Giorgio Manzoni PGR Student Contact Giorgio Manzoni
Ms Mohsenah Mashniwi PGR Student Contact Mohsenah Mashniwi
Mr. Jonas Matthies PGR Student Contact Jonas Matthies
Mr. James Maxwell PGR Student Contact James Maxwell
Mr. Cameron Mcallister PGR Student Contact Cameron Mcallister
Miss Ruth McTiernan PGR Student
Mr. Peter Meinzinger PGR Student Contact Peter Meinzinger
Mr. Daniel Milne PGR Student Contact Daniel Milne
Mr Hector Miranda-salinas PGR Student Contact Hector Miranda-salinas
Mr. Puya Mirkarimi PGR Student Contact Puya Mirkarimi
Mr Jake Mitchell PGR Student Contact Jake Mitchell
Mr Ryan Moodie PGR Student Contact Ryan Moodie
Mr Samuel Moody PGR Student Contact Samuel Moody
Mr Ariam Mora-hernandez Contact Ariam Mora-hernandez
Mr Vladimir Morozov Contact Vladimir Morozov
Mr. Jonathan Mortlock PGR Student Contact Jonathan Mortlock
Mr. Samuel Musson PGR Student 43710 Contact Samuel Musson
Mr. Amrit Nayak PGR Student Contact Amrit Nayak
Mr Alexander Newbold PGR Student Contact Alexander Newbold
Mr Ben Nicholson PGR Student
Mr Laurentiu Nita PGR Student Contact Laurentiu Nita
Mr. Fandi Oktasendra PGR Student Contact Fandi Oktasendra
Mr. Jack Parker PGR Student 42490 Contact Jack Parker
Miss Nency Patel PGR Student Contact Nency Patel
Mr Benjamin Pearce PGR Student
Mr. James Petley PGR Student Contact James Petley
Mr Dorian Praia-do-amaral PGR Student Contact Dorian Praia-do-amaral
Mr Seth Price PGR Student Contact Seth Price
Mr. Jonathan Pritchett PGR Student Contact Jonathan Pritchett
Mr. Adarsh Raghuram PGR Student Contact Adarsh Raghuram
Mr Visagan Ravindran Postgraduate Student Contact Visagan Ravindran
Mr. Michael Rennick PGR Student Contact Michael Rennick
Mr. Debi Rianto Postgraduate Student Contact Debi Rianto
Mr Oliver Rigby PGR Student Contact Oliver Rigby
Mr Alberto Rosales-de-leon PGR Student Contact Alberto Rosales-de-leon
Mr Thomas Rose Contact Thomas Rose
Mr. Guillaume Rostagni PGR Student Contact Guillaume Rostagni
Mr. Cheng-zong Ruan PGR Student Contact Cheng-zong Ruan
Mr Sergio Ruiz-bonilla PGR Student Contact Sergio Ruiz-bonilla
Mr. Daniel Ruttley PGR Student 43709 Contact Daniel Ruttley
Mr. Thomas Sandnes PGR Student Contact Thomas Sandnes
Mr Francesco Sarandrea PGR Student Contact Francesco Sarandrea
Mr. Cameron Scott PGR Student Contact Cameron Scott
Mr. Jay Scott PGR Student Contact Jay Scott
Mr. Joseph Scott PGR Student Contact Joseph Scott
Mr Aidan Sedgewick PGR Student Contact Aidan Sedgewick
Mr Jack Segal PGR Student Contact Jack Segal
Mr Benjamin Shaw PGR Student Contact Benjamin Shaw
Mr Alvin Shek PGR Student Contact Alvin Shek
Mr. Jack Shergold PGR Student Contact Jack Shergold
Ms Ellen Sirks PGR Student Contact Ellen Sirks
Ms Amy Smith PGR Student Contact Amy Smith
Mr Andrew Smith PGR Student
Mr. Tommy Smith PGR Student Contact Tommy Smith
Mr Stefan Spence PGR Student Contact Stefan Spence
Mr Kleitos Stavrou ESR (Marie Curie)
Mr. Thomas Stone PGR Student Contact Thomas Stone
