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Dr A. Maria A. Kastrinou, BA, PhD

DEI/Anthropology Research Fellow in the Department of Anthropology
Early Career Fellow, Durham Energy Institute

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Research Interests

My research is anchored in political anthropology and Middle Eastern studies, and I am specifically interested in the anthropology of the state, power and politics, minorities and sectarianism, and the body as a field of struggle. For my PhD, Intimate bodies, violent struggles: The poetics and politics of nuptiality in Syria, I conducted extended ethnographic fieldwork in Syria looking at the formation and dynamics of power relations within and between the Druze religious community, the state, and middle-class intellectuals. This research informs and enriches my on-going anthropological engagement in the region: the location and analysis of those contentious public arenas in which local religious communities, authoritarian state policies, and agents of neo-liberal globalisation converge and collide; thus working toward a grounded empirical depiction of contemporary social and political struggles in Syria and the wider area.

Research Groups

Department of Anthropology

Durham Global Security Institute

  • Contextualising Conflict

Research Interests

  • Anthropology of the state
  • Art and dance
  • Marriage and ritual
  • Minorities and sectarianism
  • Power and politics
  • The body
  • Middle East and Syria
  • Druze and Islam

Teaching Areas

  • Cultures and Clasifications (level 2)
  • Current Issues in Socio-Cultural Anthropology (level 3)
  • People and Cultures (level 1)
  • Ways of Life (level 1)

Selected Publications

Articles: magazine

  • Kastrinou Theodoropoulou, Maria (2011). The marriage of Cadmus and Harmony and the burial of the martyrs: Syrian dances in the Arab spring. Jadaliyya (June 6).

Journal papers: academic

  • Kastrinou Theodoropoulou, A. M. (2012). A Different Struggle for Syria: Becoming Young in the Middle East. Mediterranean Politics 17(1): 59-76.
  • Kastrinou Theodoropoulou, A. M. A. (2010). The theatre of the not-so obscure: cooking as unfolding. ELiSS 3(2): 18-23.
  • Kastrinou Theodoropoulou, A. M. A. (2009). Editorial Note: Political anthropology and the fabrics of resistance. Durham Anthropology Journal 16(2): 3-7.
  • Kastrinou Theodoropoulou, A. M. A. (2009). Setting the Syrian stage: Dance between pleasure and power. Durham Anthropology Journal 16(1): 3-12.
  • Kastrinou Theodoropoulou, A. M. A. (2008). The Gift of the Code: the culture of an operating system. Durham Anthropology Journal 15(1): 106-164.

Books: reviews

  • Kastrinou, A. M. (2013). Printed Media and Popular Culture: Studies in Contemporary Folklore. Folklore 124(1): 108.
  • Kastrinou Theodoropoulou, A. M. A. (2011). George I. Thanopoulos, Nikos Gatsos and the Greek Folk Tradition: A hermeneutic study. (Athens: Graphopress, 2009). Folklore 122(2): 218-220.
  • Kastrinou Theodoropoulou, A. M. A. (2009). Lawrence, Christopher M. 2007. Blood and Oranges: Immigrant Labor and European Markets in Rural Greece. Oxford: Berghahn Books. Durham Anthropology Journal (1742-2930): 76-77.

Theses: PhD

  • Kastrinou, A. Maria A. (2012). Intimate Bodies, Violent Struggles: The poetics and politics of nuptiality in Syria. PhD.

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