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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Department of Chemistry

  Enquiries 42076
FAX internal 42051
Academic Staff: Prof. Karl S. Coleman Head of Department 42116
Dr Juan A Aguilar Malavia Research Officer 42095
Professor Jas Pal S. Badyal FRS Professor 42001
Professor Colin D. Bain Professor 42138
Dr A Batsanov Senior Experimental Officer (crystallography) 42004
Prof. Ian R. Baxendale Director of Impact 42185
Dr Simon Beaumont Associate Professor 42598
Prof. Andrew Beeby Professor 42023
Dr William Brittain Leverhulme Early Career Fellow 42055
Prof. Martin R. Bryce Professor 42018
Dr David Carty Associate Professor 42026
Prof. Steven Cobb Professor 42086
Dr Philippa Coffer Assistant Professor 42122
Dr Aileen Congreve Senior Research Officer 42187
Dr Sharon J. Cooper Associate Professor 42098
Dr Basile Curchod Associate Professor 44065
Dr Sangita Das Newton International Fellow
Dr Philip W. Dyer Associate Professor (Reader) 42150
Prof. Ivana Evans Professor 42594
Prof. John S.O. Evans Professor 42093
Dr Mark A. Fox Senior Research Officer
Prof. Paul Hodgkinson Professor 42019
Dr David R.W. Hodgson Associate Professor 42123
Prof. Judith A. K. Howard Professor 42047
Dr Andrew Hughes Director of Education 42011
Prof. Lian Hutchings Professor 42133
Prof. Jeremy M. Hutson Professor 42147
Dr Karen E. Johnston Assistant Professor 42063
Dr Hachemi Kadri Assistant Professor (Research) - GCRF NTD Independent Research Fellow
Dr Kalesh Karunakaran Assistant Professor (Research) - GCRF NTD Independent Research Fellow
Prof. Ritu Kataky Professor 42091
Dr David King Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence 42069 Contact David King
Dr Matthew O. Kitching Assistant Professor (Research) 42127
Dr Lewis Mackenzie BBSRC Discovery Fellow 42353
Dr Clare Mahon Assistant Professor +44 (0) 191 33 44881
Dr Paul R. McGonigal Associate Professor 42593
Dr Julieta Litka Milian Assistant Professor 42105
Dr Mark Miller Associate Professor 42037
Prof. AnnMarie C. O'Donoghue Professor 42592
Dr Lars-Olof Pålsson Associate Professor 42135
Dr Robert Pal Associate Professor 42102
Prof. David Parker Professor 42033
Professor Ehmke Pohl Professor 43619
Dr Exequiel Porta COFUND Fellow
Professor Nigel Robinson Professor 42115
Prof. Jacquie Robson Professor (Teaching) 42352
Dr John M. Sanderson Associate Professor 42107
Prof. Jonathan W. Steed Professor 42085
Prof. Patrick G. Steel Professor 42131
Dr Russell Taylor Assistant Professor 42152
Dr Richard Thompson Associate Professor 42139
Prof. David J. Tozer Professor 42111
Prof. Jan R.R. Verlet Director of Research 42159
Dr James W. Walton Assistant Professor 42109
Prof. Andy Whiting Professor 42081
Prof. J.A. Gareth Williams Professor 42124
Prof. Mark Richard Wilson Professor 42144
Dr Eckart Wrede Associate Professor (Reader) 42129
Dr Na Wu Newton International Fellow
Dr DS Yufit Senior Experimental Officer 42004
Adjunct Lecturer : Prof. Chris Greenwell Adjunct Lecturer 42324
Administrative Staff: Miss Elizabeth Amies Department Manager 4985 Contact Elizabeth Amies
Mr A Baxter Finance Assistant 42007
Mrs Nicola Bramfitt Learning and Teaching Manager 42132
Mr Scott Davison Operations Administrator 42076 Contact Scott Davison
Miss Jean Eccleston PGR Coordinator 42100
Linda Grieve SOFI CDT Administrator 42002 Contact Linda Grieve
Dr Margaret Leighton NTD Network Project Officer 42055 Contact Margaret Leighton
Mrs Jackie Mckenna GCRF Network Administration and Finance Officer 45543 Contact Jackie Mckenna
Mrs Annette Passmoor Finance / Stores Keeper 42005
