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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Department of Earth Sciences

  Fax Number 42301
Academic Staff: Prof Mark Allen Head of Department, Chair of the Board of Studies, Professor 42344
Prof Andrew Aplin Professor 42332
Prof. James Baldini Professor 42334
Dr Richard James Brown Undergraduate Admissions Director, Associate Professor 42303
Prof Kevin Burton Professor of Geochemistry 44298
Prof Nicola De Paola Professor of Structural Geology and Rock Mechanics 42333
Prof Jon Gluyas Ørsted/Ikon Chair in Geoenergy, Carbon Capture & Storage 42302
Dr Darren R. Gröcke Associate Professor (Reader) 42427
Prof. Chris Greenwell Professor of Geochemistry 42324
Professor Robert Holdsworth Professor of Structural Geology 42299
Prof. Claire Horwell Professor of Geohealth 42253
Dr Madeleine Humphreys Associate Professor 42343
Dr Jenny Jenkins Assistant Professor 43491
Dr Stuart Jones Associate Professor, Director of Postgraduate Admissions 42319
Dr Julia Knapp Assistant Professor
Prof. Ed Llewellin Professor of Volcanology 42336
Prof Colin Macpherson Professor, Chair of Board of Examiners 42283
Prof Ken McCaffrey Professor 42322
Prof Jim McElwaine Professor of Geohazards 42286
Dr Catriona Menzies Assistant Professor 44603
Prof Stefan Nielsen Professor 44308
Professor Yaoling Niu Professor 42311
Professor Christine Peirce Professor of Marine Geophysics 42315
Dr Julie Prytulak Associate Professor, Director of Postgraduate Studies 42328
Dr Christopher Saville Assistant Professor (Teaching) 42605
Prof. Dave Selby Chair 42294
Dr Martin Smith Associate Professor in Palaeontology 42320
Professor Peter Talling Professor in Submarine Geohazards 42255 41801
Dr Andrew Valentine Assistant Professor
Prof Jeroen van Hunen Professor 42293
Dr Fabian Wadsworth Associate Professor 42314
Dr Richard Walters Associate Professor 41727
Professor Fred Worrall Professor of Environmental Chemistry 42295
Research Staff: Mr Fernando Andreu Research Computing Platforms Engineer 42342
Dr Matthieu Cartigny Independent Research Fellow 41855 41801
Dr Melissa Drignon Postdoctoral Research Associate 42356
Dr Alexander Iveson Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellow 42356
Dr Theresa Jezierski GED Research Fellow Contact Theresa Jezierski
Dr. Charline Lormand Postdoctoral Research Associate 42347
Dr Martin Mangler Postdoctoral Research Associate 42347
Dr Geoff Nowell Senior Research Officer 42339
Dr Chris Ottley Senior Research Officer 42325
Dr. Stephen Pansino Royal Society Newton International Fellow
Mr Gary Wilkinson Petroleum Geology Experimental Officer 42297
Technical Staff and Experimental Officers: Mr Ben Pitcairn Experimental Officer in Seabed Instrumentation 42313
Emeritus Staff: Prof Gillian Foulger Emeritus Professor of Geophysics Contact Gillian Foulger
Professor David Harper Emeritus Professor of Palaeontology
Emeritus Professor Richard Hobbs Emeritus Professor 44295
Dr Grenville Holland Emeritus
Prof Roger Clive Searle Emeritus Professor of Geophysics 42307
Professor M E Tucker Emeritus Professor of Geological Sciences
Honorary Staff: Professor Tony Dore Honorary Professor
Prof John Grocott Honorary Professor Contact John Grocott
Dr Bruce Julian Honorary Research Fellow Contact Bruce Julian
Professor Mark Noel Honorary Professor
Professor Michael O’Hara Honorary Professor
Dr Iain Scotchman Honorary Lecturership
Dr Tom Shepherd Honorary Research Fellow
Prof. Simon Stewart Honorary Professor
Mr Mark Stone Honorary Senior Lecturer
Professor Richard Swarbrick Honorary Professor
Dr. Charlotte Vye-Brown Honorary Research Fellow
Mr Brian Young Honorary Research Fellow
Visitors: Dr Xin Dong Senior Scientist from Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences 42311 Contact Xin Dong
Dr Yang Yan Senior Engineer - Development and Research Centre, China Geological Survey in Beijing Contact Yang Yan
Administrative Staff: Mrs Karen Atkinson Finance Manager Travel Reporter and Travel Approver 42318
Miss Louise Bowron Postgraduate Coordinator 42198 Contact Louise Bowron
Mrs Paula Elliott Finance Administrator 43490 42301
