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Email and Telephone Directory

Department of Biosciences

Key Contacts: Ms Lucy Kuene Finance Administrator 41302
Miss Helen Luke Postgraduate queries 49167
Miss Avril Ferry Enquiries to the Head of Department 41332
Prof Keith Lindsey Head of Department 41332
Undergraduate Admissions 41200
Mrs MJ Johnson Undergraduate/Teaching 41200
Mr J Summerill Department Superintendent 41245
Dr S Wilbourn Senior Administrator 43191
Administration: General Enquiries 41200
Purchasing Office 41311
Absence Line 41012
Administrative Staff: Miss Caroline Adamson Administrative Assistant (Purchasing) 49164 Contact Caroline Adamson
Mrs Lyndsay Appleton Administrative Assistant (Purchasing) 41311 Contact Lyndsay Appleton
Miss Lydia Bertrand Teaching Administrative Assistant 49103
Dr Emma Campbell Research Administrator 41368 Contact Emma Campbell
Ms Sheila Dunn Postgraduate Administrative Assistant 49371 Contact Sheila Dunn
Miss Avril Ferry Assistant Administrator 41332 Contact Avril Ferry
Mrs MJ Johnson Admin Assistant 41200 Contact MJ Johnson
Ms Lucy Kuene Finance Administrator 41302
Miss Helen Luke Postgraduate Administrator 49167
Mrs J Lynn Teaching Admin / Student Liaison 41241
Mrs Kath Robinson-Artley Teaching Administrative Assistant 41394
Mrs Rachel Simpson Lindsay Group Administrator 49145
Mrs Deborah Taylor Research Network Administration 49116 44634 Contact Deborah Taylor
Ms Helen Taylor Teaching Administrative Assistant 49103
Dr S Wilbourn Senior Administrator 43191
Mrs H Williams Admin Assistant (Part-time) 41356
Academic Staff: Dr Carrie A. Ambler Assistant Professor 41246 Contact Carrie A. Ambler
Dr R Bashir Associate Professor 41320 +44 191 334 1201
Dr Robert Baxter Associate Professor (Reader) 41261 +44 191 334 1201
Dr Adam Benham Associate Professor 41259 +44 191 334 1201
Dr Tim R Blower Assistant Professor 43923 Contact Tim R Blower
Dr John Bothwell Associate Professor (Reader in Bioenergy) 41349
Dr G Campling Assistant Professor (Teaching) 41342
Dr Martin Cann Associate Professor (Reader) 43985 (+44) 191 334 1201
Dr P Chazot Associate Professor 41305
Dr Peter Chivers Associate Professor 41297
Dr Rebecca Clark Assistant Professor 41270 Contact Rebecca Clark
Dr Wayne Dawson Assistant Professor 41308
Dr Paul Denny Visiting Associate Professor 43983
Dr Tony Fawcett Associate Professor 41328 +44 191 334 1201
Professor John A. Gatehouse Professor 41264 +44 191 334 1201
Dr Martin Goldberg Associate Professor 41250
Dr Sushma Grellscheid Assistant Professor 41378
Professor AR Hoelzel Professor 41325 +44-334 1201
Dr N Hole Associate Professor 41244
Professor B. Huntley Professor 41282 +44-(0)191 334 1201
Prof PJ Hussey Professor 41335 +44 191 334 1201
Prof CAB Jahoda Professor 41338 +44 191 334 1201
Dr Akis (Iakowos) Karakesisoglou Associate Professor 41299
Dr Heather Knight Assistant Professor 43215
Professor Marc Knight Professor 41224
Prof Steve Lindsay Professor 41291 +44 (0)191 334 1201
Prof Keith Lindsey Head of Department, Professor 41309
Dr J Liu Associate Professor 41376 Contact J Liu
Dr Martyn Lucas Associate Professor 41345 +44-191-334 1201
Dr Arto Maatta Associate Professor 41337
Dr AJ O'Sullivan Assistant Professor 41348
Dr Ehmke Pohl Associate Professor (Reader) 43619
Prof Stefan Przyborski Professor 43988
Dr S Pyner Associate Professor 41346 +44-191-334 1201
Prof Roy Andrew Quinlan Professor 41331 +44 191 334 1201
