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Dr Binghan Zheng - all publications

Authored book

  • Zheng, Binghan (2012). Choice-making in the Process of English-Chinese Translation: An Empirical Study. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

Edited book

  • Zheng, Binghan & Guo, Zhiyan (2016). Acquisition, Assessment and Application: Theory and Practice of Teaching Chinese in Higher Education. Applied Chinese Language Studies. Sinolingua London Ltd.
  • Guo,Zhiyan & Zheng,Binghan (2015). Recent Developments of Chinese Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Applied Chinese Language Studies. Sinolingua London Ltd.

Chapter in book

  • Vandepitte, Sonia Jooken,Lieve, Maier,Robert M. & Zheng,Binghan (2018). Chapter 6.1. Linguistics. In A History of Modern Translation Knowledge Sources, concepts, effects. D’hulst, Lieven & Gambier, Yves John Benjamins. 357-366.
  • Zheng, Binghan & Xiang, Xia (2017). The Psycholinguistics of Chinese Translation. In Routledge Handbook of Chinese Translation. Shei, C. & Gao, Z. London and New York: Routledge. 291-306.
  • Xiang,Xia & Zheng, Binghan (2014). Revisiting the Function of Background Information in Sight Translating Metaphor: An Analysis of Translation Product and Process. In Metaphor and Intercultural Communication. Musolff, A., MacArthur, F. & Pagani, G. Bloomsbury Academic. 53-72.
  • Zheng, Binghan (2014). Towards Students’ Learning Activities in an MA Translation Module: An Interview-based Study. In Innovation and Consolidation in Learning and Teaching Chinese-- Applied Chinese Language Studies V. Li, Linda Mingfang & Xing, Minjie London: Sinolingua London Ltd. 223-236.
  • Zheng, Binghan (2007). The Cognition and English-Chinese Translation on Metaphorical Sentences. In Multi-Perspectives on Language Study. Tham, Wai Mun Singapore: NTU Center for Chinese Language & Culture and Global Publishing. 151-166.

Journal Article

  • Cui, Yixiao & Zheng, Binghan (2020). Consultation behaviour with online resources in English-Chinese translation: an eye-tracking, screen-recording and retrospective study. Perspectives
  • Xiang, Xia, Zheng, Binghan & Feng, Dezheng (2020). Interpreting impoliteness and over-politeness: An investigation into interpreters' cognitive effort, coping strategies and their effects. Journal of Pragmatics 169: 231-244.
  • Zheng, Binghan, Báez, Sandra, Su, Li, Xiang, Xia, Weis, Susanne, Ibáñez, Agustín & García, Adolfo M. (2020). Semantic and attentional networks in bilingual processing: fMRI connectivity signatures of translation directionality. Brain and Cognition 143: 105584.
  • Liu, Yanmei, Zheng, Binghan & Zhou, Hao (2019). Measuring the difficulty of text translation: The combination of text-focused and translator-oriented approaches. Target: International Journal of Translation Studies 31(1): 125-149.
  • Binghan Zheng (2019). The Translator's Brain. The Linguist 58(2): 10-12.
  • Zheng, Binghan & Xiang, Xia (2018). Between Invisibility and Over-visibility: Self-perception and User Expectations of Liaison Interpreters in Business Settings. Babel 64(1): 1-32.
  • Zheng, Binghan & Zhou, Hao (2018). Revisiting Processing Time for Metaphorical Expressions: An Eye-tracking Study on Eye-voice Span during Sight Translation. Foreign Language Teaching and Research 50(5): 738-753.
  • Zheng, Binghan & Xie, Mingqing (2018). The Effect of Explanatory Captions on the Reception of Foreign Audiovisual Products: A Study Drawing on Eyetracking Data and Retrospective Interviews. Translation, Cognition & Behavior 1(1): 119-146.
  • Tyulenev, S., Zheng, B. & Johnson, P. (2017). A Comparative Study of Translation/ Interpreting as a Profession in Russia, China and Spain. Translation and Interpreting Studies 12(2): 332-354.
  • Pan, Feng & Zheng, Binghan (2017). Gender Difference of Hedging in Interpreting for Chinese Government Press Conferences: A Corpus-based Study. Across Languages and Cultures 18(2): 171-193.
  • Tyulenev, S. & Zheng, B. (2017). Introduction: Towards the Comparative Studies of Translation and Interpreting. Translation and Interpreting Studies 12(2): 197-212.
  • Luo, Wenyan & Zheng, Binghan (2017). Visiting elements thought to be “inactive” non-human actors in Arthur Waley’s translation of Journey to the West. Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies 1.
  • Xiao, Di & Zheng, Binghan (2015). Reconstructing a Narrative, Reinterpreting a History: A Case Study of Translating Big Breasts and Wide Hips. Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies 2(3): 155-173.
  • Xiang, Xia & Zheng, Binghan (2015). Restricted creation: A questionnaire-based study on perceptions of subjectivity and ethics of business liaison interpreters. Journal of Foreign Languages (5): 88-99.
  • Xiang, X. & Zheng, B. (2015). The impact of background information on the translation quality of metaphorical expressions: An analysis of products of English-Chinese sight translation. Foreign Languages and Their Teaching 1: 69-80.
  • Zheng,Binghan & Xiang, Xia (2014). The impact of cultural background knowledge in the processing of metaphorical expressions: An empirical study of English-Chinese sight translation. Translation and Interpreting Studies 9(1): 5-24.
  • Zheng, Binghan (2014). The role of consultation sources revisited: an empirical study of English–Chinese translation. Perspectives: studies in translatology 22(1): 113-135.
  • Zheng, Binghan & Xia, Xiang (2013). Processing metaphorical expressions in sight translation: an empirical-experimental research. Babel 59(2): 160-183.
  • Xiang, Xia & Zheng, Binghan (2011). Understanding and reformulating metaphors: An empirical study on English-Chinese sight translation. Foreign Language Teaching and Research 43(3): 422-436.
  • Zheng, Binghan (2008). The Triangulation Module in Process-oriented Translation Studies. Shanghai Journal of Translators for Science and Technology (3): 36-41.
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  • Zheng, Binghan & Chen, Yao (2006). Boke or Buluoge: On Translation of "Blog". Shanghai Journal of Translators 3: 78-79.
  • Zheng, Binghan (2006). Translog: An Assistant Program in Process-oriented Translation Studies. Chinese Science & Technology Translators Journal 4: 20-24.

Edited Journal

  • Tyulenev, Sergey & Zheng, Binghan (2017). Toward a Comparative Translation and Interpreting Studies. Translation and Interpreting Studies, 12 (2): John Benjamins.

Edited Sources, Research Data Sets, and Databases

  • Fang, M, et al. & Zheng, B. (2011). A Dictionary of Translation Studies in China. Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.