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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Dr Ian Terry, BSc Physics and Chemistry, Ph.D. Physics

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43725
Room number: 144D
Member of the Durham X-ray Centre

(email at


  i) Responsibilities within Department

Member of the undergraduate admissions team

  i) Teaching Activity

A lecturer of the level 3 module "Condensed Matter Physics"

Level 3 Nuclear Physics Laboratory Supervisor (Michaelmas and Epiphany Terms)

Level 4 project supervisor

A lecturer of the postgraduate condensed matter physics course 

Research Interests

  • Low Temperature Physics
  • Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  • Semiconductor Physics

My research activities lie in the field of experimental condensed matter physics. I am particularly interested the magnetic properties of materials such as transition metal oxides, organic magnets and magnetic nanoparticles. Measurements on these systems are carried out with a commercial QD MPMS magnetometer as well as a dc SQUID-based magnetometer developed in-house which is capable low field magnetometry at temperatures above 300 mK. Other instrumentation includes a 9GHZ ESR spectrometer operating between 100K and 550K and electrical transport systems for temperatures ranging from 2K to 1300K. I also use international facilities (ISIS, Paul Scherrer Institut, Institut Laue-Langevin) for other magnetic measurements.

Research Groups

Centre for Materials Physics

  • Magnetic Materials

Department of Physics

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Berlie, Adam, Terry, Ian, Cottrell, Stephen P., Hu, Wanbiao & Liu, Yun (2020). Understanding the role of electrons in the magnetism of a colossal permittivity dielectric material. Materials Horizons 7(1): 188-192.
  • Berlie, Adam, Terry, Ian & Szablewski, Marek (2018). A 3D antiferromagnetic ground state in a quasi-1D π-stacked charge-transfer system. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6(46): 12468-12472.
  • Bossin, Lily, Bailiff, Ian K. & Terry, Ian (2018). Phototransferred TL properties of alumina substrates. Radiation Measurements 120: 41-46.
  • Berlie, Adam, Terry, Ian, Szablewski, Marek, Xiao, Fan & Williams, Robert C. (2017). A collapse of ferromagnetism in an organic based magnet under pressure. Materials Research Express 4(2): 026103.
  • Berlie, Adam & Terry, Ian (2017). Absence of quantum criticality and bulk 3D magnetism in green dioptase. EPL (Europhysics Letters) 120(4): 47006.
  • Bossin, Lily, Bailiff, Ian K. & Terry, Ian (2017). Luminescence characteristics of some common polyester fabrics: Application to emergency dosimetry. Radiation Measurements 106: 436-442.
  • Berlie, A., Terry, I., Cottrell, S., Pratt, F.L. & Szablewski, M. (2017). Magnetic ordering of defects in a molecular spin-Peierls system. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29(2): 025809.
  • Gutiérrez Seijas, Julia Prado-Gonjal, Jesús Ávila Brande, David Terry, Ian, Morán, Emilio & Schmidt, Rainer (2017). Microwave-Assisted Synthesis, Microstructure, and Magnetic Properties of Rare-Earth Cobaltites. Inorganic Chemistry 56(1): 627-633.
  • Terry, I., Adams, P.W., Bykovetz, N., Giblin, S.R., Guguchi, Z., Khasanov, R., Klein, J., Lin, C.L. & Liu, T.J. (2016). An exploration of some magnetic fundamentals in EuSe using μSR. AIP Advances 6(5): 055705.
  • Berlie, A., Terry, I., Liu, Y. & Szablewski, M. (2016). Dipolar Glass and Strong Magneto-Electric Coupling Within a π-stacked Organic system. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4: 6090-6095.
  • Prado-Gonjal, J., Gutiérrez-Seijas, J., Herrero Ansorregui, I., Morán, E., Terry, I. & Schmidt, R. (2016). The role of defects in microwave and conventionally synthesized LaCoO3 perovskite. Journal of the European Ceramic Society 36(5): 1197-1206.