Prof. Nigel Robinson Professor 42115
Professor Ari Sadanandom Professor 41263
Dr Martin Schröder Assistant Professor 41316 49104 Contact Martin Schröder
Dr Gary Sharples Associate Professor 43986 +44-0191 334 1201
Dr Philip Stephens Associate Professor 49102 Contact Philip Stephens
Dr Sean Twiss Associate Professor 41350
Prof A Walmsley Professor 49165 Contact A Walmsley
Dr David Weinkove Associate Professor 41303
Dr Stephen G Willis Associate Professor (Reader) 41379
Dr Paul Yeo Visiting Assistant Professor 43982
Research Staff: Dr Judy Allen Postdoctoral Research Associate 41238
Dr Max Brown Postdoctoral Research Associate 41265
Dr Georgia Campbell Postdoctoral Research Associate 41279 Contact Georgia Campbell
Dr Elisa Carrasco Postdoctoral Research Associate 41239 Contact Elisa Carrasco
Dr Y Collingham Senior Research Associate 41279
Dr Stepan Fenyk Postdoctoral Research Associate 41267
Dr Andrew Foster Post Doctoral Research Associate 42143
Dr Michelle Gaither Postdoctoral Research Associate Contact Michelle Gaither
Dr Christine Howard Postdoctoral Research Associate 41266
Dr Miguel Jarrin Postdoctoral Research Associate 41278 Contact Miguel Jarrin
Dr Craig Manning Postdoctoral Research Associate 41312 / 43584 Contact Craig Manning
Dr John G. M. Mina Postdoctoral Research Associate 42072
Dr Ahmed Mohamed Postdoctoral Research Associate 41271 Contact Ahmed Mohamed
Mrs Beatriz Orosa Postdoctoral Research Associate 49162 Contact Beatriz Orosa
Dr Deenah Osman Postdoctoral Research Associate 42143
Dr Fiona Cameron Shenton Postdoctoral Research Associate 41239
Dr Anjil Srivastava Postdoctoral Research Associate 49162 Contact Anjil Srivastava
Dr Philip Townsend Postdoctoral Research Associate 43978 Contact Philip Townsend
Dr Vivek Verma Postdoctoral Research Associate 49162 Contact Vivek Verma
Dr Pengwei Wang Postdoctoral Research Associate 41235
Anne Wilson Research Assistant 41275 Contact Anne Wilson
Research Fellows: Dr. Adrian Christopher Brennan Research Fellow 41251 Contact Adrian Christopher Brennan
Dr Steve Chivasa Research Fellow 41275
Dr Miguel de-Lucas Research Fellow 41237
Dr Peter Etchells Research Fellow 41237
Dr Elaine Fitches Research Fellow 41287 Contact Elaine Fitches
Dr Dana MacGregor Research Fellow 41280 Contact Dana MacGregor
Dr Helen Thompson Daphne Jackson Fellow 41327 Contact Helen Thompson
Dr Andreanna Welch Research Fellow 41258
Teaching Staff: Dr Heather Kelly Assistant Professor (Teaching) 41304
Peter Knibbs Teaching Fellow 41304 Contact Peter Knibbs
Dr Camilla Lauren-Määttä Assistant Professor (Teaching) 41304
Dr Evalyne Muiruri Teaching Fellow 41254
Dr Mathilda Roger Teaching Fellow/PDRA Contact Mathilda Roger
Dr Angus Rosenburgh Assistant Professor (Teaching) 41280
Dr J Topping Assistant Professor (Teaching), Facilities Coordinator and Business Liaison Manager 41322
Departmental Services - Experimental Officers and Technicians: Dr A Brown Experimental Officer - Proteomics 41362
Mrs Heather Crawford Technician 41329 / 41357
Dr I Cummins Experimental Officer - Bioanalytics 41375
Miss Stacey Derivan Trainee Technician 41357 Contact Stacey Derivan
Dr David Dolan Experimental Officer - Bioinfomatics 49166 Contact David Dolan
Dr Nicola Fullard Experimental Officer - Animal Cell Tech 41248 Contact Nicola Fullard
Ms H Grindley Imaging Technician 41285 Contact H Grindley
