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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Prof Simon Mathias

(email at


2019 – to date Professor of Environmental Engineering, Durham University.

2017 – 2019 Professor of Computational Geoscience, Durham University.

2017 – to date Senior Fellow of The Higher Education Academy.

2011 – 2017 — Reader in Computational Geoscience, Durham University.

2009 – 2011 — Lecturer in Geoscience, Durham University.

2007 – 2009 — WorleyParsons Lecturer of Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London.

2003 – 2007 — Research Fellow, Imperial College London.

2001 – 2005 — PhD in Civil Engineering, Imperial College London.

2000 – 2003 — Civil Engineer, Royal Haskoning.

1999 – 2000 — MSc in Water Resources Technology and Management, University of Birmingham.

1995 – 1999 — MEng in Civil Engineering, University College London


Associate Editor for Transport in Porous Media

Associate Editor for Journal of Hydrology

Research Groups

Department of Earth Sciences

Teaching Areas

  • GEOL1081: Further Mathematics in Geosciences

    (30 hours/year.)
  • GEOL3281: Environmental Management

    (92 hours/year.)
  • GEOL2171: Hydrology and Climate (30 hours/year.)

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Jayeoba, Ayodeji, Mathias, Simon A., Nielsen, Stefan, Vilarrasa, Victor & Bjørnarå, Tore I. (2019). Closed-form equation for subsidence due to fluid production from a cylindrical confined aquifer. Journal of Hydrology 573: 964-969.
  • Mathias, Simon A., Nielsen, Stefan & Ward, Rebecca L. (2019). Storage Coefficients and Permeability Functions for Coal-Bed Methane Production Under Uniaxial Strain Conditions. Transport in Porous Media 130(2): 627-636.
  • Kelly, Helena L. & Mathias, Simon A. (2018). Capillary processes increase salt precipitation during CO2 injection in saline formations. Journal of fluid mechanics 852: 398-421.
  • Hardwick, J.S. & Mathias, S.A. (2018). Masuda's sandstone core hydrate dissociation experiment revisited. Chemical Engineering Science 175: 98-109.
  • Mathias, Simon A., Sorensen, James P.R. & Butler, Adrian P. (2017). Soil moisture data as a constraint for groundwater recharge estimation. Journal of Hydrology 552: 258-266.
  • Mathias, S.A., McIntyre, N. & Oughton, R.H. (2016). A study of non-linearity in rainfall-runoff response using 120 UK catchments. Journal of Hydrology 540: 423-436.
  • Mathias, S.A., Skaggs, T.H., Quinn, S.A., Egan, N.C., Finch, L.E. & Oldham, C.D. (2015). A soil moisture accounting-procedure with a Richards' equation-based soil texture-dependent parameterization. Water Resources Research 51(1): 506-523.
  • Mathias, S.A., Gluyas, J.G., Goldthorpe, W.H. & Mackay, E.J. (2015). Impact of maximum allowable cost on CO2 storage capacity in saline formations. Environmental Science and Technology 49(22): 13510–13518.
  • Mathias, S.A., McElwaine, J.N. & Gluyas, J.G. (2014). Heat transport and pressure buildup during carbon dioxide injection into depleted gas reservoirs. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 756: 89-109.
  • Mathias, S.A. & Roberts, A.W. (2013). A Lambert W function solution for estimating sustainable injection rates for storage of CO2 in brine aquifers. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 17: 546-548.
  • Mathias, S.A., Gluyas, J.G., Mackay, E.J. & Goldthorpe, W.H. (2013). A statistical analysis of well production rates from UK oil and gas fields – Implications for carbon capture and storage. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 19: 510-518.
  • Mathias, S.A., Gluyas, J.G., González Martínez de Miguel, G.J. & Hosseini, S.A. (2011). Role of partial miscibility on pressure buildup due to constant rate injection of CO2 into closed and open brine aquifers. Water Resources Research 47(12): W12525.
  • Mathias, SA, Gluyas, JG, Oldenburg, CM & Tsang, CF (2010). Analytical solution for Joule-Thomson cooling during CO2 geo-sequestration in depleted oil and gas reservoirs. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 4: 806-810.
  • Mathias, SA & Todman, LC (2010). Step-drawdown tests and the Forchheimer equation. Water Resources Research 46: W07514.
  • Mathias, SA & van Reeuwijk, M (2009). Hydraulic fracture propagation with 3-D leak-off. Transport in Porous Media 80(3): 1573-1634.
  • Mathias, SA & Butler, AP (2006). An improvement on Hvorslev's shape factors. Geotechnique 56(10): 705-706.
  • Mathias, S.A. & Zimmerman, R.W. (2003). Laplace transform inversion for late-time behavior of groundwater flow problems. Water Resources Research 39(10): 1283.

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