  • Berlie, A., Terry, I., Szablewski, M. & Giblin, S.R. (2016). Tuneability and criticality in a three-dimensional stacked molecular system. Physical Review B 93(5): 054422.
  • Berlie, A., Terry, I., Szablewski, M. & Giblin, S.R. (2015). Separating the ferromagnetic and glassy behavior within the metal-organic magnet Ni(TCNQ)2. Physical Review B 92(18): 184431.
  • Kouroukla, E.C., Bailiff, I.K., Terry, I. & Bowen, L. (2014). Luminescence characterisation of alumina substrates using cathodoluminescence microscopy and spectroscopy. Radiation Measurements 71: 117.
  • Berlie, A., Terry, I. & Szablewski, M. (2013). A Magnetic Study of Low Moment Nickel Clusters Formed from the Solid-State Decomposition Reaction of Nickel bis-1,5-Cyclooctadiene. Journal of Cluster Science 24(4): 1057-1066.
  • Berlie, A., Terry, I. , Giblin, S., Lancaster, T. & Szablewski, M. (2013). A muon spin relaxation study of the metal-organic magnet Ni(TCNQ)2. Journal of Applied Physics 113(17): 17E304.
  • Berlie, A., Terry, I. & Szablewski, M. (2013). Controlling nickel nanoparticle size in an organic/metal-organic matrix through the use of different solvents. Nanoscale 5(24): 12212-12223.
  • Berlie, Adam, Terry, Ian & Szablewski, Marek (2011). A sample holder for measuring the magnetic properties of air-sensitive compounds. Measurement Science & Technology 22(1): 017002
  • Giblin, S.R., Bramwell, S.T., Holdsworth, P.C.W., Prabhakaran, D. & Terry, I. (2011). Creation and measurement of long-lived magnetic monopole currents in spin ice. Nature Physics 7(3): 252-258.
  • Schmidt, Rainer, Wu, J., Leighton, C. & Terry, I. (2009). Dielectric response to the low-temperature magnetic defect structure and spin state transition in polycrystalline LaCoO(3). Physical Review B 79(12): 125105.
  • Giblin, S.R., Terry, I., Prabhakaran, D., Boothroyd, A.T. & Leighton, C. (2009). Low-temperature interactions of magnetic excitons in LaCoO(3). Physical Review B 79(17): 174410.
  • Giblin, S.R., Champion, J.D.M., Zhou, H.D., Wiebe, C.R., Gardner, J.S., Terry, I., Calder, S., Fennell, T. & Bramwell, S.T. (2008). Static Magnetic Order in Tb(2)Sn(2)O(7) Revealed by Muon Spin Relaxation with Exterior Muon Implantation. Physical Review Letters 101(23): 237201.
  • Giblin, S. R., Terry, I., Prabhakaran, D., Boothroyd, A. T., Wu, J. & Leighton, C. (2006). Local matrix-cluster interactions in a phase separated perovskite. Physical Review B 74(10): 104411.
  • Read, D, Terry, I & Giblin, SR (2006). Low temperature magnetic susceptometer based upon a dc superconducting quantum interference device. Review Of Scientific Instruments 77(10): 3.
  • Giblin, S. R., Terry, I., Read, D. E., Hillier, A. D. & Becla, P. (2006). Probing the magnetic ground state of the DX- center in Cd1-xMnxTe: In using muon spin relaxation. Physical Review B 73(5): 054421.
  • H. L. Nguyen, L. E. M. Howard, G. W. Stinton, S. R. Giblin, B. K. Tanner, I. Terry, A. K. Hughes, I. M. Ross, A. Serres & J. S. O. Evans (2006). Synthesis of size controlled fcc and fct FePt nanoparticles. Chemistry of Materials 18(26): 6414-6418.
  • Howard, L. E. M. Nguyen, H. L. Giblin, S. R., Tanner, B. K. , Terry, I. , Hughes, A. K. & Evans, J. S. O. (2005). A synthetic route to size-controlled fcc and fct FePt nanoparticles. Journal of the American Chemical Society 127(29): 10140-10141.
  • Giblin, S. R., Terry, I., Clark, S. J., Prokscha, T., Prabhakaran, D., Boothroyd, A. T., Wu, J. & Leighton, C. (2005). Observation of magnetic excitons in LaCoO 3. Europhysics Letters 70(5): 677-683.
  • Nguyen, HL, Howard, LEM, Giblin, SR, Tanner, BK, Terry, I, Hughes, AK, Ross, IM, Serres, A, Burckstummer, H & Evans, JSO (2005). Synthesis of monodispersed fcc and fct FePt/FePd nanoparticles bymicrowave irradiation. Journal Of Materials Chemistry 15(48): 5136-5143.
  • Zaidi N. A., Giblin S. R, Terry I. & Monkman A. P. (2004). Room temperature magnetic order in an organic magnet derived from polyaniline. Polymer 45(16): 5683-5689.

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