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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Professor Carolyn Summerbell

Professor in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 40046
Principal of John Snow College
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 40034

(email at


Carolyn Summerbell is Professor of Nutrition and works (50%) within the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences. She is also the Principal of John Snow College (50%). Professor Summerbell studied at King’s College University of London, and has a degree in Nutrition, and also a post graduate diploma in dietetics. Her PhD was about nibbling and gorging (feeding patterns) and body weight in human. She worked as a research dietitian on a number of different projects at a variety of London hospitals after her PhD, and then as a lecturer in nutrition at QMUL, based at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. This included teaching medical, dental and biomedical science students (about nutrition), research on obesity, and also clinical work in the obesity clinics at Bart’s and The Royal London hospitals. It was during this time when she became involved with the Cochrane Collaboration and systematic reviewing, which remains an important pillar of her research.

Professor Summerbell’s research focuses on public health and the prevention of obesity, which includes elements of nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Specifically, her work includes 1) the collation of evidence for the prevention of obesity in children and adults, and dissemination and translation of this evidence into policy and practice, 2) the development of community-based interventions to prevent childhood and adult obesity, and 3) the development of tools to assess dietary intake and physical activity levels at population level. The need to assess and reduce health inequalities underpins this programme of work.

Professor Summerbell has a strong record of attracting research grants from a variety of funding sources. For example, she is a co-applicant on one (called Fuse) of the seven members of the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) funded SPHR (School for Public Health Research). Fuse includes all five Universities in the North East of England, and she is Deputy Director of Fuse. She is involved in a number of research projects, including those funded by BIG Lottery, The European Commission, MRC, NIHR, and SPHR. She is also involved in the N8 Agrifood Resilience programme. She is also a member of the Expert Committee of the EPODE International Network (from the French Ensemble, Prévenons l’Obésité des Enfants / Together Let’s Prevent Childhood Obesity),, and was one of the founding trustees of the charity First Steps Nutrition Trust.

Professor Summerbell was a member of the Research Funding Board of the NIHR funded Public Health Research Programme from it’s inception to 2013, and is currently a member of the expert review panel of the MRC/NIHR/BBSRC funded UK Nutrition Research Partnership (UK NRP) Collaborative Awards. Prof Summerbell has co-authored over 150 peer-reviewed research papers and many Cochrane reviews, including a review of interventions for the prevention of childhood obesity which, between January 2015 and May 2016, was downloaded 15,663 times and is the 4th highest downloaded review of 19,274 articles from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews in this time period. She is regularly invited to give keynote lectures at international conferences, and is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Obesity.

Research Projects

Department of Geography

  • Tackling Inequalities in Obesity, NIHR, £207,000 (2011 - 2014)

Research Interests

  • The collation of evidence for the prevention of obesity in children and adults
  • Dissemination and translation of evidence for the prevention of obesity in children and adults into policy and practice
  • The development of community-based interventions to prevent childhood and adult obesity
  • The development of tools to assess dietary intake and physical activity levels at population level

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Dougkas, Anestis, Barr, Suzanne, Reddy, Sheela & Summerbell, Carolyn D. (2019). A critical review of the role of milk and other dairy products in the development of obesity in children and adolescents. Nutrition Research Reviews 32(1): 106-127.
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  • Keeble, Matthew, Burgoine, Thomas, White, Martin, Summerbell, Carolyn, Cummins, Steven & Adams, Jean (2019). How does local government use the planning system to regulate hot food takeaway outlets? A census of current practice in England using document review. Health & Place 57: 171-178.
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