Mr Calvin Sykes PGR Student Contact Calvin Sykes
Miss Alina Talmantaite PGR Student Contact Alina Talmantaite
Mr. Li Tao PGR Student Contact Li Tao
Mr. James Thorne PGR Student Contact James Thorne
Mr Nicolo Tormena PGR Student- SOFI (Edinburgh) Contact Nicolo Tormena
Mr Henry Truong PGR Student 43771 Contact Henry Truong
Mr Luke Turnbull PGR Student Contact Luke Turnbull
Miss Hannah Turner PGR Student Contact Hannah Turner
Miss Martina Veresvarska PhD Student 43027 Contact Martina Veresvarska
Mr Charles Vincent Contact Charles Vincent
Mr. Vivek Wadhia PGR Student Contact Vivek Wadhia
Mr Joseph Walker PGR Student Contact Joseph Walker
Mitchell Walker PGR Student Contact Mitchell Walker
Mr Paul Walker PGR Student Contact Paul Walker
Mr. Samuel Walker Postgraduate Student Contact Samuel Walker
Miss Yuchan Wang PGR Student Contact Yuchan Wang
Miss Mia West PGR Student 43771 Contact Mia West
Ms. Lily Westerby-griffin PGR Student Contact Lily Westerby-griffin
Mr Rhys Williams PGR Student Contact Rhys Williams
Mr. Han Zhang PGR Student Contact Han Zhang
Miss Lai Zhang PGR Student Contact Lai Zhang
Other Rooms: Telescope Far East Dome 43716
Research Office (Room 125b) 43540
Level 3 Astro Lab (Room 201) 43524
Telescope East Dome 43714
Telescope West Dome 43742
Level 3 Team Projects (Room 142) 43660
Clean Room (Room 227) 43547
Computer Classroom (Room 140) 43578
Conference Room (Room 221) 43579
Femto Laser Lab (Room 61) 43601
Research Office (Room 214) 43615
Optics Lab (Room 43)
OU Office (Room 220) 42862
Photoluminescence Spectroscopy (Room 59) 43681
Research Lab (Room 14) 43557
Research Lab (Room 48) 43535
Research Lab (Room 56) 43689
Sir James Knott Library (Room 132) 43670
Chem Lab (Room 223) 43548
Chemical Preparation Lab (Room OC16) 43700
Chemical Processess Lab (Room OC9) 43703
Computer Room (Room 309) 43736
Crystal Growth Lab (Room OC13) 43724
Electroceramics Lab (Room OC12) 43718
ICC Meeting Room (Room OC304) 43790
IPPP Computer Room (Room OC217) 43808
IPPP Meeting Room (Room OC103) 43762
IPPP Reception (Room OC101) 43741
IT Room (Room 127) 43727
Microscopy Preparation Lab (Room OC10) 43731
Nanoscale Fabrication Lab (Room B001) 43523
NLO Lab (Room 55) 43812
Research Lab (Room 119b) 43774
Research Lab (Room 237) 43558
Research Lab (Room 27) 43573
Research Lab (Room 301) 43576
Research Lab (Room 305) 43517
Research Lab (Room 316) 43639
Research Lab (Room 33) 43630
Research Lab (Room 332) 43516
Research Lab (Room 333) 43793
Research Lab (Room 34) 43620
Research Lab (Room 35) 43629
Research Lab (Room 35) 43629
Research Lab (Room 58) 43669
Research Lab (Room 62) 43691
Research Lab (Room OC111) 43534
Research Office (Room 103) 43650
Research Office (Room 109 43643
Research Office (Room 327) 43710
Royal Society/Wolfson Nanotechnology Lab (Room 58) 43815
Seminar Room 253 43539
Teaching Laboratories: Mrs Susan Hilton Level 1 Laboratory 43595

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