Dr Tim Hawkins Senior Experimental Officer - Bioimaging/Advanced Light Microscopy 41333
Mrs V Kelly DNA Sequencing Technician 41256
Dr JTM Kroon Senior Experimental Officer 41234
Mrs RL Manning Technician 41239 / 41271 Contact RL Manning
Mrs Christine Richardson Senior Experimental Officer - Imaging 41285
Miss C Robinson Technician 41357 Contact C Robinson
Miss Joanne Louise Robson Light Microscopy Technician 41333
Miss Kerry Scott Technician (DNA Sequencing) 41256
Mrs Gillian Summerill DNA Sequencing Technician 41256
Dr Cunjin Zhang Research Technician 49162 Contact Cunjin Zhang
Research Contract Technicians: Mr Simon Bush Research Technician 41333 Contact Simon Bush
Dr David Lloyd Research Technician 49162 Contact David Lloyd
Miss Kotryna Svedaite Research Technician 42143 Contact Kotryna Svedaite
Ms C Turnbull Research Technician 41267
Teaching Technicians : Mrs M Blumer Laboratory Attendant 41257 Contact M Blumer
Miss J Chambers Technician 41257
Miss Bethany Cole Modern Apprentice Technician 41257 Contact Bethany Cole
Mrs M Earl Technician 41257
Ms Toni Hudson Modern Apprentice Teaching Technician 41257 Contact Toni Hudson
Mr P Loftus Technician 41257
Mr AF Markwell Technician 41257
Mrs K Smith Technical Assistant 41257
Technical - Central Facilities, Infrastucture & Services: Mr Oliver Alainis Assistant Central Services and Maintenance Technician 41344 Contact Oliver Alainis
Mr M Bone Group Leader - Central Services 41277
Mr I Edwards Technician 43978
Mrs P Ritchie Technician 41248
Mr J Simpson Technical Assistant 41277 Contact J Simpson
Mr J Summerill Department Superintendent 41245
Visitors / Emeritus: Dr Karis Baker Visitor 41323
Dr PJ Gates Visitor
Dr David Hole Visiting Fellow 41279 Contact David Hole
Prof AR Slabas Professor (Emeritus) 41332
Prof Anthony Stuart Visitor 41279 Contact Anthony Stuart
Dr Robert William Banks Visitor 41254 +44-(0)191 334 1201
Prof K Bowler Emeritus Professor
Ms Adelaide Raimundo Visitor 41303 Contact Adelaide Raimundo
Teaching Staff: Dr David Dryden Assistant Professor (Teaching) 41254
Visitors / Emeritus: Dr Mokhles Shaherli Visitor Contact Mokhles Shaherli
Research Student: Ms Maha Al-rushadi Research Postgraduate 41265 Contact Maha Al-rushadi
Ms Jeanette Alcaraz Research Postgraduate 41287 Contact Jeanette Alcaraz
Mr Michael Alexander Research Postgraduate 41239 Contact Michael Alexander
Mr Mohammed Alhaddad Research Postgraduate 41373 Contact Mohammed Alhaddad
Mr Benjamin Allcock Research Postgraduate 41239 Contact Benjamin Allcock
Mr Michael Armstrong Research Postgraduate 41265
Miss Hayley Arthurs Research Postgraduate 41239 Contact Hayley Arthurs
Miss Kristine Bagdassarian Research Postgraduate 41296 Contact Kristine Bagdassarian
Mr Stephen Barnard Research Postgraduate 41278 Contact Stephen Barnard
Miss Marikka Beecroft Research Postgraduate Contact Marikka Beecroft
Mr Mario Bonillas-monge Research Postgraduate Contact Mario Bonillas-monge
Mr Steven Bradbury Research Postgraduate 43979 Contact Steven Bradbury
Miss Naomi Brannan Research Postgraduate Contact Naomi Brannan
Miss Claire Branston Research Postgraduate 41266 Contact Claire Branston
Miss Grace Brewer Research Postgraduate 41296 Contact Grace Brewer
Mr Stuart Brooker Research Postgraduate 41266
Miss Fiona Bryant Research Postgraduate 41271 Contact Fiona Bryant
Mr Alberto Campanaro Research Postgraduate 49162 Contact Alberto Campanaro