Miss Holly Gardner Learning & Teaching Administrator 42573
Mrs Jill Hoult Department Manager 42326
Miss Kendra Johnson Finance Administrator (p/t Thurs-Fri) 44294
Mrs Janice Oakes Learning & Teaching Manager 42310
Ms Sarah Richardson Operations Administrator 41710 Contact Sarah Richardson
Miss Emma Rusby Postgraduate Coordinator 42198
Mrs Sandra Rust Learning & Teaching Administrator Contact Sandra Rust
Mrs Dianne Whatcott Senior Research Administrator 42305 +44 (0) 191 3342301 Contact Dianne Whatcott
Technical Staff: Miss Anna Bird Experimental Officer in Marine Instrumentation 42313 Contact Anna Bird
Mr Ian Chaplin Thin Section Technician 42327 Contact Ian Chaplin
Mr Andrew Clegg Experimental Officer in Marine Instrumentation 42313 Contact Andrew Clegg
Miss Sophie Edwards Trainee Thin Section Technician 42327
Dr Alex Gonzales-Nakazawa Experimental Officer in Seabed Instrumentation 42313
Ms Joanne Peterkin Res. Lab. Technican 42304
Mrs Samantha Thorpe Geoscience Apprentice Technician 42304 Contact Samantha Thorpe
Other: Mrs Linda Campbell Science Outreach & Earth Science Alumni Officer 42331
Dr Paula Street (née Martin) Science Outreach Coordinator 42338
Research Student: Miss Naeema Al Nofeli PhD
Mr. Sultan Alhasawi PhD
Miss Ceri Allgood PhD
Mr Timothy Armitage PhD
Mr Oluwafemi Aro PhD
Miss Imogen Bailes MScR
Mrs Aimee Barroso PhD
Mr. Sam Bithell PhD
Miss Eloise Bretagne PhD
Mr Joshua Brown PhD
Mrs Erika Calderon-medina PhD
Mr. Ugurcan Cetiner PhD
Ms Natasha Chapplow PhD
Mr Dimitrios Charlaftis PhD
Miss Ipshita Chatterji MScR
Miss Raquel Chun PhD Contact Raquel Chun
Mr Sudirman Dawing PhD
Mr Fadul Dawood Rock Mechanics Lab Technician (also PhD student) Contact Fadul Dawood
Mr. Alavya Dhungana PhD
Mr Robert (Bob) Elliott PhD
Mr. Hector Escamilla-garcia PhD Contact Hector Escamilla-garcia
Miss Annabelle Foster PhD
Mr Maximilian Franzel PhD
Mr Malte Froemchen PhD
Miss Janina Gillies PhD
Miss Katharine Groves PhD
Mr Mohammad Hamidi PhD Contact Mohammad Hamidi
Miss Francesca Haywood MScR
Miss Lucy Jackson MScR
Miss Honor James MScR
Mr. Alexander Jefferies MScR
Daniel Jones PhD
Miss Shubhangi Khobragade PhD
Mr Akos Kiss PhD
Mr Karl Kraavi MScR
Mr. Thomas Lark PhD Contact Thomas Lark
Miss Amy Le MScR
Mr Jack Lee PhD Contact Jack Lee
Mr. Chung Leung MScR
Miss Ariane Loisel PhD Contact Ariane Loisel
Mr Joel Lozano PhD Contact Joel Lozano
Mr Joshua Marsh MScR
Mr. Zak Milner PhD
Mr. Ernest Mulaya PhD Contact Ernest Mulaya
Miss Nadia Narayan PhD Contact Nadia Narayan
Miss Chimaobi Nwachukwu PhD
Miss Emma Ownsworth PhD
Miss Sophie Page PhD
Mrs Laksmi Rachmawati PhD Contact Laksmi Rachmawati
Miss Rahmawati Rahayu PhD Contact Rahmawati Rahayu
Miss Rebecca Robertson PhD
Mr. Sean Ruffell PhD Contact Sean Ruffell
Mr. Jack Salisbury PhD
Mrs Catriona Sellick PhD Contact Catriona Sellick
Mr. Gustav Semanchik MScR
Ms Anza Shakeel PhD Contact Anza Shakeel
Mr. Gustavo Soares PhD
Mr. David Squirrell MScR Contact David Squirrell
Miss Madeleine Stow PhD
Mr Rory Sutton MScR
Miss Alexandra Sweeney PhD
Miss Jennifer Talbot MScR
Mrs Alexandra Tamas PhD
Ms Jennifer Taylor PhD
Mr. Jeremy Teale MScR
Mr Joseph Tedd MScR Contact Joseph Tedd
Mr Niall Tracey PhD
Miss Rebecca Winstanley PhD
Miss Zihan Yang PhD Contact Zihan Yang
Geospatial Research Ltd: Dr Susan Daniels GRL Research Fellow
Dr Richard R. Jones GRL Research Fellow
Dr Michele McErlean GRL
Mr David Oxlade GRL Research Assistant Contact David Oxlade
Laboratories and Workshops: Sir Kingsley Dunham Earth Imaging Laboratory 42317
CCS, Rock Mechanics & Fluid Dynamics Laboratory 42292
Environmental Geochemistry Lab
GeoChem Prep Lab (Total Lab) 42298
Geophysical Equipment Store 42297
Ocean-Bottom Instrumentation Facility 42313
Rock Prep
Sedimentary Lab
Sir Kingsley Dunham Palaeoclimate Research Lab
Stable Isotope Lab 41593
Clean Room 42316
Geophysics Workshop 42323
ICP Laboratory 42289
Micropalaeontology Laboratory 42340
Microscope and SEM Room 42291
Rock Cutting 42321
Stable Isotope Preparation Laboratory 42306
Thin Section Workshop 42327
TIMS/PIMMS Laboratory 42287
Ultra Clean Room 42308

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