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Dr Martin Roderick

Head of Department in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Contact Dr Martin Roderick (email at m.j.roderick@durham.ac.uk)


Martin has worked at Durham University since 2004. His central research interests have centred on the sociology of sport and work, and his teaching reflects these core interests. Martin spent several years at the University of Leicester before moving to Durham University in 2004. At Leicester, Martin completed an MA in the Sociology of Sport, and was appointed subsequently as Research Associate in the Sociology Department’s Centre for Research into Sport and Society. Martin completed his Ph.D. examining the careers of professional footballers in 2003, which was subsequently published as a book in 2006, The work of professional football: A labour of love?

Research Interests

Martin has maintained his longstanding research interests connected with the problems associated with work and careers in professional sport, but his more recent focus has concerned the inter-connections among family life, issues of work-life balance and mental health. He is currently working on a British Academy funded project that examines the effects of public recognition on the private selves of high profile athletes.

PhD Students

Martin welcomes applications from potential PhD students interested in the following areas of research. The first area concerns the work and careers of professional and elite athletes. Martin is currently looking particularly at issues of welfare and the inter-connections among family life, issues of work-life balance and athletic careers. Secondly he would be very interested in applications from students interested in celebrity and its impact on the working lives of athletes. The third area of research interest concerns the issue of risk, pain and injury in sport and physical activity, something about which he has a longstanding academic interest. 

Research Projects

Department of Sociology

  • The effects of public recognition on the private selves of high profile athletes

Research Interests

  • Risk, pain and injury in physical activity
  • Work and careers
  • Family life
  • Applied sports research


Edited book

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Chapter in book

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Journal Article

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