Miss Emily Cardew Research Postgraduate Contact Emily Cardew
Miss Naomi Carne Research Postgraduate 41239 Contact Naomi Carne
Miss Kirsty Clarke Research Postgraduate Contact Kirsty Clarke
Miss Lydia Costello Research Postgraduate 43979 Contact Lydia Costello
Miss Nicole Darling Research Postgraduate 43979 Contact Nicole Darling
Miss Melissa Dawson Research Postgraduate 41266 Contact Melissa Dawson
Mr Menno De-jong Research Postgraduate Contact Menno De-jong
Mr Jake De-thier Research Postgraduate 41287 Contact Jake De-thier
Miss Eleanor Desmond Research Postgraduate 41271 Contact Eleanor Desmond
Mr Christopher Dixon Research Postgraduate Contact Christopher Dixon
Ms Teegan Docherty Research Postgraduate Contact Teegan Docherty
Mr Patrick Duckney Research Postgraduate 41235 Contact Patrick Duckney
Miss Rebecca Duit Research Postgraduate 41248 Contact Rebecca Duit
Miss Isabel Fletcher Research Postgraduate Contact Isabel Fletcher
Mr Alireza Foroozani Research Postgraduate Contact Alireza Foroozani
Mr Matthew Freer Research Postgraduate 43979 Contact Matthew Freer
Mr Nicolas Fuentes Research Postgraduate 41266 Contact Nicolas Fuentes
Mr Shams Galib Research Postgraduate 41260
Miss Lucinda Gardner Research Postgraduate 41266 Contact Lucinda Gardner
Ms Emma Garrido-altamirano Research Postgraduate 49162 Contact Emma Garrido-altamirano
Ms Michelle Gibson Research Postgraduate
Mr Adam Gilmore Research Postgraduate Contact Adam Gilmore
Miss Heather Goodman Research Postgraduate Contact Heather Goodman
Miss Flora Hetherington Research Postgraduate Contact Flora Hetherington
Miss Elana Hobkirk Research Postgraduate 41247 Contact Elana Hobkirk
Mr Henry Hoyle Research Postgraduate 43979 Contact Henry Hoyle
Mr Pen-yuan Hsing Research Postgraduate 41252 Contact Pen-yuan Hsing
Mrs Eve Hunter-featherstone Research Postgraduate 43979 Contact Eve Hunter-featherstone
Mr Amjed Ibrahim Research Postgraduate Contact Amjed Ibrahim
Miss Melissa Jackson Research Postgraduate 41239 Contact Melissa Jackson
Miss Amy Jacobsen Research Postgraduate 41296 Contact Amy Jacobsen
Miss Donata Janickaite Research Postgraduate Contact Donata Janickaite
Mr Simeon Johnson Research Postgraduate Contact Simeon Johnson
Mr Carl Jones Research Postgraduate 41265 Contact Carl Jones
Miss Alexia Kalligeraki Research Postgraduate 41278 Contact Alexia Kalligeraki
Mr Thomas Keggin Research Postgraduate 41283 Contact Thomas Keggin
Ms Maire Kirkland Research Postgraduate 41266 Contact Maire Kirkland
Mr Albert Lahat Research Postgraduate 41265 Contact Albert Lahat
Ms Jessie Lauze Research Postgraduate 41267 Contact Jessie Lauze
Ms Gioia Lenzoni Research Postgraduate Contact Gioia Lenzoni
Miss Victoria Linthwaite Research Postgraduate 43978 Contact Victoria Linthwaite
Miss Xiao Liu Visiting Research Student 41283 Contact Xiao Liu
Mr Alexander Llewelyn Research Postgraduate 43978 Contact Alexander Llewelyn
Mr Angus Lothian Research Postgraduate 41260
Mr Tianyuan Mao Research Postgraduate Contact Tianyuan Mao
Miss Maria Martini Research Postgraduate 42143 Contact Maria Martini
Miss Matilda Masose Research Postgraduate 41239 Contact Matilda Masose
Miss Claire Maynard Research Postgraduate Contact Claire Maynard
Miss Alison Mbekeani Research Postgraduate Contact Alison Mbekeani
Miss Shauni Mcgregor Research Postgraduate 41296 Contact Shauni Mcgregor
Miss Linda Millyard Research Postgraduate Contact Linda Millyard
