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Prof Jon Gluyas - all publications

Chapter in book

  • Gluyas, Jon, Tang, Longxun & Jones, Stuart (2018). Argyll Field: the first oil field to be developed on the UK Continental Shelf. In History of the European Oil and Gas Industry. Craig, J., Gerali, F., Macaulay, F. & Sorkhabi, R. London: Geological Society. 465: 77-93.
  • Gluyas, J. (2012). Chapter 8. In The Technical and Legal Guide to Global Hydrocarbons Volume 1. Neilson, E.C. & Wills, J. Aberlour Press, Aberdeen. 327-424.

Conference Paper

  • Hirst, C.M., Gluyas, J.G & Mathias, S.A. (2013), Late Field Life of the East Midlands Petroleum Province - A New Geothermal Prospect?, Sustainable earth sciences 2013 proceedings.
  • Wilkinson, M., Haszeldine, R.S., Hosa, A., Stewart, R.J., Holloway, S., Bentham, M., Smith, K., Swarbrick, R., Jenkins, S., Gluyas, J., Mackay, E., Smith, G., Daniels, S. & Raistrick, M. (2011), Defining simple and comprehensive assessment units for CO2 storage in saline formations beneath the UK North Sea and continental shelf, Energy Procedia 4: 10th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-10). Amsterdam, Netherlands, Elsevier, 4865-4872.
  • Adams, C.A., Gluyas, J.G. & Mathias, S.A. (2010), Application of Hydrogeological parameters for evaluating the thermal resource potential for deep groundwater systems, BHS Third International Conference: Role of hydrology in managing consequences of a changing global environment. Newcastle upon Tyne, British Hydrological Society, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Journal Article

  • Tang, Long-Xun, Gluyas, Jon, Jones, Stuart & Bowen, Leon (2018). Diagenetic and geochemical studies of the Buchan Formation (Upper Devonian) in the Central North Sea. Petroleum Science 15(2): 211-229.
  • Foulger, Gillian R., Wilson, Miles, Gluyas, Jon, Julian, Bruce R. & Davies, Richard (2018). Global review of human-induced earthquakes. Earth-Science Reviews 178: 438-514.
  • Tang, Longxun, Gluyas, Jon & &Jones, Stuart (2018). Porosity preservation due to grain coating illite/smectite: Evidence from Buchan Formation (Upper Devonian) of the Ardmore Field, UK North Sea. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association 129(2): 202-214.
  • Yuan, Guanghui, Cao, Yingchang, Zhang, Yongchao & Gluyas, Jon (2017). Diagenesis and reservoir quality of sandstones with ancient “deep” incursion of meteoric freshwater——An example in the Nanpu Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, East China. Marine and Petroleum Geology 82: 444-464.
  • Yuan, Guanghui, Cao, Yingchang, Gluyas, Jon & Jia, Zhenzhen (2017). Reactive transport modeling of coupled feldspar dissolution and secondary mineral precipitation and its implication for diagenetic interaction in sandstones. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 207: 232-255.
  • Yuan, G., Cao, Y., Gluyas, J.G., Li, X., Xi, K., Wang, Y., Jia, Z., Sun, P. & Oxtoby, N.H. (2015). Feldspar dissolution, authigenic clays and quartz cement in open and closed geochemical systems during diagenesis; Typical examples from two rift sags in Bohai Bay, East China. AAPG Bulletin 99(11): 2121-2154.
  • Adams, Charlotte, Auld, Alison, Gluyas, Jon & Hogg, Simon Ian (2015). Geothermal Energy – the Global Opportunity. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy 229(7): 747-754.
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  • Jiang, X., Hassan, W.A.A. & Gluyas, J.G. (2013). Modelling and monitoring of geological carbon storage: A perspective on cross-validation. Applied Energy 112: 784-792.
  • Mathias, S.A., Gluyas, J.G., González Martínez de Miguel, G.J., Bryant, S.L. & Wilson, D. (2013). On the importance of relative permeability data for estimating CO2 injectivity in brine aquifers. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 12: 200-212.
  • Hedley, B.J., Davies, R.J., Mathias, S.A., Hanstock, D. & Gluyas, J.G. (2013). Uncertainty in static CO2 storage capacity estimates: Case study from the North Sea, UK. Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology 3(3): 212-230.
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  • Mathias, S.A., Gluyas, J.G., González Martínez de Miguel, G.J. & Hosseini, S.A. (2011). Role of partial miscibility on pressure buildup due to constant rate injection of CO2 into closed and open brine aquifers. Water Resources Research 47(12): W12525.
  • Mathias, S.A., Gluyas, J.G., Oldenburg, C.M. & Tsang, C.-F. (2010). Analytical solution for Joule-Thomson cooling during CO2 geosequestration in depleted oil and gas reservoirs. International Journal of Greenhouse gas Control 4(5): 806-810.
  • Gluyas, J.G. & Daniel, S.E. (2010). Is Carbon capture and storage really needed? Yes! Chemistry world 41.
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