Mr Paul Reynolds Learning and Teaching Administrator 42050 Contact Paul Reynolds
Miss Helene Rusby Finance Manager 42003
Dr Lara Small Levelling Up: Aspire Higher Programme Manager
Mr Andy Walker Learning and Teaching Administrator Contact Andy Walker
Mrs Emma Worden MoSMed CDT Manager 41387 Contact Emma Worden
Emeritus Staff: Dr Michael Crampton Emeritus Reader
Dr Keith B. Dillon Emeritus Reader 42004
Prof. W. James Feast Emeritus Professor
Research Staff: Dr Abdul-lateef Adedigba Research Associate 42080
Miss Tavleen Attari Research Associate
Dr Stephen Boothroyd Research Associate
Dr Patrycja Brook Research Associate Contact Patrycja Brook
Dr Ross Davidson Research Associate 44613
Dr Herve Dekkiche Research Associate
Dr Oleg Dolomanov Research Associate
Dr Stefanie Freitag-Pohl Research Associate 43970
Dr Niloofar Haghighian Research Associate
Dr Amy Hall Research Associate
Dr Matthias Hempe Research Associate
Dr Shan Jiang Research Associate 42084
Dr Nadzeya Kukhta Research Associate 44612
Dr Catherine Le-sueur Research Fellow 42103
Dr Matt Mulvee Research Associate 42048 Contact Matt Mulvee
Dr Luke O'Driscoll Research Associate
Dr Gunnar Olsen Research Associate 44612 Contact Gunnar Olsen
Dr Thomas Potter Research Associate
Horst Puschmann Professor in Practice
Dr Venkata Krishnan Ramaswamy Research Associate
Dr Amit Sil Research Associate
Dr Emma Tarrant Research Associate
Dr Martin Walker Research Associate
Dr Jonathan Ward Research Associate 42022
Dr Cory Widdifield Research Associate 42019
Dr Baochun Yang Research Associate 42103 Contact Baochun Yang
Dr L Yang Research Associate 42596
Dr Xiaotao Zhao Research Associate
Teaching Fellows: Dr Katherine Norman Teaching Fellow in Chemistry 4821 Contact Katherine Norman
Technical Staff: Mr K Appleby Electronics Workshop 42015
Mr Aaron Brown Glassblowing 42017
Mr WD Carswell Research Services/Waste Disposal 42036
Dr O Chetina Technician 42121
Dr Bryan Denton Supervisor, Electronics Workshop 42015
Mr I Edwards Biochemistry 42143
Mrs CF Heffernan NMR liquid-state 42106
Mr PA Hofmann Undergraduate teaching & Facilities Manager 42027
Mr RN Holmes Supervisor, Mechanical Workshop 42108
Mrs E Knighton Supervisor, Undergrad. lab. 42041
Mr LW Lauchlan Chromatography 42128
Mr G Oswald Research Services 42032
Dr D Parker Mass Spec 42112
Mr M Richardson Supervisor, Glassblowing Workshop 42017
Mr G Southern Stores maintenance 42027
Mr Peter Stokes Experimental Officer, Mass Spec 42120
Miss Kerry Strong Teaching Laboratory Technician 42041
Dr Emily Unsworth Elemental Analysis (0.6) 42066
Mr Paul White Mechanical Workshop Technician 42108
Lab Attendants: Mrs J Charlton Laboratory Attendant 42100
Miss Claire Fairish Laboratory Attendant 42100
Mrs Alison Reid Laboratory Attendant (0.5) 42100
Ms AL Smith Laboratory Attendant 42100
Mr Ivan Smith Laboratory Attendant 42027
Mrs VO Watson Laboratory Attendant 42100
Other Personnel: MC205 42134
Postgraduates CY001X 42072
Postgraduates CY007X 42030
Postgraduates CY027A 42013
Postgraduates CY030 42088
Postgraduates CY031 42052
Postgraduates CY050 42048
Postgraduates CY053 42042
Postgraduates CY057 42080
Postgraduates CY072 42004
Postgraduates CY096 42074
Postgraduates CY100X 42012
Postgraduates CY103J 42075
Postgraduates CY104X 42022
Postgraduates CY108X 42038
Postgraduates CY115X 42035
Postgraduates CY138 42146
Postgraduates CY156 42055
Postgraduates CY200X 42087
Postgraduates CY204 42143
Postgraduates CY214 42158
Postgraduates CY217X 42155
Postgraduates CY217X 42155
Postgraduates CY260 42218

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