Mr Daniel Moore Research Postgraduate 41283 Contact Daniel Moore
Mr Simon Moore Research Postgraduate Contact Simon Moore
Miss Rebecca Morrell Research Postgraduate 49162 Contact Rebecca Morrell
Miss Courtney-jai Neal Research Postgraduate 41266 Contact Courtney-jai Neal
Mr Joseph Nelson Research Postgraduate 41265 Contact Joseph Nelson
Miss Harriet Newhouse Research Postgraduate Contact Harriet Newhouse
Miss Katherine O'Mahony Research Postgraduate 41248 Contact Katherine O'Mahony
Miss Naiara O'Mahony Research Postgraduate 41266 Contact Naiara O'Mahony
Mr Hagen O'Neill Research Postgraduate 41247 Contact Hagen O'Neill
Mr Samuel Ohiomokhare Research Postgraduate Contact Samuel Ohiomokhare
Ms Monica Olguin-villa Research Postgraduate Contact Monica Olguin-villa
Mrs Paige Panter Research Postgraduate 41271 Contact Paige Panter
Mr Hamish Pegg Research Postgraduate 43978 Contact Hamish Pegg
Mr David Picton Research Postgraduate 43970 / 44606 Contact David Picton
Mr Edward Pinches Research Postgraduate 41287 Contact Edward Pinches
Ms Michelle Powell Research Postgraduate 41287 Contact Michelle Powell
Mr Greg Pridgeon Research Postgraduate Contact Greg Pridgeon
Miss Rebecca Quelch Research Postgraduate 43979 Contact Rebecca Quelch
Mr Kasim Rafiq Research Postgraduate 41266 Contact Kasim Rafiq
Mr Antonio Romo-morales Research Postgraduate Contact Antonio Romo-morales
Ms Alice Rowland Research Postgraduate 41271 Contact Alice Rowland
Miss Karla Santon Research Postgraduate 41265 Contact Karla Santon
Mr Abayomi Sanusi Research Postgraduate Contact Abayomi Sanusi
Mr Andrew Scott Research Postgraduate Contact Andrew Scott
Mr Weiran Shen Research Postgraduate 41296 Contact Weiran Shen
Miss Courtney Shuert Research Postgraduate 41247 Contact Courtney Shuert
Mr Lee Simpson Research Postgraduate 41239 Contact Lee Simpson
Miss Lucy Smith Research Postgraduate 43979 Contact Lucy Smith
Mr Jingrui Sun Research Postgraduate 41260
Mr Matthew Thompson Research Postgraduate 41248 Contact Matthew Thompson
Mr Jeroen Tummers Research Postgraduate 41260
Ms Alke Voskamp Research Postgraduate 41252 Contact Alke Voskamp
Miss Charlotte Walsh Research Postgraduate Contact Charlotte Walsh
Mr Jamie Watson Research Postgraduate Contact Jamie Watson
Miss Tara Wight Research Postgraduate 43978 Contact Tara Wight
Mr Jack Worfolk Research Postgraduate 41239 Contact Jack Worfolk
Mr Gary Yates Research Postgraduate Contact Gary Yates
Mr Christopher Young Research Postgraduate 41265 Contact Christopher Young
Mr Jongkuk Yun Research Postgraduate 41267 Contact Jongkuk Yun
Ms Jingze Zang Research Postgraduate Contact Jingze Zang
Other Rooms: Lab 1 41287
Lab 2 41265
Lab 3 41323
Lab 4 43979
Lab 5 41267
Lab 7 49162
Lab 8 41239
Lab 9 41312
Lab 10 41373
Lab 11 41283
Lab 12 41279
Lab 13 41252
Lab 14 41266
Lab 16 41260
Lab 17 41247
Lab 19 41271
Category 2 Containment Lab 41371
DNA Sequencing 41256
EM Unit 41285
Histology 41242
ICBL 1st floor Lab 41248
ICBL 1st floor Lab 41278
ICBL ground floor Lab 41281
ICBL Image Processing 41249
ICBL Plant Research Laboratory 41235
ICBL Plant Research Laboratory (Computer Room) 41296
ICBL Reading Room 41237
Meeting Room 1 41269
Meeting Room 4 41272
Palaeoecology 41319
Postdoctoral Room 41250
Postdoctoral Room 41234
Prep Room (Teaching) 41257
Protein Preparation Laboratory 41301
Proteomics 41236
Purchasing Office 41311
Whitehead Room 41366
Workshop 41277
Plant Pathology 41334